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Violence at area housing projects

READ MORE: Violence at area housing projects
Shots fired at one housing project in Wilmington have residents all shook up. Enough that they're beginning to question their safety. Rankin Terrace resident Kristy Anderson says, "To me the disregard for life is unbelievable out here." According to police, the male victim was dropped off at the Rankin housing projects to buy cigarettes. As he was getting back into the car, two men between the ages of 17 and 20 started asking him for money. The victim refused, and the suspect hit him in the head, then shot him in the leg. Sources say the incident may have been gang related, because the two suspects were wearing red bandanas over their faces. Police are calling it an armed robbery. "How much money could he have really had, to take someone's life," says Anderson. What concerns neighbors the most is the fact that it happened in front of young children, and innocent bystanders. Anderson says, "My younger kids saw the whole thing, they were witnesses, they were out here, and in their minds, they think it's ok." Michael Krause of the Wilmington Housing Authority says, "Any criminal activity puts all our residents at risk, whether they're old or young." In the past few months, the Housing Authority has been taking steps to further protect their residents. One of the ways is contracting Wilmington police officers specifically to patrol the projects. Krause says, "I would hope that seeing a greater police presence would deter any residents from doing anything that would cost them to not only go to jail but lose their home." Anderson just wants to let her kids play outside without having to worry about their safety. "If one of my kids would have gotten hurt, I would have lost it," says Anderson.

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Why are you all uptight now...

I once told someone if we can't spank our children with out the law backing they wrong doing then we are doom. They don't want you to spank the kids but look at what it has turn out to be. Let's go back in the day when your mother's friend could beat you. We did not have all this hanging out these kids do now.You knew what to do and when to do it. I remember walking in front of people porches and them saying to me "tell your mama i said hi" and me answering yes mam. That was call respect. The kids now days don't have the respect because they don't have fear of a belt and GOD. They know the law backs them fully. Every kids does not need spanking but some kids it's the only way to save them.You want parents to raise they kids allow them to spank them.Respect is earn not giving. These kids that are breaking the law do not get my respect. Parents lets go back to the old way. Start spanking these kids then we will have more in penstate then the state pen.


These "thugs" as some have called them, are only a product of their environment and upbringing. I don't consider them "thugs", but lost children looking for ANY form of acceptance/family. Unfortunately, gang life is what some kids turn to b/c of their desire to belong to something. These kids need our help, not a slap in the face. I fault the parents for their lack of parental guidance. We need to make sure our foundation is solid (financially, emotionally, spiritually, etc) before we bring innocent children into this world. But since these kids are here, we have to look forward and provide a venure/out for these kids. What they see day in and day out does not paint a bright future for many. They fall victim to their circumstance/environment b/c they don't see any other way. It's sad and unfortunate.

Well Golly

why can'nt they get off their keisters and take advantage of what is out there. See the article on the homeless, 39 year oldn not from this area, who went to CFCC; got a dergree and a job. She had no area family to motivate her or encourage her. So what is their excuse? There is a way out if they want to work. Therein is the question. Why work when they see fit parents living off entitlements?


I wholeheartedly send my congrats to the women referenced in your comment. She is to be commended for looking at her future and not her current situation. A goal was set and she went for it. Okay, so my question is, what place was she in life for the LAST 39 years before she decided to go back to school?? We're talking about CHILDREN and the irresponsible parents raising them in my posts!! So, you've always had together huh?... well good for you!! Not all people have it together like you. Even Moses needed motivation and encouragement from God to lead the people out of Eygpt! He was ashamed of his background, lacked confidence, etc... but you believe that ALL people should operate and think the same way and just GET IT together. If it was that easy, we would all be rich without a care in the world.

Who Knows

or frankly who cares where she was in life before she took the steps needed to get her life on track? How dare you even attempt to detract from her achievements? Why is it there is always some half wit who wants to detract from the success others have? I do believe all people, unless physically or mentally impaired, should "get it together". There are far too many willing to sit at the bottom and accept food stamps, Section 8 housing, Medicaid, free cell phones, and whatever else Washington and Raleigh want to dole out for those who decide they just do not have to work. As for me, I have it together. If I did not, I could not afford to live in Surf City and would not be in a position where 2 dozen people work for me. If you're on entitlements, you should thank them and me. We're the ones helping to pay for them. You might want to re-read the Bible. One thing Moses did not lack was confidence. Nor was he ashamed of his background. As for me, excuses are for loosers. There is no excuse, barring health or mental illness, which should prevent anyone from trying to better their lot. They may fail in the attempt; but at least they tried. Colnel Sanders, of KFC fame, made over 500 sales calls in an attempt to sell his chicken receipe. Over 500 sales calls in which he was rejected. And he was in his 50s. He never gave up; he never quit. Too bad so many do not have that initiative.


On your comment " or frankly who cares where she was in life before she took the steps needed to get her life on track?" You are quite contradicting in your argument. Can you read? Apparently not. My first comments were to commend the young lady in her accomplishments. I made reference to the previous 39yrs to make a point that people can change and should not be judged. Based on what you've typed, YOU would have judged her when she was down and out. But NOW you want to congratulate her. Besides, don't make this about her when I was clearly talking about irresponsible parents. But since you mentioned her name, I commended her on her efforts. So don't go there with me. As far as your biblical reference about Moses, Sir, you may need to re-read your bible. It was shame and fear of killing the Eyptian that drove Moses out of Eygpt: Exodus 2 Verse 14.. And he said, Who made thee a prince and a judge over us? intendest thou to kill me, as thou killedst the Egyptian? And Moses feared, and said, Surely this thing is known. Moses lacked confidence because not only did he not believe he could do it, but he stuttered when he talked: Exodus 3 10": Come now therefore, and I will send thee unto Pharaoh, that thou mayest bring forth my people the children of Israel out of Egypt. "11": And Moses said unto God, Who am I, that I should go unto Pharaoh, and that I should bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt? Exodus, chapter 4 "10": And Moses said unto the LORD, O my Lord, I am not eloquent, neither heretofore, nor since thou hast spoken unto thy servant: but I am slow of speech, and of a slow tongue. So sir, I know my Word and I am not here to argue with you, but only to point out the truth. My husband and I are taxpayers as well in Cary, NC. It's not Cheap living here in Cary, raising 3 children, but we live very well. But that's besides the point here. I am still holding out hope for all our young and forgotten children. Don't be so condescending, but uplifting when people are down. I'm not saying we should support them on welfare, etc.. but I'm saying we need to do something to break this cycle.

How do they

handle the problem in Cary? Before you come down here to solve the Wilmington problems, maybe you should stay focused on the problems in your own backyard. End the problem -- easy -- term limits on entitlements for those who are physially able to work. With regards to Moses, rather than quote bible verses, go back and read your original post. Your verses do not back up your original post. You stated Moses was ashamed of his background. Finally, if it is beside the point how you live in Cary, what was the relevance in questioning my lifestyle and standard of living?

Ms. Anderson

Have 1 word for you..... MOVE! Better yourself and stop the cycle of welfare. Its almost comparable to child abuse to raise (by choice) a child in these areas.


Apparently none of you stay on the northside! Well I do! If someone give these kids things to do, there wouldn't be so much crime! If the parents take care of their kids, then they won't have to worry about the system taking care of them. It's everyones responsibility to do something. Our community is one big family, Wilmington is one big family, lets act like it!

Things to do

There are plenty of things to do for all ages of kids. Especially underprivelaged kids. My own kids can't afford to go to many of the summer programs because I have to pay full price while the kids we are talking about in the article get to go for free. The problem is not having the programs, but getting them to realize that dealing/using drugs and gang-banging is not more fun and profitable for them. This all has to start at home at an early age. As for the schools, they continue to take these thugs back over and over again until finally they become too dangerous for the others trying to get an education. Then they are out on the street all day and night. If that happened to me, my parents would have sent me to boarding school or somewhere. These kids just go oh well and blame the system.

First, let me say this... I

First, let me say this... I grew up on the Northside... But in todays world of the Northside, I would NOT DARE LIVE THERE!!! Like YOU SAID" If the parents take care of their kids, then they won't have to worry about the system taking care of them." Okay PARENTS Take CARE of YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!


Parents it is TIME THAT YOU ALL STAND UP AND BECOME PARENTS..... RAISE YOUR CHILDREN. Teach them to LOVE, Teach them MANNERS, teach to RESPECT, teach them to STRIVE, teach them PATIENTICE,Teach them NOT TO GIVE UP, Teach them to be LEADERS... Parents you are the leaders and YOU are THEIR VERY FIRST TEACHER!!! Our families have WORKED to HARD to see US TURN BACK LIKE THIS.. You want to cry when your child is hurt or dead. Stop waiting until then SAVE YOUR CHILD. Turn their BUTTS into the cops.. If they are doing criminal acts. At least you know that they are safe and not pushing up daisies!!! Stand UP AND BE ACCOUNTABLE!!! I am a FIRM BELIEVER You can be EDUCATED if You WANT To....

Sure, have more cops patrol

Sure, have more cops patrol to try and keep the area safe so they can all yell 'racial profiling' when a cop actually tries to do something. Talk about wanting to have your cake and eat it, too.


Knowledge empowers people... (good or bad)

quit asking for handouts

i saw the video on the news this morning. "brother frost" was saying, "give us.." this and "give us..." that. aren't we giving you free housing, insurance, and probably food and welfare. isn't it time you did a little something for yourself??? you should start standing up for yourselves and your community! you should be outraged when something like this happens on your front door step! quit standing by and watching, do something about it! be someone! while watching the news footage, after "brother frost" said his piece, i witnessed a female handing a male what looked like a "joint". i even paused, and watched frame by frame to see it. it was way too fat to be a cigarette. these are things that are holding our society back. when kids think it's ok to shoot someone for their money, and drug transactions are going on in broad daylight in front of the news cameras, you really have to wonder what is going to happen to our society.

I saw the news too. Disgusting!

I saw that clip too. It outraged me. Always asking for handouts. It is THEIR responsibility to pull themselves out of the armpit they live in. Not everyone elses. Why do they feel entitled? Darn!


I think people who find themselves in these situations, could care less about any entitlement. IMO, the majority are looking for a hand UP not a put DOWN. You don't know their situation. Stop judging and lumping all people in the same category. Of course there are a few who misuse and abuse the system, and they should not be rewarded for being irresponsible. What about Corporate Welfare??? The BIG boys sitting in their leather chairs stealing millions of dollars from innocent law abiding citizens??? They call this "White Collar Crime", and what is their punishment?? A little slap on the wrist..(with the exception of Madoff of course.) These types of crimes affect the lives of many Americans. Look at the situation we're in now because of GREED!! I know for a FACT, people,not living in the projects, but live in big beautiful homes that they OWN, are receiving government handouts. What about those families on PPO health insurance policies that doesn't cover minors if they get pregnant.. who do you think pays for their children's maternity coverage??? The tax payers, that's who. (maternity for minors on policies are only covered on HMO plans). They get what is called a pink medicaid card to cover these expenses. But the ones living in the projects are singled out receive the most backlash. I know and I see a lot, and it's a crying shame on BOTH ends of the spectrum. So let's be fair here. It's much easier to point out the wrongs of others when they are poor and uneducated. Tsk!

by choice

They are uneducated by choice. They live in those conditions by choice. By choice I do not want to support them BUT my government takes my money so there is not much I can do about that now is there?

Be real......

You have been supported one way or another. Let God judge them. Be Blessed for what you have done. Thank God you could help someone.These days you might look up and need help for yourself. Nothing is promised.

By Choice or Circumstance??

I agree, many people, (not just the ones living in the projects) are in the situations they are in b/c of the choices they've made. Whether it's little Johnny in a gated community making bombs and planning attacks in his basement.. or little Ray-Ray who comes from a struggling family and feels that he needs to step up and assist his family, so he takes the seemingly "easy" route by selling drugs to make fast money. My 1ST, 2ND, 3RD choice has always been EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION. Ignorance is bliss and will always lead to one's own destruction. "People are destroyed for their lack of knowledge" (JKV) Have you ever thought that MAYBE some people feel helpless, powerless to do something about their situations? What about Sally who is 300lbs overweight. It's not her will/desire to be that way, but she feels that she has no control and continues to fed her fleshly desires. If someone comes along to empower Sally and give her the necessary tools and support and HOPE then this may give her the courage to DO something to better herself. But if people are surrounded around folks who are always negative, condescending, no hopes, no dreams, no aspirations.. nothing... and that's all a person is exposed to day in and day out.. how do you suppose that person feels about themselves? If a person not in their situation has a hard time dealing with life... my goodness.. how much harder it must be to pick yourself up by your own bootstrap when you don't even see a way out. My heart goes out to those who are in the struggle and feel lost and unwanted. God loves you no matter what your class/gender/race/sex happens to be. PS I am in no way making excuses for anyone. I just happen to have a heart. And yes, my husband and I are Wake Cty taxpayers, so we understand both ends of the spectrum.

How long

My question is how long and how much is enough. It is not typically a single mom with no help in a terrible situation that just needs a little help to get out of the rut. These are entire generations of families that have lived in these places for 10 or even 20 years. Kids are born raised and die there with no expectation of getting out. And why? Because mom lives next door, grandma lives upstairs and the rest of the family lives down the street. I don't mind helping out someone who needs a little push, but I don't want to support three generations for 20 or more years. A line needs to be drawn then the handouts end.

Government handouts?

Are you suggesting someone is handing out free joints? I seriously doubt anyone can afford to hand out a join fatter than a cigarette when pot is like $140 a quarter ounce. That Joint would have been $20 worth of pot. And who is bringing in these drugs? The government is that's who. Why? Because they want to keep the weak minded brother down, killing each other, in prison. Because of my disabilty I can assure you that there is no way it is enough to live comfortably. Sometimes it is hard tokeep the air conditioner on or your cable and internet. I can't tell you the last time I bought a good juicy steak. I buy what's on sale. If you are gay or black in America you will always need a hand to stay equal. Obama is fixing that and the world will be a much sweeter place.

Let's See

Under his health initiative, there will be government funded counseling, for those with serious health issues, on painless and humane methods for ending one's life. That's all in the spirit of maintaining affordable health care. What do you think? Planning to be an early volunteer if it passes? Is that part of the "much sweeter place"?

Give me a break!!!

Obama is fixing things all right! Where do you think the money is going to come from for all these 'incentives' and 'programs' he is trying to do? The taxpayers!! And who are these 'programs' going to benefit? The NON tax payers! Why should my hard earned money go towards taking care of someone who isn't willing to get off their butt and do something for themselves?!?! "If you are gay or black in America you will always need a hand to stay equal." --- it is that kind of thinking that has and will continue to ruin this country! You want equal rights but you don't want to do anything for them. You want handouts. God forbid you actually have to leave your house and actually WORK for something!!

$140 for a quarter??? Where

$140 for a quarter??? Where are you getting your facts from? And who said they were giving it away. Times are tough, so people share their vices to get by. And I PROMISE you, if they were smoking it in Creekwood, that wasn't $140 a quarter ounce. It MIGHT have been $50. Maybe.

then make cuts

Cut out your cable and Internet. Don't have what you can't afford. Oh yea, Obuma is fixing it alright. I'll keep my lifestyle, you keep the change.

Handouts to people

You said if you are gay or black, you will always need a handout. Hmmmm, very interesting, only the LAZY ones will need a handout. It is thinking like yours why this world is so messed up.You are givin help and in return we get crime.(projects are the most high crime area, go figure) Many gay and black people are very successful because they TRY.

The sad part is you actually

The sad part is you actually believe this

Government handouts

Good Lord save your money and stop buying pot and you could aford to get that good juicy steak. If you know that much about the cost of it you must use it.


this is the weak minded thinking that will run our country (more) into the ground. please leave.