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VOTE 2010: Cook Political Report - NC 7 race closer in Republican column



As we inch closer to November 2, the non-partisan Cook Political Report has moved the NC-07 race between GOP Challenger Ilario Pantano and Rep. Mike McIntyre closer to the Republican column. In the past weeks, Cook has moved the seat from “Safe Dem” to “Likely Dem,” and now to its current rating of “Lean Dem.”

This race is trending towards Republicans and quickly falling away from the Democrats.

Cook’s House Race Editor David Wasserman writes that Pantano has “set the district and DC abuzz” and “the 7th CD is in for an unprecedented wild ride.”

From the Cook Political Report:

NC-07 Mike McIntyre (D) Likely Dem to Lean Dem
Lean Democratic. One of the more surprising targets of the NRCC’s latest ad buy is McIntyre, whose very conservative voting record has earned him token opponents and huge margins in this GOP-leaning Wilmington area district. But if McIntyre’s campaigns are usually boring, the GOP nominee has set the district and DC abuzz and has won over a powerful mentor, NRCC Chair Pete Sessions. The son of Italian immigrants, Ilario Pantano grew up in Manhattan, became a commodities trader for Goldman Sachs in New York, then went back into the Marines after 9/11 and fought in Iraq, where in 2005 he was charged with premeditated murder of two Iraqi prisoners. The case never went to court-martial for lack of evidence, and instead Pantano was cited for desecration of a corpse for hanging a sign reading “no better friend, no worse enemy” above their bodies. Pantano subsequently wrote a blockbuster book on his experiences by the same slogan, appeared on the Today Show, and has become something of a star deputy sheriff on the Wilmington police force.

To say the least, this campaign is a contrast in styles. Embracing a “shock and awe” campaign strategy, Pantano actually calls himself a “hardcore national security hawk” and a “Jack Bauer Republican” who is fighting his “third war,” this time for the “soul of the country.” McIntyre is a mild-mannered Blue Dog who brings back local projects from his Appropriations perch. In another year, Pantano’s take-no-prisoners approach and over-the-top rhetoric might be a deal-breaker, but this year it poses McIntyre and Democrats a dilemma. So far, McIntyre has stuck to hitting Pantano as a pro-Fair Tax tea partier who has glossed over his Wall Street past, well aware that attacking Pantano on his murder charges would amount to a gamble with many military voters who live near Camp Lejeune and Fort Bragg. But as both candidates wage million dollar campaigns and Pantano closes in on McIntyre’s lead, Democrats will have to decide whether or not to “go there.” A September SurveyUSA poll showed Pantano ahead 46 percent to 45 percent, but most internal polling shows a modest McIntyre edge. This race leans Democratic for now, but the 7th CD is in for an unprecedented wild ride.

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Man the torpedos! Vote for Pantano!

The United States is analogous to a submarine wounded by enemy action. Instead of an enemy firing a torpedo, we, via all of our poor political leadership have fired one upon ourselves. The political classes collective record, how ever well intentioned, has lead us here, through massive spending, borrowing, and making promises to citizens that cannot be met. Character at a point of pressure is the most important asset a leader, officer, or soldier possesses. Why? Because sometimes it is necessary to close the hatch to save the ship. The question to my mind is which party possesses the capacity to do that now.

While the collusion of both parties are to blame for our sinking ship. It is the Republican party that is desperately trying to close the hatch and save the ship. The Republican party is standing against three pieces of legislation that will forever resign this nation to a continual decline and eventual ruin. The first is commonly understood to be “health care,” this legislation will forever alter a citizens relationship to their government. If it passes medical attention will become a right that must be met by force of law. As the saying goes, if you want to make something expensive, make it free. The failure of this solution to meeting the medical needs of people is deeply felt by those who lost loved ones because the English or the Canadian governments denied vital care. Liberal Democrats have another scheme to launch on the American people this one is called “Cap and Trade” - essentially this nightmare would allow the federal government to tax a citizen when they drive, breath, or turn on the light switch. Kirsten Gillibrand has personally advocated for it in the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal, I assume Senator Gillibrand expects that by creating the next Wall Street scam will lead to voluminous campaign contributions on the back of the American taxpayer. Finally, there is “Card Check,” this gem would eliminate the secret ballot from the process by which a business goes from being a non-union to a union shop. Thus, the Union leadership would be in a position to put massive pressure on those who voted “no.” Republicans have stood, and are standing against all of this - in fact on the “Cap and Trade” front Republicans have earned bipartisan opposition to it.

All the while the water is rushing into our ship, and the choice must be made in six months; will the citizens of this great nation choose to stand with the leadership of the liberal democratic party, that is trying to keep the hatch open, so we all go down, or will the American people choose to stand with the Republican party, that is trying to close the hatch? I have confidence that the American people are ready to not only support the Republican party, but help close the hatch and save the ship. America is ready to sacrifice all but our liberty and our economic freedom - this has, and will always be true, and has happened in the past, it is “We The People” leading the charge. Right now the only organized political party that has the capacity to close the hatch is the Republican party. Ilario Pantano is as close to the conservative ideal as we have in this race.


WE NEED A STRONG REPRESENTATIVE FOR AND FROM NC.....VOTE PANTANO!! The! The Republicans and their "scare tactics"! You must have forgotten that 8 years of the Bush regime are what took our country from a budget SURPLUS to where we are today. Bush and Co. basically ran this country "into the ditch". If you run your car into a ditch, do you blame yourself or the tow truck driver that has arrived to pull you out? Thank goodness that only the ignorant fall for the Republican/Tea Party shock and awe tricks!

Tired old cliche

Just spewing Obama's talking points and using his tired cliche of driving the car won't convince anyone. Clinton inherited a vigorous economy and only held onto it by governing from the middle and being on the receiving end of the tech bubble. Take the "it's Bush's fault" thing and the race card & put them away; they've been so overused to distract & cover the real issues, we're onto you!

You and I agree

Obama would best serve us if he was driving a tow truck, because that's about the limit of his abilities.

Not nice

Don't insult tow truck drivers. They have to go through training and know what they are doing. Obama couldn't cut it.