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VOTE 2010: ABCNews - Former U.S. Marine Ilario Pantano running race against backdrop of Iraq controversy



Ilario Pantano sounds like the average Republican candidate vying for Congress.

In a polite, yet passionate tone, the self-described born-again Christian argues for repealing the health care bill and instilling more free market reforms in the United States.

But the 38-year-old Marine veteran's history sets him apart from his fellow candidates.


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Why here?

Why is a New Yorker having to run for office in Southeastern North Carolina. Are we that crazy to Elect him. Come on people!!!!!!!!! Vote for Mike. Dont let the North take over the South. Dont let a yankee talk for us. Ask Pantano where his money has come from to run for this office? Some might have come from the south but most of it come from the north. And not North Carolina north as in New York.

People are killed. That's

People are killed. That's why its called war, not make believe. This liberal thinking is what prevents generals from doing and actually does more to prolong a war than to end it. I hope this man did kill the enemy. Do you think Iraq worries if they shoot our soldiers in the back or front? Highly unlikely.


Pantano, I voted for you and now I wish I had voted for Mike McIntyre. I have checked on somethings you had said and told at the county fair.I have found alot of the things not to be ture. If you will lie now just think what you will do in office. I voted early for you Pantano but now that I know you will lie, I wish I had voted for Mike McIntyre. I hope everyone eles will vote for Mike McIntyre. Please people do your homework on Pantano and don't do like I did take his word. Do it before you vote not after you vote. God help us all if you are elected Pantano. Please everyone vote for Mike McIntyre. Not a lieing yankee. Pantano why do you LIE?

Why didn't you tell us what he "lied" about

I would have thought your supposed conversation with him would be more believable if you had actually told what he lied about. An entire paragraph about how he lied and not one mention of what he supposedly lied about. I think you just lied.

This is what he lied about

He lied about where his money come from to run. He said it all come from North Carolina. It all did not come from North Carolina.

That's good. I don't want

That's good. I don't want him spending my money.


Mr. I voted already...don't just post and run..Post up some FACTS...what did he say and what did you find...please include links to your research.

Are you implying that

Are you implying that politicians should tell the truth?

Really! The only way that any of them can keep their seat is to lie. Politicians must tell people what they want to hear. They gauge each audience and let the words come out. The truth is a very rare commodity amongst politicians.

Pantano is a politiican. McIntyre is a politician. If either told the truth about everything, neither would have a job. Deceit is the politician's job security.

The polls would shut down today if those seeking public office were truthful.

Is it a coincidence that

Is it a coincidence that Pantano happened to have his infamous sign with him when he unloaded on two unarmed Iraqi civilians? He did not just kill them, he mutilated them. Did he set out to shoot someone when he began his mission that day, or did he just make a very serious blunder in a stressful situation?

Wow those are very serious

Wow those are very serious allegations... However since you were standing right beside him and in touch with his inner psyche and the situation at hand you are so incredibly right to judge.

Have you ever been in

Have you ever been in combat? The Pantano accuser has been discredited and bomb making materials were in the house they searched.
Next time you are on a airplane I hope you are seated between two men in Muslim dress. You'll probably mess your pants before the plane lands. :)

The liberal

media is working overtime to discredit any conservative candidate. WWAY you have shown your left leaning slant during the past few months. WECT here I come.

Didn't WWAY skewer both Rex

Didn't WWAY skewer both Rex Gore and RC Soles recently? Both democrats if I'm not mistaken. Was Sid Causey a democrat? They reported heavily on everything his office did, both good and bad.

Republicans should quit blaming the media for their image problems. The media has nothing to do with it. They are equal opportunity when it comes to reporting on a scandal. Maybe you should stop stomping on the heads of your opponents, stop being disrectful during an address by a sitting president ("you lie"), stop trying to drown out civil discussion in town-hall meetings (Obamacare). A SC Republican even called fellow SC Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley a "raghead." The negative image of the Republican Party is wholly self-created.

no way for pantano

Pantano does not represent SE North Carolina - He is looking for a way to Washington. Mike McIntyre is the only real choice!

You are right, we have had

You are right, we have had so many great represenatives, just look at all of them in the state prison.

Same OLD

Yes, lets put the Same Old Mike, back in were he can continue give out the cardboard Checks....

Macintyre voted for Pelosi

Macintyre voted for Pelosi to be speaker of the house didn't he?? He also voted in the last election for Obama didnt he?? If he was for SE North Carolina that wouldnt happen. he has no honor, he has no spine

Really, so you mean to tell

Really, so you mean to tell me that you and your views represent everyone here in Southeastern North Carolina??? That no one in Southeastern North Carolina voted for Obama?? Wow, so good to know. I do know however that your narrow view is not the only one. Mike works his butt for this area and he has a very visible presence in area. Pantano is just like all those conservative Sarah Palin clones. You people never and I mean NEVER think that any other side has valid viewpoint but your own side. Maybe if we took them time to listen to one another instead of pointing fingers then we would get somewhere and things would be accomplished. Neither side has cornered the market on how to fix this mess. Mike has no spine? I guess it would take a hell of a spine to shoot unarmed people, but I digress.


its called projection..and you just described your liberal self..and everyone I know who's a liberal nut job. Mike needs to GO...

Guess what sunshine! I am a

Guess what sunshine! I am a republican that can think for myself. Maybe you should try it sometime

Did MacIntyre vote for

Did MacIntyre vote for Pelosi to be speaker of the House last time??? just answer that question.

Vote Pantano