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Video helps lead to shoplifting busts at Party Suppliers

READ MORE: Video helps lead to shoplifting busts at Party Suppliers
A Wilmington business manager spent her entire day in court, facing more than half a dozen people who allegedly shoplifted from her store. Just a few months ago, Party Suppliers manager Jennifer Meadows said people were filling up their carts with goodies, and walking out the door without paying a penny. “Shoplifting became a huge problem here, I think because of the economy." Meadows said people were stealing things, as inexpensive as a dollar gift bag. By the time police could get to the store, the alleged thieves were long gone, so Meadows decided to take matters into her own hands. She captured still photos off the surveillance video, and posted them on the front door of the store, offering a fifty dollar award to anyone who identified the people in the photos. Meadows said, “Every person that walks in here stops and looks at the pictures, will sit there and say ‘wow, I know that person.’ “ Those identifications led to five guilty pleas. Meadows and Wilmington police detective Craig Melville faced seven alleged shoplifters Monday in court. Now, they say, shoplifters know not to mess with the Party Suppliers store. Meadows plans to face twelve more alleged shoplifting cases in court Thursday.

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Great job! Glad they were

Great job! Glad they were caught..I can only imagine if they were stealing from your store..they were stealing at other places too!


Smart idea. Imagine how low you have to be to steal party supplies in the first place. NO money? No party.

Great job Jennifer and a BIG

Great job Jennifer and a BIG thank you to the Detective who did not ignore it. If you can't afford it, you don't get it - period! I wish more store owner/managers could/would do the same. I also agree with the afore said, I would love to see them have to stand in front of the store they stole from with a placard saying "I am convicted of stealing from this establishment" for several Saturdays, rain or shine. I hate having to literally pay for someone else's crime.

Good for you Jennifer, get

Good for you Jennifer, get those low-lifes!!

It may be a pain

in the buttocks to spend the day in court. But, what a great way to curb shoplifting. Post their picture right at the door so everyone can see them. Perhaps the Judge could require the guilty parties to perform their choice of on the street trash cleaning or standing in front of the establishment wearing a sign which reads "I am a Convicted Shoplifter". 3 sessions of 8 hours each on consecutive Saturdays, rain or shine, sounds pretty reasonable.

Good for you............

Good for you Ms. Meadows. Most people would cower and "take the loss". I'm glad someone is not "taking it anymore" and is standing up to those who think they can get away with taking that which is not theirs. Thanks to the Detective who could have easily have put these cases in a drawer and worked more exciting cases.

It's about time

I am sick and tired of having to pay higher prices because some snot-head thinks it's okay to steal from a store. Yeah, I know the rationale--they own a bizness, they're rich and can afford it. If you can't afford the decorations, make them! Nice legacy to leave your kids--mommy tried to make you a nice party but went to jail because she stole the stuff. I hope the judge hammers these crooks. They're a waste on society!