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VOTE 2010: Pantano makes Top Ten List of" Most Terrifying Would-Be Congressman"



RALEIGH, NC (NEWS RELEASE) – A few short days before Halloween, has recognized 7th Congressional District Republican nominee Ilario Pantano as one of the Top Ten “most terrifying would-be Congressman.”

“Ilario Pantano should terrify voters in the 7th District for any number of reasons, from his questionable past to his support for privatizing Social Security and rewarding companies for shipping jobs overseas,” said Andrew Whalen, Executive Director of the North Carolina Democratic Party.

View the slide show -

Pantano is joined on the list by GOP candidates with questionable backgrounds that include allegations of sexual harassment and dry-firing a gun near an ex-wife.

The entire article can be seen below.

The 10 most terrifying would-be congressmen

Slide show: One may have dry-fired a gun near his ex-wife, another may have gotten away with murder

By Justin Elliott and Mark Benjamin,

The thing about wave elections is that you never know until the very end who will wash ashore.

That the Republicans will gain seats -- probably a lot of seats -- in next week's midterms is not in dispute. But don't be fooled by their claims of a looming mandate: They really haven't done anything to deserve it. The GOP is simply benefiting from the same rule of politics that boosted Democrats in 2008 and 2006: When voters are angry, they take it out on the party that runs Washington.

In House districts across the country, many voters will head to the polls next week intent on voting for the Republican candidate, even if they don't know a thing about him or her -- a perfect opportunity, in other words, for GOP candidates with checkered backgrounds to slip undetected into the halls of Congress.

We've looked around and identified the 10 Republican House candidates with the most bizarre, unnerving and downright alarming baggage who just might sneak through next week. So when someone expresses bafflement that, say, a guy who allegedly dry-fired a gun outside his estranged wife's bedroom could become a member of Congress -- well, don't say you weren't warned.

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I'm a small business owner

I'm all for journalistic objectivity, but this is just plain ridiculous and a new low for this "news source." The bar has been set lower and lower almost every time I check this site. I will be pulling my advertising from this station and spending my advertising dollars elsewhere.

Thanks For Your Guidance..., Now I know how I am going to vote, against your every suggestion. I wonder is Salon has anymore suggestions on how they would like me to vote. If Pantano wins, I hope he goes in with his guns blazing.

Dear Mr. Pantano

It's stated you worked inside with Goldman Sacs...
(Before it was "hi-jacked)....
YOU, SIR, ONLY have to say ONE THING TO SAY, and you would win,,,>>>>>
Let's see "handcuffs & perpwalks", of the TRILLIONS that the TBTF banks, took over/from OUR Country!
You'll win the Election; if YOU Follow up on that, from working on the **INSIDE**>> IE: GS, et al
The BANKERS are feeding on BONES....
On CDO's/MBS's/ and FRAUD, as in "Bank of AMERICA & WELLS FARGO"?
CAUSING the **DEPRESSION** WE are in.....
Perjury on OUR courts
Fraud Doc's and stated income loans
then the BIG BANKS based in CHARLOTTE are packaging and selling "nothing in a box", but "paper" that has no value, or broken chain of Title though MERS?!
\WHAT say you Mr. Pantano,,, WERE ARE THE COPS!
THAT is a question...


wway actualy posted That people think
What a crappy news outlet they have become
I wonder if anyone at wway even cares?

oh whaaawhaaaa

Stop crying, all of you. This was a NEWS RELEASE FROM THE NC DEMOCRATIC PARTY....... If it was from the NC Republican party all of you would be joining in the bashing. If you cant take it stop dishing it out.

Done... Tired of Bias bashing

Only thing your website is good for anymore is Doppler radar...

Smear campaigns should be left to politicians-- not our local news...

have to fill in the perfect captcha just to post this-- it is

PoP Goes the Weasel

We expect better from you

I've support WWAY's investigative journalism without reservation. I appreciate how they exposed elder abuse, government waste and fraud, and youthful irresponsibility. They brought to light issues that the public would not have known about otherwise.They must be commended for this. At the same time, my respect for WWAY has plummeted with this "article" ,which you posted unedited from Salon, a fairly left-wing website. Your journalistic integrity, not to mention, originality, has come under suspicion. Your readers expect better from you in the future, and if you do not deliver, your organization is going to go the way of the Star-News (which went from being a hefty paper to something resembling "Coffee News".)

Rep. McIntyre has been good

Rep. McIntyre has been good for southeastern North Carolina. For Pantano to paint him with the Pelosi-liberal brush shows just how uninformed or desperate Pantano is. The U.S. Chamber of Congress, an organization made up primarily of business and corporate members, strongly supports Rep. McIntyre. Now, think carefully. What do you really know about Pantano and who is providing the seemingly unending supply of money to air his ads every fifteen minutes or so on television, including WWAY?

Get what we ask for??

Way to go WWAY....unfortunately I have to (and hate to) admit I was among many who voted for Obama's change....we got it and it's ruining our country. I'm neither a Democrat, Republican, or Independent. I was a registered Democrat at the time of his election just because you have to be something to be able to vote, I have now switched to Republican to disassociate myself from this individual. I put Pantano right there with him, he truly scares me. No one can please everybody all the time but Mike has done a lot for NC. I know folks who were having serious problems with the 'system' and no one in our NC Government would help but Mike came through. I truly can't wait for the Dems to be voted out, I'm for taking a step back toward more normalcy, lets do away with Obamacare. If you're poor and healthy (and that's not me!) do ya'll know how much you're going to be penalized if you choose not to buy health care and if you do buy it do you know how much it's going to cost you---LOOK IT UP, I DID!!! Oh, and have you checked into our wonderful NC 'high risk' insurance premiums----LOOK IT UP, I DID??? If you don't have a job and have health problems AND don't qualify for medicaid or medicare (more do not than do so don't get ugly about this) the premium is non attainable. I just lost my job (downsizing), I'm lucky though, I was working long enough to take early retirement although not old enough to officially retire. I get to take retire medical and my pension, OH my medical is $600 a month where it was $14.00 a month....I had to take my pension in a manner where once I'm 65 I will no longer draw it just to pay my medical premium then I have nothing to live on.....having to take what LITTLE 401K I have to live on until it runs out in a few's dwindled to nothing so it's not much.....THANKS OBAMA....FOR NOTHING!!!!!!

Odd math and sick of whiners

Your story does not make sense. You used to get health insurance for 14.00 $ month ? From where ? You must have been on medicaid and now you are not. 600$/ month is about what the rest of us pay. It sounds as though you've had some really bad luck . Poor health , lost your job etc. Unfortunately you really can't blame politicians for your plight as desperate as you are. Health reform legislation has not even been fully enacted. Just the consumer protection provisions. Go see a social worker or thepastor of your church for help and stop blaming the government.

600 Dollars a month?! I

600 Dollars a month?! I don't pay anywhere near that. Wow, no wonder some of you guys are disgrundled and want government insurance.

I'm running out of sources

I'm running out of sources for the 'news.' I no longer read the Star News because of it's leftist slant, now I'll stop watching WWAY for the same reasons. Oh, wait, my household stopped watching WWAY about three years ago.

Hey then you should turn on

Hey then you should turn on FOX News. That way you can only get one side of the news, not think and feel safe at night.

Hometown failures? Vote Republican

Character assassination; smears and fears; that's all the dems have this year. How many candidates tell us they have lived there for an eternity---Marvelous Mike, Big Jim, Sid there is no corruption and Deborah and her swat team? Sometimes we have people who are good ole timers- but DID VERY LITTLE-except for themselves. I would rather give a chance to the Republicans than these hometown failures.
I wont argue Ilano is perfect, he is not.
BUT McIntyre and the rest of the dems are far worse.

Dems are bad! PLEAASSSEEE I

Dems are bad! PLEAASSSEEE I have two words that will prove to you how HORRIBLE some area republicans in Wilmington are JASON THOMPSON. A public servant that forgot that he is supposed to serve the public.


Thompson thinks that we are lucky to have him. If only I could buy him for what he is actually worth and sell him for what he thinks he is worth.

Scary Pantano

I did NOT need to tell me what I already know - that Ilario Pantano is a frightening black horse in this race. an outsider with no real ties to this area and a dark past. Voted early to make CERTAIN my vote against him was counted.


I negated your vote...

and I will negate yours, so

and I will negate yours, so what?

ME too!!! haha. PANTANO

ME too!!! haha. PANTANO 2010!!!




Ditto x2

TV3 Inquirer

This station has been slipping steadily for a while now.... I already quit watching now I will quit reading.

They are absolutely right.

They are absolutely right. He is terrifying---to all of the congressmen in Washington because he might actually start to clean it up. I could see how a current congressman would be terrified of this man. He is going to change their way of doing things for the past 30 years.

Your right Pantano will go

Your right Pantano will go into Washington with guns a blazin' huh?

How would someone with no

How would someone with no political background and a shady past be able to change anything? If elected NC will suffer--he will be useless to us as a senator.

How would someone with no brains make a comment MORON!

Pantano is not running for the senate he is running for congress or can't you read or see or hear? That would make him a congressman!

You're right

you twit. He will be useless as a Senator. He's running for Congress. You prove a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

This story is SCARY.

First, this is not news! This is more scary than anyone running for the U.S. House. Scary, scary story...

WWAY is a JOKE! What a

WWAY is a JOKE! What a headline. You idiots, my 4th grader could wirte a better article. Only in Wilmingont could you have a job at a newspaper. Maybe we should elect another criminal into office..........