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Vietnam vet reflects on the war and historic presidential election

READ MORE: Vietnam vet reflects on the war and historic presidential election
Tuesday we honor veterans who have served our country, including the more than 8 million who served during the Vietnam War. Thurman Everett said his memories of the war are very vivid, and sometimes painful. But he said his time spent in battle was worth it, after witnessing last week's historic presidential election. At 68 years old, Thurman Everett is thankful to be alive. Nearly 40 years ago he served in the Vietnam War, memories of death and destruction still play out like a movie in his mind. “It's a vivid photograph that's arched and archived in my remembrance; that one does not forget,” said Everett. “Things I've seen come back, places I've been come back, conversations I've had come back, exploits come back.” Everett admits those flashbacks have become easier to talk about as time passes. “By the grace of God you adjust and bring your mind from over there to reality,” he said. He was 29 when he served his first tour in Vietnam in 1969. He was a truck driver, supplying troops with combat gear. In 1971, he returned to serve in a war Everett said many today have forgotten. “To me folks just want to forget about it; just move on. When they talk about Vietnam we are the ones that fight and are still fighting,” he said. Everett went to war to fight for Vietnamese freedom around the same time black Americans were fighting for their own. Everett said this year Veterans Day will have special meaning, as our country elected its first black president. “To see an African American aspire to the highest office in the land, to see people of all persuasions all backgrounds rally to his age, it was worth my tours of duty. And I'd go again,” added Everett. Now this proud war vet remains hopeful one day, there will be world peace. “I wish I could live to see the day where there will be no such thing as war,” he said. Everett retired from the military and now pastors a church in Bladenboro.

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Why is it that everytime the elect-president is brought up it is a race thing? Our elect-president is not all Africian American but it is sure made that way. Why not talk about Mr McCain that was a POW????? Just because he didn't win doesn't mean that we shouldn't be proud of the things he did for us............


"But he said his time spent in battle was worth it, after witnessing last week's historic presidential election." It wasn't "worth" it before? WOW!


You are a real class act. WOW!! You should be ashamed of yourself.

thank you

Thank you Mr. Everett for serving in Vietnam. I was only 13 when you were there, but I still remember watching the news and I still remember the abuse that you and others took when you came home. We had friends in Vietnam and when they came back,, the stories they told were heartbreaking - especially those of children being used to kill troops. I can only imagine the nightmares that you have faced, and the opposition from your own countrymen when you returned. Thank God for you and those like you who were and are willing to serve in the armed forces. Your sacrifices won't be in vain and your memories will live on long after you are gone.