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VOTE 2010: McIntyre punches back at Pantano over comment made in Vegas


LUMBERTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE FROM THE MCINTYRE CAMPAIGN) - A recent audio recording made in Las Vegas caught Ilario Pantano's admission that he does not really care about representing the people of Southeastern North Carolina; he just wants to run for Congress without regard for the fundamental constitutional requirement that he represent the people of the area in which he lives.

Here, in his own words, is his admission:

"Somebody asked me a couple of days ago, 'Where in North Carolina are you running for Congress?' I said, 'Don't worry about that. I'm running for the U.S.Congress.' That's your Congress. (applause) Whether I'm running in North Carolina, Texas or Idaho, it doesn't make a difference.”

Pantano’s statement further defines important distinctions between the two candidates in the 7th Congressional District: Congressman Mike McIntyre, who has lived all of his life in Southeastern North Carolina, is a strong, independent leader with a proven track record of putting the people of Southeastern North Carolina first. Pantano, who is from Manhattan, is a cookie-cutter candidate with woefully inadequate knowledge of our region and needs. In fact, he moved to Southeastern North Carolina from Manhattan only recently, has voted in only 35% of local elections and had virtually nothing to say about local communities in the three official congressional debates just concluded.

Pantano’s audio clip can be heard at the following link:“Doesn’t-Make-a-Difference”.mp3



Wilmington, NC: Andy Yates, Pantano for Congress Campaign Manager, released the following statement in reaction to Congressman McIntyre’s latest personal attack against Ilario Pantano:

"Congressman McIntyre just doesn’t get it. This election is about big national issues, and the mess that Congressman McIntyre, Speaker Pelosi, and their Democratic colleagues have created by advancing their liberal agenda in Washington. Yes, Ilario made the statement ‘it doesn’t make a difference’ what district he’s running in. It doesn’t make a difference on the big, national issues. What is going to make a difference this year is if you’re committed to restoring fiscal responsibility, job creation, and holding down taxes. If you look at Congressman McIntyre’s record it is obvious that he’s not committed to those ideals, instead he’s committed to being a cash cow running around handing out big checks paid by our tax money with his name on them."

"Congressman McIntyre likes to tout that he’s a native of the 7th District and that he has a superior knowledge of the District. What’s McIntyre’s supposed local expertise gotten us? 48,000 unemployed workers across the district, double digit or near double digit unemployment in every county, small businesses closing every day, and thousands of families living below the poverty level."

"Congressman McIntyre wants to attack Ilario for not being a local. Well, it seems that after McIntyre has spent the last 14 years in Washington promoting the liberal agenda that Ilario is more of a local than Congressman McIntyre. Ilario and his family moved to Wilmington because of his service in the Marine Corps and they have embraced Southeastern North Carolina. They go to church here, his children attend public schools here, he’s served as a Deputy Sheriff in New Hanover County, and he’s spent months traveling across the district listening to the people of Southeastern North Carolina. Ilario understands the conservative values of the people of this district and that they’re tired of having a Congressman who talks their way in the district but votes the opposite way in Washington."

"Ilario is running for the House of Representatives not the House of Handouts. To represent your district means to represent the views, ideas, and beliefs of the people that you represent. The people of this district don’t believe in bloated stimulus packages that don’t create jobs, huge budgets that lead to trillion dollar deficits, bringing back the death tax, or allowing illegal immigrants to register to vote."

"The people of the 7th District share the views of Ilario Pantano: less spending, lower taxes, less government, and a commitment to restoring fiscal responsibility and reducing the deficit. Like Pantano, they understand that it is the private sector that creates jobs not federal government spending, and they know that they know better than politicians in Washington about how to spend their hard-earned money. That’s why we’re gaining support everyday from Watha to Tabor City , from Dublin to Shallotte, from Kenansville to Pembroke, from Hope Mills to Kure Beach, and all across the 7th District."

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He is mentally unbalanced. He has issues with authority, is unstable under pressure and needs to be the center of attention. Talk to his colleagues in the Marines and the New Hanover County Sheriff's Department. Better than the devil? out what you wish for.


His statement means that he is against the pork that your kids have to pay for. Ilario is for sound fiscal management, pay for what you need and don't buy votes with handouts that never get to the needy anyway's. Tax cuts promoting business opportunities are, and always have been the cornerstone of the American economy, its a pyramid of life, and money for the Fed thru growth. Have you ever heard of a Federal Program turning a PROFIT?

He said nothing

that every other politician has not said at some point.

He's in Vegas soliciting campaign funds; he's asked if someone from another state can contact him if they have a challenge. What's he going to say --NO? There go the campaign dollars.

And anyone with half a thought will realize that this is his first step up the ladder to higher office.

Think Big Mike never offered to intercede for an out of state donor?

Go read Lyndon Johnson's biography. He had a mailing list which ran throughout Texas before he was even elected to Congress.

McIntyre is the clear choice

How can a candidate for Congress not care if he represent our area? This is unbelievable! I had been a Pantano supporter because I was tired of everyone in Washington, but at least Congressman McIntyre cares about our area and works for us. Mike's got my support this November!

Mike, Mike, Mike

Another half-truth from McIntyre. It's like his new "Pantano wants to raise your taxes 23%" ad is intentionally misrepresenting the truth, otherwise known as a lie. McIntyre hasn't done squat for us during his last term, and probably longer. Mike is one of those career politicians who will say and do anything to get elected and then sit up in Washington and flip us off until the next election rolls around. So long, Mike. You will not be missed.


How are someone's own comments a "half-truth?" Wake up people. Pantano isn't from here and self-admittedly doesn't care where he's representing. This is no "half-truth." It seems to me the problem is actually a blindness epidemic by frustrated supporters who can't see Pantano for who he is.

Shirley Sherrod

Maybe you remember what happened with Shirley Sherrod a couple of months back. Mike is taking comments out of context without ANY attempt keep their original meaning; that's the same thing as lying. The only blindness epidemic is how people support McIntyre and do so without looking at his congressional voting record. Mike isn't a representative, he is nothing more than Pelosi's puppet. North Carolina keeps electing Democrats year after year and things keep getting worse. No wonder we have some of the highest taxes in the southeastern US. It's because we have career politicians that could care less of their constituents. I'm ready to actually see some positive changes.


His comments prove he cares only about himself. He is very fortunate not to be in jail for life.


Really....For the first time in my voting years...I will NOT vote for McIntyre this time...his time has ended. He is just another Democrat that WOULD two the Pelosi line if he was forced to on a close vote...HE'S DONE!


tHE DEMS ARE AT AGAIN---THEY TAX AND SPEND===WE HAVE PELOSI AND REID AND THEIR SHAMEFUL TACTICS ON HEALTHCARE AND SO MANY OTHER ISSUES. EFFORTS TO DIVIDE US BY RACE, GENDER AND CLASS. As a dem I am disgusted with the likes of pelosi and mcintyre. Pantano has guts and brains. Pantano is far better choice than that incumbent. We need to deafeat good ole boys like McIntyre, Catlin and others-who like Bill Caster represent the politics of duplicity and failure,
Enough of phonies and mediocrity- reject dems like McIntyre AND RINOS LIKE CATLIN


Sorry Mike...if you're in, you're out.
Go Illario.

I'll not tell "Mike" that I

I'll not tell "Mike" that I am sorry for not voting for him. He made his choice when he cuddled up to the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barney Frank.

wake up

How can you fall for this guy?