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Volunteers help clean up Masonboro

READ MORE: Volunteers help clean up Masonboro
Masonboro Island was filled with boaters and beachgoers over the 4th of July weekend. With hundreds of people parking it on the island, that means hundreds of pounds of trash. Bag after bag, volunteers picked up the last of the trash left over from boaters who went to Masonboro Island last weekend. Workers say this is the worst they've seen in years. "I couldn't hardly see any sand. It was just littered with beer cans, and empty Styrofoam coolers; it was a mess,” said Glenn Dildy of Seatow. "No one should have to come out on a holiday weekend and clean up after people who didn't do the right thing,” added Hope Sutton. Hope Sutton has been spearheading a movement to keep the island trash-free, but every holiday weekend, people miss that memo and continue to litter. "I paddled over from Wrightsville Beach, and I could see trash before I even crossed the inlet,” she said. Volunteers grabbed the last bag of trash off Masonboro Island, and brought it to Wynn Plaza. Now it's up to the town of Wrightsville Beach to take it all away. Masonboro Island is technically not a state park, which means there is no funding or staff to help clean up, or to even place trashcans on the island. Last Labor Day, volunteers took the time to hand out trash bags at all the public boat ramps hoping to raise awareness, and encourage folks to clean up after themselves. The volunteers say it worked, but it cost money and took time, so they can't do it every holiday weekend.

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interesting article !

It is a very interesting article. I wonder if we could throw the trashes some where in space LOL that way at least Earth would be more safer. rite ? Anyways thanks for a good article, Keep up the good work!


My thanks also goes out to the volunteers. Unfortunately, calling the litterbugs pigs (pigs are cleaner) probably won't improve the problem since they are tourists who won't be visiting this website. I'd go for a more public approach like what that Party Supply store did for shoplifters. Let's get people to snap pix of litterbugs and their litter, then post it for the next big weekend event and ask for tipsters to ID the litterbugs. Just my $.02.

No reason to clean

A considerable number of people on the island were ferried over by folks. I witnessed about 50 landed in an hour. Most of them carried cases and cases of beer, chairs, and food. No one trash bag in evidence. One young lady took the time to pull off her damaged sandals and toss them on the sand as soon as she landed. I find that the majority of the people who visit the island regularly are pretty responsible, but one time visitors don't seem to have the same care for the resource that we have. I can only hope that we don't all the ability to use the island.

Make Masonboro Island a pay

Make Masonboro Island a pay island. Make anyone who wants to park their boat and use the island pay for a permit, then people will start respecting the island and clean up after themselves. Just kidding, this will never work. Whats going to happen is, we are going to have it taken away for our use and be made off limits. Keep it up people. One more right we will lose.

Masonboro Island would make

Masonboro Island would make a great State Park. That way NC park rangers can monitor everything that goes on there. It would then protected under the state and open to the public.

Litter on Masonboro Island

Why this is still allowed to happen year after year is sad. What is even worse is the volunteers who have to clean up after the spoiled rich kids parties.

I agree...the saddest part

I agree...the saddest part is volunteers have to clean other irresponsible ppl's mess..

Trashy beach

We have become a very trashy beach. I was on Carolina Beach & saw sooooooo much trash everywhere-on the streets, parking lots, all over. While I was on the beach in front of the Cabana I picked up so much trash while walking. When you have tourists you have trash. Went to the north end on Sunday (didn't go during the weekend) so much trash everywhere, piled high with everything imaginable. People left behind whatever they didn't want to take back home, grills, tents, chairs, etc. We have raised a society that doesn't care if they trash this planet especially the water, out of sight out of mind. Such mindless pigs. Thank you to all volunteers who took the time to clean up after these pigs.

Still part of it

"Went to the north end on Sunday (didn't go during the weekend)" Isn't Sunday still part of the weekend?

What is wrong with people?!?

What is wrong with people?!? You are adults and should know better! We have this beautiful, unspoiled area that we need to take care of and people continue to trash it. It wouldn't be that difficult to keep it clean. Bring a trash bag or two with you and when you leave, take it with you. I think maybe it's gotten to the point where they are going to need to close the island during the holiday weekends. Thank you volunteers!

Trash on Masonboro

I think that the patrol boats should have gone to the Island and the police block the exit and make those idiots clean the beach themselves before they could leave or better yet close the beach on those weekends that they tend to make all of the mess. I have never been able to understand why people cannot bring their trash off of the beach. Its a lot lighter when you leave than it was going on.

those people are pigs

those people are pigs