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VOTE 2010: Former National Tea Party leader and mother of Marine endorses Mike McIntyre


NEWS RELEASE - Former Vice Chairman of the Tea Party Express, Deborah Johns, announced her endorsement of Mike McIntyre for Congress, citing Ilario Pantano's dangerous behavior and concerning judgment in Iraq. Johns is the mother of a Marine who has served 3 tours of duty in Iraq. Pantano was charged with two counts of murder for shooting upwards of 60 rounds into unarmed men in Iraq. While there wasn't enough evidence for a criminal conviction, the presiding officer recommended non-judicial punishment and the presiding officer said Pantano's actions were "morally and ethically wrong."

"Ilario Pantano may have served in the Marines but he certainly doesn't share the values and judgment that you'd expect from a Marine running for Congress, said Deborah Johns. I may not agree with Mike McIntyre on everything but I know he's a good, honest man whose judgment we can trust. I've dedicated my time to working hard for the members of armed forces and refuse to see that undone by electing someone with questionable morals and ethics. I've been a lifelong advocate of our soldiers' right to defend themselves, but actions like those Pantano took put even more soldiers at risk. His dangerous actions and questionable judgment make him unfit to be a member of Congress. As a tea party leader and military families advocate, it isn't easy for me to endorse a candidate against a self-described conservative who served in the armed services - but Mr. Pantano's actions give me no choice."

Johns has previously sat on the boards of Combat Veterans for Congress and Move America Forward.

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Grinding axes

Obviously Ms. Johns has a personal axe to grind. There's far more at stake in this election than a candidates military experience. Considering the downward slide of the country under this administration, we'd better be sending someone to congress that understands economics and is a patriot to the core. We are in precarious positions on the world stage. A milquetoast like McIntyre simply is never going to be a strong representative for the country or NC. I have a burning question........did McIntyre vote Nancy Pelosi in as speaker? Yep.......that's treasonous in itself.

Deborah Johns Terminated for Cause

Deborah Johns recently attacked Ilario Pantano, as well as endorsed Democrat Mike McIntyre.

I've contacted The Tea Party Express asking as to why Deborah Johns is the FORMER Vice Chair.

They have informed me that Deborah Johns was "terminated for cause".

Please click here to read their Press Release -