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Virgin Mary resemblance washed up on Wrightsville Beach

READ MORE: Virgin Mary washed ashore
Most of us are have seen her image in Christian drawings and paintings. Now, it appears natures own rendition of the Virgin Mary has washed ashore here in Wilmington. UNC Wilmington Senior Tom Benedict was strolling along Wrightsville Beach when he stumbled upon this seemingly sacred sea shell. “I saw it in the sand, looked down and said, man this really looks like the Virgin Mary. I have to do something with this.” The devout look and the flowing dress seem to draw a striking resemblance to some viewers. “Originally I thought it was a fish and then when you look at it right side up it looks like the Virgin Mary,” said John Poulos, a local fisherman. Benedict is not very religious, so he hopes to pass the shell along to someone who is, for the right price of course. “I think I'm going to sell it. I think I'm going to have to, just to see how many people want it and I feel like some people would care about it more than I probably would.” He's already put listed it on eBay. The bidding opens at $24.99. When we last checked this afternoon, no one had bid on the shell yet. It will be up on eBay until November 8th.

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Wrightsville Beach Board of Alderman

This is truely amazing. Would you be intrested in letting the town of Wrightsville beach buy this artifact from you to place in our local museum? Contact me at 910-232-3570

Re: Virgin Mary

Based on the theological significant of this miraculous discovery, only one course of action is called for. The Town Council of Wrightsville Beach must immediately confiscate (under the laws of imminent domain)this artifact. Each spring and with great fanfare, the Town Council will use it to "bless" the parking meters and the men and women of the parking enforcement group.

This is a sign

Having been a close personal friend to Pope John-Paul (I was his favorite altar boy back in Krakow), I can assure you this was clearly addressed in the Third Letter from Fatima. The Virgin Mary will appear in a non-traditional format right before the end of the world. Nostradamous also predicted this event in prophecy 756B, wherein he said, "..and some guy walking along Wrightsville Beach shall discover the image of the virgin on an oyster shell and try to sell it for big bucks. But no sooner does it sell then along comes a man who will steal all the bucks." Can this be her warning us about November 4th, and the fact that we are about to elect a Godless Communist to the office of President? I mean, let's face it. This couldn't possibly be just a regular oyster shell. No amount of ocean and sand can wear away an oyster shell to resemble the Mother of Jesus. Just look at the picture: The detail! The intricate carving! This is GOD'S handiwork. Zippy! Das! Everyone! Don't press your luck! If the end of the world is coming, you do NOT want to be on the wrong side when that final judgment starts. Just look at Obama's ears and then tell me that he does not have the mark of the beast upon him. When theology, science, AND Nostrodamous all agree, who can possibly argue?

Based on the theological

Based on the theological significance of this find, only one course of action is warranted. The Wrightsville Beach town council must immediately confiscate (under rules of imminent domain)this significant find. They can then use it each spring to "bless" the parking meters and those wonderful people within the parking meter enforcement group.


It looks like an oyster shell to me and I think Mr Benedict needs a job!! Sell it? Are you kidding me?


I want to know which student had to nerve to even call the news on this, how ridiculous. I would have thrown it in the ocean, selling it would never have crossed my mind. Course it wouldn't have looked like and religious icon to me being that I do not believe in the supernatural.

taken too seriously

This was a joke, it doesn't make uncw students look ignorant, it makes the media and all the people the media thought would care about this, look like a joke. It was a damn shell, everyone should laugh that the media thought people would care, and I bet some did.

RE: Virgin Mary

Give me a break. This makes UNCW students look ignorant. Hope you enjoy your 15 minutes - they're almost up!

The Virgin Mary Herself

I must say to my children of the world only one thing. At tough times, like the world is seeing now, I will place myself in odd places to keep the hope and life alive inside people that are struggling. Thank you Tom for helping spread my word. May peace be with you all


good thing for me that I don't break the Commandment of Thou Shalt NOT put ANY other Gods before I thumb my nose at you Mary..

Re: Well...

You lack of respect and knowledge is truly showing. No one puts her before God. However, God did find favor with Mary since she is a devoted servant of the Lord. So that is what we seek to be an obediant servant of the Lord, like Mary. She is an example of Christian love and service. I am glad you learned one of the ten commandments but the bible has many more lessons to learn and yes some of them are about Mary. So maybe we should spend less time judging this person and looking at ourselves.


like you think it is silly...but SOMEBODY is going to pay 20,000 bucks for it...WATCH!


Looks like father Christmas to me.

The time has come

The time has come that people are soo poor that they are picking up shells that poorly resemble fake people and selling them on eBay. I think it looks like a ghost. I know it is cold outside but I didn't know hell has frozen over....

Looks like a foot to me

Maybe it's just the pagan heretic in me, but that looks like a foot... with long claw-like toenails and the fifth being foreshortened, like the dew claw on dogs (though obviously more flat-footed like humans/apes). Looks more demonic than holy to me.

Virgin Mary

Slow news day. Who cares?

Seriously, most oyster

Seriously, most oyster shells look like this. I love Mary, but this is nonsense.