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Volunteer firefighter charged with arson


A volunteer firefighter and son of a former fire chief is accused of setting fire to his great aunt's home.

Nakina Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad member Christopher McDevitt is charged with second-degree arson for a fire on New Year's morning.

Evelyn Reaves lived in the home across the street from McDevitt.

McDevitt is free on bond, but Fire Chief Jimmy Williams says he has been temporarily suspended from the volunteer fire department.

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chris mcdevitt finally going to court

Arraigned Offenses for Case Number: 2008000097 CRS
Court Date: 08/20/2012
Session: AM
Court Room: 0003

Offense Code Description Statute
2027 Felony FIRST DEGREE ARSON 14-58

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Once again Columbus County has failed to follow through with justice. This case was postponed AGAIN and it has to make one wonder if justice will ever be served! The states no longer seems concerned with this case, but the victims are still very much concerned!

When is justice going to be

When is justice going to be served in this case? This man has been walking around free for almost four years! When are they going to try him & serve justice that those affected by his actions so richly deserve!


He must be a family member or close friend. We all know that our family members and close friends would never do something like this. GIVE ME A BREAK!!! I get tired of hearing the same story over and over again..."he's not that type of person", "he is not capable of doing such a thing", "my child is a good kid and would never do something like this", etc etc etc. Give it a break!

Chris McDevitt

Some dogs are sure barking up the wrong tree on this one. Someone has set him up. Everyone should know that he did not do that.Here is a clean cut boy that risked his life to save things even pets. I pray that you all take a close look into your hearts and pray before you speak out.God will sure judge you all for the fauls things you are saying against him. How can you lay your heads down to sleep knowing that the arson is not him? I have heard that there have been two fires since his arrest. WHO SET THEM SINCE CHRIS WAS WATCHED VERY GOOD? WHEN YOU CAN ANSWER THAT YOU WILL HAVE YOU PERSON. IT IS NOT CHRIS.Also why was there nothing in the paper about those two fires. Are you scared to admit you have charged the wrong man. PLEASE THE REAL ONE DOING THIS BEFORE SOMEONE GETS HURT.

Nakina arsonist

This boy was framed...This is what happens when you try to help someone and are in the wrong place at the wrong time. He called in the fire and went to the home to make sure everything was okay at his aunts house and then the drama started...after all someone has to pay for all these fires...and why not an innocent fire fighter that is trying to do his job. There were 2 more fires set since this boy was arrested...and he has not been alone since this incident...Why don't we hear about these fires??? Kinda suspicious that we don't since everyone thinks they have their man. Think about it..It could be you or someone you know who is next....There is still an arsonist out there and we have stopped are you really scared???

fire fighter

Wow a pyromaniac volunteer fire fighter. This has happened before in other states. It seems they get off on the adrenaline rush of fighting fires so they set them. Like a cop that commits crimes. It is about as low as you can get.