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Volunteers needed for youth enrichment zone


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- New Hanover County leaders need your help to stop youth violence. The New Hanover County Blue Ribbon Commission on the Prevention of Youth Violence announced yesterday it is looking for 4,000 volunteers to help with a youth enrichment zone.

Youth violence continues to be a major issue in the Cape Fear region. Leaders are looking to transform one block or one area at a time.

"We didn't get into these problems overnight," District Attorney Ben David said. "We're not going to solve them overnight. This is gonna start one child at a time, and it's gonna start the day they're born and not just after they have the right to remain silent."

To volunteer or for more information on the zone call the Blue Ribbon Commission at (910) 388-4512.

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Wrong Phone#

I called the number listed and some guy said it was his personal cell phone and he didn't have any info. Can you get a valid number?

could we get more

could we get more information about what the program is actually going to entail?

It begins with parenting!

That's day one! And that's where the action should be taken, by parents, for their children. Baby farmers just hatch out kids for welfare, they don't consider the human aspect or whether the kid has a responsible father or not.

There is nothing in this world that will ever be able to take the place of parents and thier influence on their children. There are certain things that need to be instilled in a child by age 2, if that doesn't happen, it will be a tough road for the parent AND the child.

How about

starting with both parents and require them to be actively involved and accountable for the youtful miscreant's beahviour?

Worked when I was growing up; probably worked for the majority of folks I noted who attended the meeting.

As Barney would say, you've got to "nip it in the bud"; and that means start in the household where they are being reared.

Quite right

Personally I say ban anyone on government assistance from having children. If they have one against the rules...sterilize them permanently. Why should we have to pay for child care, school, or any other service for kids when their parents can't even earn an honest living. Plus we reduce population that way!

Youth enrichment zone

I can appreciate the comments from those who say the it is important to influence children at an early age. I sense a great deal of judgement coming from those remarks, almost a negative slant. It is important to remember the supports that have been in place for all of us who stand in judgement of others who have lacked that support. Providing healthy community support, and by that I don't mean throw money, will begin to empower those who see options other than what exits currently. It is exciting that Wilmington is addressing the issue, and beginning to take a look at building capacity within the comprehensive approach that it will take to make a difference in the status quo. Enough said this is our call as a community into action, instead of criticizing, we should take a look at our part in the effort for positive change.