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VOTE 2010: Pantano - McIntyre made wrong choice to attack



WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) - Today, the Pantano Campaign issued a new ad entitled “Choices” which highlights the different choices made by Ilario Pantano and Congressman McIntyre and reminds voters that this election is about stark choices. Pantano has chosen twice to serve his country in the Marines and chose to reject Wall Street corruption. McIntyre has chosen to use taxpayer money to pay Wall Street bonuses, to abandon our troops, and even to attack Pantano’s military service. McIntyre’s team has even attacked Pantano’s wife on an “anonymous” website secretly operated by the North Carolina Democratic Party.

In his latest personal attack ad, McIntyre criticizes Pantano for working on Wall Street for three years in the 1990s. What McIntyre fails to point out is that Pantano chose to leave Wall Street twelve years ago because he was disturbed by the culture. On the other hand, McIntyre chooses to take campaign contributions from Wall Street and even voted to pay bonuses for Wall Street executives with taxpayer dollars.

This is not the first time McIntyre has played fast and loose with the truth. The 14 year politician has already been called out for running ads distorting Ilario’s record on taxes and distorting the Fair Tax. Public outcry resulted in that false ad being pulled off the air. McIntyre’s latest ad now lies about Ilario’s record on Social Security, claiming that Ilario would reduce benefits for our Seniors. In fact, Ilario has been adamant that he will protect benefits for all current retirees and for everyone age 55 and over. But for Congressman McIntyre, being truthful has become less important than winning.

McIntyre’s campaign is so desperate that they have even chosen to run a push poll personally slandering Pantano and questioning his military service despite McIntyre’s seven votes to abandon our troops in Iraq, and his vote against the surge.

Push Polling, as defined by the National Council on Public Polls, is a telemarketing technique in which telephone calls are used to canvass vast numbers of potential voters, feeding them false and damaging "information" about a candidate under the guise of taking a poll. McIntyre’s push poll is particularly nasty as it falsely suggests that Pantano is a murderer, lies about Pantano having a criminal background, and even defames Pantano’s service to our country as a combat officer in Iraq. The irony is that Pantano’s military service has been widely covered nationally and locally, including multiple appearances on all major networks. The local Wilmington paper, owned by the New York Times, covered the investigation by the Marine Corps and subsequent exoneration daily and even featured Pantano on the cover as one of the Top Stories of 2005. Pantano would again be a cover story when he graduated top of his class in eaw Enforcement training and began work for Democrat Sheriff Sid Causey as a Sheriff’s Deputy. Pantano’s Wilmington signing of his 400 page memoir detailing the case was one of the most well attended signing events ever at the local Barnes & Noble. Does that sound like someone hiding from his past, as McIntyre alleged in his local paper, The Robesonian? ( bookmark/9859333) .

As Real Clear Politics and CNN have taken notice of our race, the Congressman is resorting to a last ditch smear campaign to protect his 14 year Washington career. Even the liberal New York Times is now projecting a 52% likelihood of McIntyre’s defeat ( north-carolina/7). The result of North Carolina’s 7th District experiencing its first truly competitive race in 140 years is that the Democrat establishment is pulling out all the stops without regard for truth or ethics.

Even worse than McIntyre’s push polling is an “anonymous attack site” that falsely smears Pantano and even disparages Pantano’s wife.

McIntyre’s liberal friends at the North Carolina Democratic Party have chosen to fund and operate a renegade “illegal” website,, to further defame Pantano and even to attack Pantano’s wife. The website does not have the necessary disclaimer required by Federal Election Law to show that it is paid for and authorized by the North Carolina Democratic Party. That’s because they don’t want to be tied to baseless accusations and distortions found on the site. However, a quick search of the “WhoIs” online directory reveals that the site is registered to the North Carolina Democratic Party and Andrew Whalen, the Party’s Executive Director. Whalen is not unknown to McIntyre after serving as a long time staffer for McIntyre’s closest congressional partner and ally, Heath Shuler.

Andy Yates, Pantano Campaign Manager, released the following statement on the dirty tactics being used by McIntyre and his supporters:

“McIntyre is obviously desperate. He knows the voters are rejecting his phony conservative credentials and are rejecting his record of strong support for the Pelosi agenda, so he’s resorted to vicious, untrue personal attacks on Ilario and his family. Ilario Pantano has courageously served our country in the Marines where he was subjected to false charges concocted by another disgruntled soldier. The charges were proven false by an Article 32 hearing, the hearing results were reviewed by a General who completely exonerated Ilario, and autopsy results were later released that confirmed Pantano’s innocence. Now, McIntyre shamefully wants to smear Ilario again with these accusations, which have been proven to be false."

“Congressman McIntyre should be embarrassed to attack anyone’s military service after he voted to block funding for our troops in Iraq.”

“McIntyre should ask his liberal buddies at the State Democratic Party to pull down their illegal website, and he should immediately apologize to the voters of the 7th District for trying to mislead them with a dirty push poll. Congressman McIntyre should also apologize for disparaging Ilario’s service to our country and for stooping so low as to attack Ilario’s family. Hopefully, McIntyre won’t continue to make the wrong choices over the final three weeks of the campaign.”

To view the Pantano Campaign’s new ad "Choices" please go to

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here they come again

more dem fear and smear--its the social security card one day- the race card another day---when you cant run on issues you take union money and jusr run on innuendo

Social security

The McIntyre campaign is trying to scare seniors by telling them that Pantano wants to privitize Social security. He needs to come out and tell the seniors that there is no money in there now, it has all been spent. Privatization is the only way to keep the gov. from spending it. However the gov. is talking about nationalizing peoples 401k and other retirement accounts now. I guess any money we have will not be ours much longer. It will belong to the gov. They are planning to put it into the
social Security system to keep it from going broke. Then they can spend that money also. What a bunch of crooks!

No need to worry

The day 401ks and IRAs are nationalized is the day people take to the street with guns.

Until the negative ads

Until the negative ads started, I was for McIntyre.

I never expected Mike to stoop so low.

Gentlemen don't lie and low-rate their opponents.

I expected better of Mike but he has decided to be like the rest of the lowlife politicians.

Pantano gets my vote. The negative ads, loaded with distortions, decided the issue for me and my family.

I like Mike no matter what!

First off this was probably written by some Republican, and I guess failed to mention Pantano is a Killer! Did McIntyre kill anybody in cold blood? Nope, sure has not. Maybe the ads McIntyre made wern't the best but Pantano doesn't have the best commercials either.

Whoop whoop Alert warning

Liberal alert, liberal alert! So in your eyes when at war with an enemy you are not supposed to kill them? Here is a great idea, you go over to Iraq or Afghanistan and go snuggle up with those that wish us dead.

For some reason, my previous

For some reason, my previous comment was never published, so I'll try again.
Posting an unedited release from a political campaign that your website makes look like an actual news story is the antithesis of journalism. It is either due to sheer laziness or the editors of this site are trying to make people think that this "article" is actually objective in any sense of the word.
The author should have summarized the content of the release, provided some context, and tried to get a response from the opposing candidate. To publish word for word a campaign release - from any candidate - as a news article is simply unconscionable,

I am not surprised

I am not surprised at all by the campaign that Mike is running. I have received the phone calls they are speaking about, I will not answer them anymore.. I will NOT be voting for the Democratic party this election. Why ??? The ads that Mike running..

If you sleep with dogs you wake up with fleas, MIKE ie Nancy,Reid

Start telling the truth and not just pieces of it.. Theres an idea

just be honest with the people in NC Oh wait it's too late for that

Republicans too...

Republicans practice "push polling" as well. I received a call for Republican Bill Rabon. Pantano has absolutely no qualifications for the job he is asking us to elect him to. Be careful what you wish for , you just might get it. Next time you need a little sand on your beach, or money for your Police Dept you better hope that Pantano does half as good a job as McIntyre to keep OUR tax dollars in SE NC.


The lack of qualifications was no barrier in Obama getting elected. Darn, I just compared Pantano to Obama. Wait a minute, Pantano HAS held a legitimate job in his lifetime, as well as bravely serving this country by putting his life on the line. Like it or not, a vote for Mike is a vote for Nancy; you can't get one without the other.

As far as Mike "keep[ing] our tax dollars in SE NC", I would rather have lower taxes and keep more of MY money in MY pocket. I don't visit the beaches because the elites have laid claim to every inch of it; I could care less about paying for renourishment projects; let those who own it pay for it themselves. Mike has been "working" in Washington long enough; maybe it's time we give him a vacation.

McIntyre attack ad

Surprised McIntyre would go this low.

And remember!

With Mike you get Nancy...... uhhh NO! VOTE!


With Pantano you get a return to the Bush era...great shape we were after 8 years of Pantano, oops I mean Bush. Use your heads in November, reject this carpetbagger Pantano.