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Volunteers fill UNCW to help Stop Hunger Now

An army of helping hands went to work at UNC-Wilmington this weekend in an effort to feed the hungry. The school was one of several university sites that participated in the Million-Meal Week; an effort to package and send one million meals all over the world. More than 600 volunteers from the community helped package more than 100,000 meals here in Wilmington. Hoggard High School junior David Warren organized the event as part of his Eagle Scout project. He said the response was overwhelming. “We could only find jobs for about three hundred and forty of them, and the rest of them we were switching in as much as we could. More people came than we thought,” said Warren. “There are a lot of good people out there and it really impressed me to see them here and helping.” The event is part of Stop Hunger Now, a relief agency committed to stopping world hunger. The meals will now head on a journey that will take them to hungry children in either Kenya, Nicaragua or Haiti. Each meal is packed complete with soy, dried vegetables, rice and vitamins.

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Feed The Hungry

AIA Wilmington(American Institute of Architects) had a very news worthy event at the mall this weekend. They had 7 teams construct sculptures out of cans that will be donated to the food bank of Eastern North Carolina. The displays will be up through September 8. There will be an awards ceremony on Thursday, September 3 at 6:00. The public can vote until 5:00 on Thursday. This event helps the local citizens that need food.

Feeding hungry children

Feeding children in overseas countries is great, but there are starving AMERICAN children right here. What happened to "Charity starts at home"?

Should charity be bound by

Should charity be bound by geography? Many groups do help at home, as do many agencies and governmental programs. Many of the people there, including myself, also work with local relief efforts. Different people feel led to work in different areas. Will you criticize a dentist for not trying to cure cancer? Applaud those who are doing something, whatever part of the world it effects, for it soften spurs them on to work in other areas. As one of the speakers challenged on Saturday, "do something after this event. Whether it's overseas, across the nation, or across town, do something." Hunger is a global problem and requires a global solution.

You have no idea

Unless you have been to the Third World, you have no idea of how "un-poor" America is. No one in this country is starving. We have TANF, WIC, free breakfast at school, free lunch at school, Medicaid, Section 8 housing.... ...Spend some time in Africa or Southern Asia and see children who live on whatever roots, grubs, berries and insects their parents could gather that day. See families have to travel five miles to reach fresh water and carry a few gallons home. Trust me, not having a Blackberry by the time you're twelve is NOT "starving."


If you'll look around about 10 or 15 per cent of our population is on some kind of welfare.