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Construction set for Village Road

Business owners along a main road in Leland are worried their businesses may be disrupted by road construction. Friday Governor Bev Perdue announced 29 million dollars in Federal recovery funding for road projects across the state. One mile of Village Road in Brunswick County will be graded and paved beginning as early as August 31st, with the completion date set for June of 2011. Perdue says that these projects will stimulate economic growth by creating and maintaining jobs. Business owners along Village Road are not so sure. Dr. Gil Cromshaw owns a practice on Village Road. He says, "I'm deeply concerned that when it does start its going to take a very very long time and its going to be very disrupted to the businesses here on Village Road." Dr. Cromshaw's chiropractic firm has been located on Village Road for 15 years. And he says he has seen a definite increase in traffic during that time. Cromshaw says he just hopes the project stays on schedule.

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Not only are the businesses

Not only are the businesses going to be effected but also the residents down in this area. I have been here since April of this year and don't know all the roads to getting around. So if the businesses on this stretch of road are going to be effected so are the residents. Are there going to be alternative ways of getting around or will the lanes be worked on so that we still can get to where we need to go?

Village Road Work in Leland-Gov Perdue

There is no question the traffic along Village Road needs to be addressed, but I hope the State and County have thought this one out before just jumping into the work and spending money. It will definitely hurt the local businesses if not done in a timely manner. Many people will avoid that route if possible.

Say WHAT???

One mile of road is going to take a year and a half???? You've got to be kidding! No wonder roads around here are obsolete before they even open. It's time to clean house in the DOT and their sub-contractors and start all over. Sure the road needs repaving and all left turns eliminated excpet at contolled intersections (like the idiots traveling North wanting to turn left into Go-Gas), but it will not take from August to 2011 to do it. Now we see why the road budget is shot for so many projects like getting I-140 across the river to eliminate all the bridge traffic and take the volume off of the 4 highways (17, 74, 76, 133) that funnel down to two lanes and causes back ups all the way into Wilmington. Get with it people. Wake up and start making calls to the idiot Governor and the lawmaker that are ruining this country with their waste of money.