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Virus expert talks to crowd at CFCC about H1N1

As H1N1 continues to spread, Cape Fear Community College is working to help educate the public. Virus expert, Andrew Suddith spoke to a crowd about prevention, recovery and his research. The scientist from Kansas State University and his team work with viruses in pigs. He said that H1N1 has infected more people than the seasonal flu, but does not seem more deadly. Suddith said there is no need to be concerned that there is a shortage of the vaccine. “Every time there's a new strain of flu virus that comes out, vaccines tend to lag behind. So this isn't really a new situation, the new situation is that there's a lot more cases of the flu, and the vaccine production hasn't quite caught up, but it may have been unrealistic to expect that we'd have 140 million doses by Octobe,” he said. Suddith stressed good hygiene as the next best preventative measure, second to the vaccine.

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The scientist may want to learn...

some science. Please everyone be very careful and question the hysteria and fear driven pandemic of the swine flu. Is is easier to govern when people are in fear???? Is is easier to sell a product when there is a shortage???? Anyone recommending the vaccine to a pregnant woman or people in general is nothing short but criminal! Especially when the PATIENTS are NOT given informed consent! Before you try to dispute that please listen and read some of Dr. Russell Blaylock ( You tube Gary Null 10/13/09 and make a informed decision. Jump out of the herd and think for your self! Instead of the hand saniter at the fair. You may want to stay away from the funnel cakes. Sugar will make a weaker immune system which is the first priority if you want to be WELL!

How Ironic! I spent all day

How Ironic! I spent all day at the fair Saturday...and no hand sanitizer was to be found near the concessions. With all the fear of swine flu, I was certain that there would be available sanitizer everywhere you such luck! :( The fair just opened Friday and already the one "sanitizer dispenser" I did locate was EMPTY! So I didn't eat...