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Video Barbie catches the FBI's attention

READ MORE: Video Barbie catches the FBI's attention

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Mattell has been making the doll for years. The toy company now has a high tech way to make Barbie more desirable this Christmas. The trouble is pedophiles could use the new Barbie as bait.

Video Barbie hit shelves this holiday season and stores are finding it hard to keep them in stock. The new doll also has FBI agents concerned the doll will become a toy for some adults.

December means Santa's on his way and topping little girl's Christmas lists this year is Video Barbie.

"It's just crazy," said one shopper. "What's the purpose. I mean usually they are pretty young."

Barbie now comes with a built in camera in her necklace. It might seem crazy to some but it's a craze people just can't seem to resist. Target in wilmington was out of the toy as of Wednesday.

While it may be a hot item, FBI agents are concerned about the doll being used for child pornography. "When we're doing a search warrant looking for a media that a child pornographer might use we are going to have to put barbie on the list just like we have any other cameras or computers."

Mattell's newest addition to their Barbie family comes with a USB cord for easy uploads to the computer and the internet. The FBI sent out an alert to agents telling them to be aware of the high-tech Barbie doll if they're searching a suspect. Video Barbie could be the evidence they're looking for.

"It's probably a great selling point for kids. There is no question about that, but it's something that a child pornographer could convert to his nepharious activities."

The FBI says parents should know "Video Girl" is a safe doll if used properly. Their concern is pedophiles could use Barbie as bait and predators typically use hidden cameras to produce pornography. The warnings have shoppers double checking what they're buying for children.

Video Barbie can record up to 30 minutes of video.

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To Guest 7969

Did you HEAR what you posted??? Sounds like you've given this a whole lot of thought - frankly, I'm much more afraid of the likes of YOU than I am any peeping Tom - what a crazy, irresponsible post!


REALLY...I wish the government would just DISAPPEAR from our lives when it comes to being STUPID! What's next...those evil teddy bears? Disney stuffed animals? PLEASE!!

OMG what?

If it was your son or daughter being posted on a child porn site then you would see it from a different perspective Dumba$$....


I don't think they need a Barbi doll to do that...NOW DO THEY!? They don't even need a doll or teddy bear of any kind to do that! Use some common sense!

Would you want someone

Would you want someone approaching your child with this doll in hand? How will you feel the first time you see a barbie sticking its head underneath the divide in a restroom or dressing room? I am grateful it has been brought to the public's attention. I certainly will think more the next time I think a "child" is goofing around while Mommy tries on clothes!


These guys are fairly crafty...I don't think they need a "doll in hand" It would be as simple as sticking the camera under the divide...or putting a pin hole camera in a shoe and looking at whodamajigs...It took BARBIE to bring this to your attention?! WOW! If we weren't so "OH it's not his fault, he was abused as a kid" cozy friendly with these SICKOS...and instead shot them in the head in court in front of the world and left the blood on the floor for all to see and serve as a reminder....we wouldn't be worrying about this crap to begin with!