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VOTE 2010: New Hanover Co. Commission candidate Deborah Butler

READ MORE: VOTE 2010: New Hanover Co. Commission candidate Deborah Butler

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- As election day nears, this week we're getting to know the candidates for New Hanover County Commission. Yesterday, we introduced you to Rick Catlin. Today we meet attorney Deborah Butler, who says she's ready to be a firm and fair County Commissioner.

Don't let the smile fool you. Butler promises to be a tough commissioner if new hanover county voters put her in office.

"If I get the opportunity to serve the citizens of New Hanover County, that is exactly what I'll do. I will be tough. I will be thoughtful, but I will put aside all the partisan nonsense to get the job done. You can bet on that," Butler said.

Butler, an attorney, has lived in Wilmington since 1994. She was born in South Carolina, but says her family soon moved to the Tar Heel State.

"My father was a furniture executive, and he moved us up and down Interstate 40 all the way from Hickory all the way to east Tennessee and back," she said.

Butler says her decision to enter the race for New Hanover County Commissioner came after seeing problem after problem roll out of the current commission.

"What propelled me into the race was sort of a one-two-three punch," Butler said. "I became very disappointed when I learned about the Alcoholic Beverage Commission scandal for example. Any time you destroy a public trust like that it's going to take a while to rebuild."

Besides the ABC, Butler is also concerned about the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority merger and the incentives that were given to Titan Cement.

In her off time Butler enjoys restoring homes, including her own historic home in downtown Wilmington.

Butler, like many candidates, wants to bring change, but she wants to change things back to the way they were.

"Remember the good old days when a Republican and a Democrat would sit down and argue, but they would come to a consensus, and they would put differences aside to resolve things for the public good? I think that is sorely lacking," Butler said.

We continue our profiles of New Hanover County Ccommission candidates Thursday with Brian Berger.

Election Day is November 2. Remember to keep it on WWAY both on-air and online for all your Vote 2010 coverage.

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go for the rookies

good ole boys are at work- I agree with other coment way below I'm for the two rookies--Butler and Berger--both are independent of the cronyism that stinks up NHC --and they will drive Thompson nuts-- vote it to see it.

more of same

Butler is way to the left and is a tax and spend democrat. As a landlord even her own tenants dont trust her---Barfield and Thompson would love her on Board-she has self interest at stake

end crony system

I like Berger and Butler---they have both fought against Titan and they havent been part of good ole boy team--if we wwant something different they are best choices.

To much time on their hands

Wow. I find it hilarious that all these postings are by two people. The Berger fans are fanatics- Brian is estatic to be considered part of the club. JThompson loves Brian, you know, JThompson the bait and switch tax and spend Republican. They want Brian on the board so they can tell him what to do, just like they did in the run off. And when I say they, I me JThom and JBarf, the puppet masters. The Bergermister...anti-government unless of course he's getting help from the government.

Butler, I like her. She has an edge to her that makes me want to see her and JThom go round and round. As for taxes, I did read where she supported the sales tax. I heard her say she was not in favor of the property tax.

Butler-tax and spend

I guess just another tax and spend dem--i am like you so tired of higher tax folks who spend our money unwisely

Ask Al Smith

I think we can just look at the record which is what a politico named al smith once said---i am fed up with tax and spend politicians of any party---

go sid

you are so right-I'm for sid and I do want answers to questions below--and others---

More Rhetoric! Berger fails to talk about his PAST!

As you can see on the followng posts, Berger continues the personel attacks on others but fails to detail his past!


Butler is a realtor/landlord whose own tenants have questioned her truthfulness telling us she doesnt practice what she preaches.
She has gone in front of liberal groups and stated that Obama is a great President and that she supported the recent County tax increase and thinks spending in some areas should go up. Yet we she goes before non-aligned groups or more conservative groups and you would think she is to the right of Rand Paul.
fib butler fib?
Is this the kind of leader for our County? We need to ask do we want Pelosi and Butler in leadership positions given their tax and spend views. At the National level it has hurt--can we afford more pf it here in our County?

of course

Just look at her "record" -landlord who will spend our money and raise our taxes--


WHAT DEB won't tell us-
Some of her tenants say she does not practice what she preaches and can't be trusted--they should know.
On one web site(stop titan) she has a Dem activist saying to vote for one person(guess who?) and lies about other candidate positions- Butler the Landlord does not tell the truth.
If you go to meetings of liberal and other groups you see that
Butler the Landlord has a different position for each group-say anything you think people want to hear- Can't Butler tell the truth?
Lately she has had operatives attack other candidates- Deb can't you tell the truth?
Being deceitful isn't charming-- but as others have noted like another far out leftist- Pelosi----Butler is deceitful not charming.
Is this the kind of leader we need in these times- Pelosi in DC is scary enough -do we need or want a local version.

Deb Butler is a real FAKE

Nancy Pelosi and Deb Butler--ultra left wing---one is bad for our Nation the other would be a disaster for us locally.
Butler is a Landlord and as her tenants say she can't be trusted-"she doesn't practice what she preaches".
Just what we need another Landlord.
Butler supported higher taxes and wasteful spending.
Butler has run a deceptive campaign taking both sides of almost every issue=that is a fact! Say one thing to liberals-another to other groups.
Butler is way to the left of even most dems---we can ill afford her way out views.

Another example of Brian Berger's Lies & Manipulation, BEWARE!

Brian Berger wrote the previous post, I did not! I think Brian Berger is a Manipulating Liar and a FAKE!!!! BEWARE!!!

Butler doesn't say- I supported taxes?to

Butler supported the tax increase and, if you listen to her , would spend even more than present commissioners. She is a tax and spend poltico we dont need at this time. Beyond that-some of her positions are recent --she was no where to be heard or seen on ABC or CFPUA--just a ploy to attract some voters----we need new leaders--not another tax and spend candidate.

Butler and james bond

Butler was not outspoken when CFPUA was being formed-she was in hiding.
Butler has been silent on ABC until recently-she was in hiding.
It isnt charming when you speak on every side of an issue to different groups--as someone said she has more positions on the same issue as there are actors who played James Bond. Being deceitful doesnt equate with being a leader--and Deb is clearly no leader nor is she a change from what we have now. Butler supported tax increase and her positions are far to the left--we do not need more of that here.

Butler and Berger

Everything you describe as far as what we need in New Hanover County, the kind of Commissioner who stood against all the tax increases, wasteful spending, pushed greater accountability including at the ABC Board and CFPUA, who's been fighting for citizens of all walks, looking out for us common taxpayers, fighting corruption...describes Brian Berger, the only truly genuine candidate and taxpayers friend out of the four candidates. Berger too, despite claims of dubious nature by Butler and others, Berger was the only one to oppose the millions in tax "incentives" given to Titan. Berger is the real deal, Butler changes her tune depending on the audience, but she's just another Realtor looking for hers and she's NEVER took a courageous stand on an issue like Brian Berger.

Is she a decent human, sure, for a lawyer! just kidding. Really, if we want a real fighter who is for low taxes, against corruption and cronyism, against Titan and has a courageous vision for the future of New Hanover County, then we need to single shot Brian Berger.

Vote for Berger and let the chips fall where they may with the rest or we will more likely get two clones of Caster and Greer, and Butler has shown that's what she is...another Realtor looking to get her piece of the pie. Watch Berger and you see a real principled leader who acts...Butler just panders and changes messages to tell u whatever lie u want to hear.

Pelosi & Butler-BAD NEWS

Butler did not mention she is a tax and spend liberal? She supported the recent tax increase. On some of the issues she mentioned in your article she was silent, UNTIL RECENTLY, on ABC and CFPUA. Lately, she has taken to taking different stands on same issue before liberal and other groups-tell them what she thinks they want to hear. Maybe this is good politics but it isn't leadership.

I love brian berger and

I love brian berger and deborah butler. of all the people running these two are the rookies I want.

pelosi and butler-bad news bears?

Uou are quite right---butler isn't charming-she's been outright double speak during campaign-people are beginning to catch on to her only idea-say anything to anybody and assume they wont check facts.
She is a known tax and spend ultra liberal--it would be a fiscal nightmare to give her a voice. We need change--but not that kind

I found her not to be honest

I found her not to be honest in her dealings with tenants. Her practices do not in any way match her politics. Ms Butler is not to be trusted.