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VOTE 2010: Palin endorses Pantano


WILMINGTON, N.C. (AP) — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is endorsing North Carolina congressional candidate Ilario Pantano.

Palin said in a Facebook post Tuesday that Pantano would be a strong voice for veterans and active-duty military. Pantano is locked in a closely watched campaign against Democratic Rep. Mike McIntyre in the 7th District in southeastern North Carolina.

Pantano is a Marine veteran who re-enlisted into the military after Sept. 11. He was later charged with murder for actions in Iraq, but those charges were eventually dropped.

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Palin is right --this time

Palin has the guts to stand up to the far left--so does Pantano
On this race for Congress she correct- Pantano will be a sure vote against Pelosi and against Obama-and larger government-- that's enough for me.

Kiss of Death?

To many of us middle-of-the-road folks, Palin's endorsement could be the final blow for the Pantano campaign. Just sayin'.

My decision is now easier!

Whomever this idiot endorses, I will always go the other way. Anyway, something is just not right with Pantano. You know when you get a gut feeling something just is not right. I get that feeling everytime I see Pantano. I do not neccessarily like McIntyre, but compared to Pantano, he is my choice. Pantano has NO experience whatsoever. He is very arrogant and so are many of his supporters.


If I didn't have a reason to vote for McIntyre, I do now. Anyone that showboating wench would support has to be crazy!

Palin a showboating wench?

Then what is Pelosi, WilmingtonMAJ? Are you serious? Just because someone believes in something that you don't and makes efforts to change things, don't belittle them with playground putdowns. It's oh so easy to do when you can't come up with a logical argument, my lowest common denominator friend.


Just gets better and better. I wonder if Pantano is happy about this.... I will take a guess and say he is due to his narcissism. Birds of a feather flock together. Maybe they can get together and go shooting.


So True Das,

Personally I wouldn't want to be within a ten mile radius of either of them when they have a gun in hand. Between these two and Dick Cheney, your odds of surviving a hunting trip is pretty much zero!

I feel like anyone would

I feel like anyone would have a better chance on a hunting trip with Palin and Chenney than this country has if the same people stay in office another two years.

Empty barrels make the most noise

I find it amazing that two people who have never served in the military, never been in combat, and likely would have a hard time figuring out from which end of a firearm the projectile exited stand so ready to condemn someone who twice voluntarily donned a uniform and went to war in service to his AND THEIR country.

Your attitudes are exactly why I feel sleazy voting for McIntyre. I have few problems with him, but far too many of his supporters seem to be arrogant, effete pinheads who simply can't get over the fact that Pantano was CLEARED of any wrongdoing.

Shame on both of you. You're both intelligent and usually reasonably unbiased in your views. On this issue, you are 100% off the mark and 100% wrong in what you're doing.


For one thing, I couldn't have served even if I had wanted too so that's rather a moot point. I do, however, know how to fire both rifles and handguns, and own several of each. I would also point out, that my mind was made up long before Showboating Sarah made this endorsement. I would never have voted for Pantano. Don't get me wrong, I don't like McIntyre either, but as in most all elections is the lesser of two evils and he is closer to my views on the issues than Pantano is.

Secondly, joining the military doesn't automatically guarantee you hero status. Brave and patriotic, perhaps, but you can just as easily loose that noble status by your actions. Joe McCarthy, Timothy McVeigh, and a fair amount of other former military men aren't exactly going down in history as "hero's." Not that I am comparing them to Pantano, but I think his questionable past actions does lead to me questioning his ability to be a leader in Congress. And before you say "he was acquitted...would you want OJ Simpson to be a congressman?

So you're worried that he..... going to start shooting up the House? If not, what is there to worry about?

BTW, if I was arguing against OJ Simpson being elected, I wouldn't keep going back to a crime for which he was acquitted, simply because it flies in the face of a basic tenet of our system of government. When a person is acquitted or a grand jury refuses to return a true bill of indictment, that's it. He is not guilty of that crime. The Article 32 is the same as a grand jury investigation and presentation, only the convening authority serves as the jury. He decides if there is sufficient evidence to go to trial.

I know that you are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. What policies of Pantano scare you? Which do you agree with?

I'm voting for McIntyre to keep a promise, but if Pantano wins, I couldn't care less. I think either man is capable of doing a great job, and I defend both of them when I think they're being wronged....and they have both been subjected to an incessant string of lies in this campaign.

Here you go:

Well first he uses this statement in his website:
We pledge to honor families, traditional marriage, life, and the private and faith-based organizations that form the core of our American values.

I am very much against religion in general, as a gay man the traditional marriage thing obviously is a needle in my side, and the I am highly pro-choice. He talks about judeo/christian values which I deplore generally speaking...any religion for that matter is mud in my eyes and the politicians that promote them as central to their campaign and voting records are not highly valued in my mind.

As I said before, Mike isn't much better, but as a democrat he will be more likely to vote with his party on these issues, which are most important to me.

As for Ilario's past, does it necessarily disqualify him from public I just think it unseemly to elect someone with that type of past action. There are better options, and better people that could do the same job.


What MAJ said. Apparently the reply I sent in last night isn't posted.... they hate me (like I care). Pretty much how I feel about Pantano. I am not gay but support gay issues and abhor closed minded religious fanatics.

McIntyre ain't all that great either but at least we know what we are getting.

yes they have.....

"been subjected to an incessant string of lies"..... Just like Obama was on this site. I was defending him at that time by trying to post the facts. I got slammed.

Don't you ever just get a bad feeling about a candidate? I don't care for Pantanos stance on abortion and I have problems with people who claim to be "Born again christians" (like Bush). What, they weren't born right the first time or something? They use to be christain and screwed up so bad that they need saving? That scares me worse than a lifetime christian because the "born again" ones are normally much more fanatical.

Das and Maj

Thanks for offerring your opinions, which I respect and understand completely. (I do think you guys overestimate the efficacy of the Christian Taliban, however.)

I'm not stumping for Pantano, but one thing to consider is that right now, the direction of our country relative to private ownership, individual success, and personal accountability may be the biggest problem we are facing, far bigger than religion or gay rights. (Easy for a straight guy to say, right?)

Here's what I mean: What good will it be to have gay marriage recognized if the gay couple (demographically of a higher income group) like every other successful couple, is punitively and oppressively taxed because of their success? And it's coming. It's coming in spades! We are going to return to pre-Reagan tax levels or we are going to default on our debt if we don't slam on the entitlement brakes right now.

In that regard, I would be voting for Pantano had I not already promised my vote to McIntyre. I'm 100% behind any candidate who is vowing to stop the spending insanity.

I only hope that they actually do it if they gain the majority, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't have my doubts. I trust neither party to hold the checkbook.

However, if you folks will back my efforts to become Emperor, we can get everything sorted out very quickly and fairly...

Gay Marriage

Great agruement against gay marriage.I think you think too much.So your saying the government should say you can't marry because you will be taxed more.


Common, I will be happy to back your efforts for an empirical reign, just "let my people go!" Or at least give us equal rights...and do away with religious influence in government and hell, i'll come work for you :)

I definitely agree with you on the mad spending in our government. I will say that I think even the Republicans would have ended up doing the same thing to keep us out of a depression. While bailing out big businesses isn't's an evil necessity to keep the economy chugging along.

In terms of waste, yes there is TONS of government waste. I would counter though that even if you got rid of programs that a majority of Americans thought unnecessary the economy/government still couldn't operate effectively on an equal taxing of the population. I have been lucky to make a lot of money in my life and I pay a LOT of money in taxes each year. Do I like it...NO! Do I realize that it's the price of our freedom, our way of life and our governmental system...yes. Frankly at this point I think our entire governmental system is so complicated and candidtates try to simplify it into sound bites ("i'll create jobs") that it's like a beauty queen saying she will solve world peace. It's just too complicated to be something that pleases everyone. I guess i'm a bit pessimistic, but I think the only way to ever be truly happy about your government is to live alone on an island haha. Hmmm...maybe theres an idea :)

Come on Common

I have fired many weapons, I am actually a good shot even though they scare me. I have never hunted or killed any animals nor humans. I do not like guns and refuse to own one, that is my right as it is yours to carry one with you all the time... for whatever reason.

My husband is retired from the military and served longer than your new best buddy Pantano. I know many ex military men that I wouldn't call to put me out if I were on fire. Just because someone was in the military does NOT make them some sort of Demigod. Many boys/men join because they lack any other option.

IMO Pantano has a dark side. I replied to one of your other posts you sent to me but don't think it got through. Whether he shot them in the back or front, I asked you why he had to unload 2 magazines into already dead men? Also why he had to write a sign to place on their bodies? Do you feel that a mentally stable man would do that? He shows lack of self-control. Dead is dead, enough already. It looks to me like he lost it.

I don't like him also because he is too far right for my tastes. Frankly the "murder" incident has given me and others a lot of fodder for our canons. I am sure he expected it, if he didn't he lives in fantasy land. I have rarely been "unbiased" in my views as you say. You and I say what we think and you have given many opinions that I thought where wrong as well.

To each his own.

Das, if we're going to hammer every lieutenant....

...for doing something that is immature and boneheaded we're going to run out of captains really fast. In my opinion the sign was idiotic. That's the WORST I can say about him.

As far as the number of rounds fired, I can only reflect on my own experience, which is that the number of rounds fired is inversely proportional to the distance to the threat.

Still, I can't see how behavior that resulted in NO CHARGES reflects in any way on his ability to serve in Congress. Is he a megalomaniac? Show me one of the 537 elected officials in Washington who isn't. Is he overstating his ability to steer Congress as a freshman? Certainly - but that's a learning curve. I'm sure that most freshman don't have any idea how UN-influential they will be.

Why not tell us which of his policies you take issue with?

Well I have!!

Well I have served in the military and was in law enforcement for 14 years and could not agree more with these two people. Both Palin and Pantano have as much business running for an office as I do. He is an arrogant a@# and she is a flat out ding bat idiot. HE HAS NO EXPERIENCE.

Oh yes...Pelosi is such the

Oh yes...Pelosi is such the soccer Mom.... LMAO!

Sarah Palin is endorsing

That is a better endorsement than a bunch of local Mayors...

Palin / Pantano

Well, I feel better. ~rolling eyes~ Who cares what she thinks? She isnt even in government any longer because she quit her elected post to go sell books and do TV shows.