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VOTE 2010: Democrats - McIntyre leading Pantano in poll



The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today released a new Grove Insight poll that shows Representative Mike McIntyre leading Republican challenger Ilario Pantano by 11 percent.

In the initial head-to-head in the race for North Carolina’s 7th congressional district, McIntyre leads Pantano 52 percent to 41 percent. Conducted October 3-5, the poll surveyed 400 likely voters and has a 4.9 percent margin of error.

“Voters in Southeastern North Carolina want someone they can trust to stand up for them and, every day that goes by, they’re learning Ilario Pantano’s dangerous agenda doesn’t reflect their values,” said Jesse Ferguson, Southern Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “From raising taxes to privatizing Social Security, Pantano’s agenda is out of touch and, what’s worse, a bipartisan consensus is growing that he can’t be trusted to tell the truth about his past. Every time voters learn something about Ilario Pantano, they’re left with more questions than answers.”

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They smear and lie about their opponenets at all levels--when you have a failed record and poor performance-that is all you are left with. They even make up good poll numbers. Whether it's the Congress, Carolina or the County--all the Dems can do is lie--their candidates are poor. Having so-called experience and being on boards is no substitute for poor performance---remember health care and the deceit in that process; the stimulus fiasco and all the failure by dems in raleigh and locally. This is a year to send them a message--their rhetoric and smears is no excuse for high unemployment, a stagnated economy and leaders like Pelosi , reid and all the local gems. Give Republicans a chance--the dems lost our trust with their poor choices and arrogance.

This Gove Insight Poll out of Oregon is BS

That's pure BS - from Grove Insight - a far left pollster out of Oregon commissioned by the DSCC. Pure malarkey and reeks of desperation. It's worse than an internal poll.

I laughed when I read it because they didn't even try to moderate their so-called "results" - they went for broke by citing an 11% lead. I promise you they pulled that one out of Lisa Grove's communist @$$, 'scuse my language.

democratic smears

Why be suprised-- i suggest to candidates like Pantano, Goolsby, Berger and others--ignore the smears and the false polls--when you have a terrible record you lie --and your suurrogates throw lots of mud and just hope something sticks. This year it aint going to work--this people cant deceive the voters on the facts and I really believe the smears are backfiring at all levels. Anyway one can hope

It is beyond belief that a

It is beyond belief that a Democratic Party authority would still continue the false impression that Pantano desires to RAISE TAXES after the disclosure of the mis-representations in the McIintyre ad from several weeks ago.

Pantano worked for Goldman out of college... YEARS before any bailout funds were distributed to it. All the Democrats are trying to accomplish with the repetition of this slur is to demonize Pantano by former association. Keep in mind that the bailout funds would NEVER have been paid but for Democratic complicity. Don't forget that the Democratic Party has controlled BOTH houses of Congress since January, 2007.

As to the privatization of Social Security neither the Democrats or the Republicans have been truly effective in stating a case for or against this. Neither party has discussed the cost savings to the TAXPAYERS (remember them?) if the program were to be placed in the hands of skilled money managers. How many government bureaucrats are on the taxpayer payroll handling this violated trust fund now?

Finally, this is the second term beyond Congressman McIntyre's self imposed term limit of six terms.

Good News...

Hope this holds. McIntyre has done so much for coastal communities by keeping our tax dollars here. Pantano has no credentials whatsoever. It would be an absolute disaster if he won.

Keeping our tax dollars here and Credentials

You say that McIntyre has worked so hard to keep our tax dollars here.. I think that Ilario Pantano thinks that if we're smart enough to earn the money, then we're smart enough to know what to do with it without it having to go to Washington so a great big 'ole check can be presented.
Pantano has no credentials you say. How about an Economics degree, not a career as a trial lawyer? How about working a Wall Street job, so he knows how Wall St and Corporations do business? How about meeting a payroll as a small business owner? How about putting his life on the line as a US Marine and walking into battle for our freedom? How about getting a law enforcement certificate so he can see what really goes on after dark in areas a lot of people don't want to walk through? How about working as a disaster volunteer in the aftermath of Katrina? How about standing up against the Ground Zero Mosque?
Is this the lack of credentials you speak of? What else could you want?!?

Only a couple things you

Only a couple things you mention about Pantano would even remotely be classified as credentials to hold public office.

Did you forget???

Apparently you forgot to mention his ability to walk on water. Excuse me if I don't drink the Pantano Kool-Aid.

Qualify him?

He's a citizen over twenty-five. That was good enough for the founding fathers.