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Virginia locals talk about their Titan plant

READ MORE: Virginia locals talk about their Titan plant
Titan's cement plant is located just outside of Roanoke, Virginia. After talking to some of the plant's neighbors, it seems the plant's presence is anything but titanic. Titan's Virginia cement plant lies just outside downtown Roanoke, about the same distance Castle Hayne is from downtown Wilmington. But in the Star City, the cement plant is far from center stage. We asked some of the locals what they thought about the cement plant. “Cement plant...?” said one local resident. Lilian Meidlinger was a little clueless as well. “Oh dear, I don't know anything about the cement plant. “ The plant does not seem to affect those in downtown Roanoke, and those who live right next door say they haven't seen much impact either. Marty and Terri Gillian live about a quarter mile from the plant. “Anytime they're doing mining activities, it can be within a quarter mile of our house. We really don't hear a lot from what they do,” the Gillians said. Even Bill Potter, who’s property connects to the plant, said he has seen a big difference since Titan took over in the early nineties. “We would get a big dusting, but after they have taken over they have made improvements, it's nothing like it was twenty years ago.” Donna Henderson's family has lived near the plant for more than a hundred years and she has one complaint. “They do have some going out in trucks, and the trucks are on the highway around the clock.” Some days are quiet, but plant manager Kevin Baird said that is not always the case. “Here in Roanoke you can have anywhere from 50 trucks a day to 100 trucks a day.” With Roanoke cement tucked away on Catabwa Road, residents say sometimes the only way they remember its there, is when they hold a community event. Residents say when the plant blasts to loosen rock, they can hear the rumbles, but Titan employees notified them long before it was going to occur. The Gillian's said when that happens there is a loud noise, but it is over quickly. Tomorrow, we'll have a look at the potential environmental, economic, and health impacts of the cement plant here in the Wilmington area.

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i'm gawna say sumpin funny like tree hugger du how u spell that?

i didn't know there were this many losers in wilmington. i have only been on this site for two days but it is amazing that i can get all you uninformed ignorant hateful poeple so worked up. i am a uncw surfer and i wait tables and i don't know the facts? i would bet you any amount of money that i am more successful, better educated, better off, more informed on any given environmental issue, or political issue than all of you put together. i think it is funny that all you rednecks can do is say "quit kissing trees duh huh" it reminds me of the big dumb bully kid in school that always had volume but never said anything clever or effective. to me, listening to you morons say stuff like that just proves to me that you are more ignorant than i was already guessing AND i will ask in my prayers tonight that i get the oppurtunity to tell you that in person. i on the other hand can spout off five vetted facts for every dumb unfactual statement you can squeeze out of your little brain. i'm not in college, i'm not a hippie, i dont wait tables but even if i did, i would still be so much smarter than you that is almost a waste of my energy to type this. you should get involved in something more simple and on your level so you don't sound like such a simpleton when posting. you are really just embarassing yourself.

tree huggers Duh?

I wonder if anyone you are related to - even talks to you. Do you think a comment like that deserves any respectful answer? I am not born or bred here and surely know as such would not like to be called a red neck (even if born and bred). You might do better to stick to the waves, dude. You are clearly not brighter than anyone if you try and make points via this mode of communication. Watch out for that undercurrent. Signed, a Redneck

Hmmm, what a juvenle post

I get it, your not in college yet. Judging by your post, I'd say middle school. But if we don't know how smart you are, heck, all we have to do is ask you. Now since you are so sharp, what do you and your fellow blow-hards think we should do with the existing large nasty polluting cement plant that has been on this site for decades, if Titan is turned away?


am not going to go thru this whole thing AGAIN...I happen to NOT be an idiot when it comes to science...even have a handy dandy degree that sits in my office. You guys are OVERREACTING on MANY of the issues you bring up. Like I said...I am tired...and if you want to read my a search...this is the same knee jerk responses that tree huggin liberals are known for. Want to petition something...petition the sulfuric acid plant being talked about that is within spitting distance from the Cape Fear...

comparing roanoke to this proposed plant is borderline idiotic

if you are posting this type of hateful nonsense you either A. know nothing about environmental issues and this issue in particular or B. you work for titan. why don't you ask your buddies at titan to take you on a field trip to their florida plant where they are leaking benzene into ground water that children drink. that plant is a disgusting mess and the area around it is like a ghost town. ask them to tell you about the environmetal lawsuit they are facing over their polution in florida and the tampering with the environmental impact statement throught the ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS. you ask them about the fact that their annual carbon dioxide emissions equate to 400,000 cars added to wilmington. you like that? you like benzene in your water genius? can you even spell polution? i can: TITAN TITAN TITAN. why don't they build more plants in europe? i know: because europe controls carbon dioxide polution and we dont! that's why they're here. they're also here because they are counting on YOUR ignorance and counting on you thinking that this plant will be like roanoke. AND it's working becuase you aren't educated at all on this issue and you would be ignorant enough to call mothers children and senior citizens, physicians, business owners, and politicians "shiftless bums" i hope ten years from now you'll be thanking the shiftless bums for protecting your children since you obviously don't care enough to educate yourself and do what is good for your town. By the way, ROANOKE EMITS 30 TIMES LESS MERCURY (A NEURO TOXIN) THAN THEY ARE PERMITTING TO RELEASE HERE. and those people in roanoke may not see a problem. guess what expert, you cant see mercury. you cant see carbon monoxide in your house either but it will choke you to death in your sleep. but hey, if you can't see it, it must not be a problem right? don't worry uninformed, uneducated naieve, ignorant media swallower, i will protect your town for you. you keep focusing on what's important? air? water? soil? wetlands? traffic structures? children? ALL STOPTITAN.ORG STATISTICS ARE FROM FACTUAL SOURCES INCLUDING ALL OF THE AGENCIES YOU MENTIONED. OUR FACTS ARE FROM THE FEDERAL EPA. OUR RESEARCHERS ARE RESPECTED (THE MOST RESPECTED) SCIENTISTS IN THIS PART OF THE STATE. THEY ARE INFINTELY SMARTER AND MORE INFORMED THAN YOU THREE AND TALK PR PUT TOGETHER. take care and read a book or can you read?

Wow, looks like a blow-hard had it's feathers ruffled

Please give me a tissue, what a cry baby. The bottom line is, for this plant to be permitted and built it will have to go thru and meet an extensive approval process. This means the approval and monituring of some of the very professional agencies and or organizations that you mentioned. And no, I have nothing to do with Titan. I just think this area could use more good paying jobs and a larger tax base, and less cry-babies such as yourself, that we have an abundant supply of........

Tell it to the people looking for a job

Stop hugging the trees, and get a lesson in spelling. Groundwater, environmental, through, pollution, don't, naive... Been living in a glass house for long? You'll learn about throwing stones, after a while.

I would like to hear the

I would like to hear the entire story from both sides before I come up with a decision. Why criticize? You should argue why it should not be here. And they have the right why it should be here. So the name calling and criticizing will do not for your side. I am a voter of this county to vote for and against who comes into office for this.


Please do your homework and find out the differences between the Titan plant in Virginia and the proposed plant in Castle Hayne. This must be done in order to present an accurate story to your viewers. The type of environment surrounding that plant is completely different from ours here and needs to be factored into the equation. Please contact someone who is knowledgeable on the subject. Please read the following information as background material. There are numerous experts on the subject that you could talk with at UNCW and other in the area.

Va views are the most unbiased views we have to hear

It really doesn't matter if someone does their homework or not there will be people that just don't want it here not matter what. You could have a 100 of these plants all over the US with none of the neighbors having any problems, and there would still be people here saying this area is different than where they are from and this plant would be bad for us. The way I see it, the best views about the plant should come from those that have a very similar plant right next to them. See how they view the plant. See what impact the plant has on their lives. That would give us the most unbiased view.

It's true, our area has way too many pessimist

Economic growth is good for our area, more jobs and a higher tax base to fund much needed projects. Particularly with so many areas of the country hurting economically, we should feel lucky that companies want to locate here.


Bueller ....Bueller ...NOTHING from the tree huggers on this? Not good when something positive comes out and goes against what you guys have been spouting off about...and this comes from people with ACTUAL experience with to believe here....

No, no, no...they have to be lying

No one knows anything about this issue except that band of shiftless bums picketing outside the library tonight. The state, the Army Corps of Engineers, the people from Roanoke.....none of them know anything. Stoptitan has ALL the answers, and will not tolerate this going through the legally established permitting process. With all of them milling around out there, people must have had a hard time getting dinner served at area restaurants.

you have clearly done zero

you have clearly done zero research on this issue and have no understanding of it whatsoever. even the statement about people having trouble being served at restaurants because there was a 100 person protest across the street is exemplary of your outrageous ignorance. wow.....incredible

Let me quote Mark Twain

“When I was seventeen I thought my father was the stupidest man I had ever met. When I was twenty-one it was amazing how much the old man had learned in those four years” In other words, being a UNCW sophomore who can surf well and works at Outback four nights a week doesn't really mean that you know more about this than the federal and state agencies who truly ARE the experts. Time to face up to reality, junior. The ignorant people are the ones who are stamping their feet, holding their breath, waving their signs, and crying "No-no-no-no." People with BRAINS are saying, "Let it go through the permitting process and see what the federal and state regulatory agencies say." (BTW, really smooth move on the reason for last night's protest - you didn't like Titan's format for public meetings? TOUGH!")

get offf your high horse and let go of the tree hahahahahahahha!

wow! that sounds like something an elementary school kid would say. i really hope there aren't many people as slow as you out there. do you live in a home with other slow peopele? i really hope you don't vote! We didn't like Titans method for their meetings because what they do is a. refuse to have a real forum with scientists and specialists, where citizens can ask questions infront of everyone and have titan fail to answer them. b. they know they can't have an open meeting with everyone discussing because they don't want to have to answer our polution questions on the news and on record. they only want a certain number of people in each room and they control the information. they also do not "promise" an answer to everyquestion. if i were to go in there and ask a doozy they would ignore me. that's what they have done at their other information control/propaganda sessions. you are just buying everything they're feeding you aren't you. you probably believe everything you see on the news too don't you? if ignorance is bliss, you must be constantly ecstatic.

Umm, no

I'm willing to let the experts figure out if Titan meets the requirement and if they should be permitted. I'm sure Titan isn't the only group that ignores you. I'll let you stay in your group home.

let me explain it

That was clearly a joke by common saying the wait staff (some of them,not all are less educated) people were out protesting so food couldn't be served. Try getting off your high horse and let go of the tree once in a while.


We need real paying jobs here let the EPA do there job.We don't need a bunch of no it alls to say who stays or goes.