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VOTE 2010: Pantano supporters start viral e-mail campaign against McIntyre ad


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Democratic Congressman Mike McIntyre's latest political ad is drawing some vocal criticism from his opponent's supporters. In the ad, McIntyre claims Republican Ilario Pantano wants to raise taxes 23 percent. What the ad does not say is that the increase would be part of a Fair Tax plan that would abolish the IRS and eliminate all income taxes, payroll taxes and deductions.

Pantano supporters are fighting back with an viral email campaign, encouraging people to e-mail local TV stations and demand they pull the ad due to "factual inaccuracies." Here's an example of one email: "Hello everyone, This is a call for immediate action. Mike McIntyre has began airing ads claiming Ilario Pantano wants to raise our taxes by 23% without any further explanation of the Fair Tax. Obviously we know McIntyre is referring to the fair tax and spreading inaccurate and false statements regarding the Fair Tax. Pantano a supporter of the Fair Tax needs our help. Please call and write to WWAY TV3 and WECT asking them to pull the ad due to factual inaccuracies. Tweet about it, change your Facebook status, do everything you can to help derail this ad!!!! This is an important issue and we can't let Mike McIntyre distort the Fair Tax for his own political gain."

Of course negative campaigning is as old as our country itself. To date, there are no restrictions on what candidates can say in a negative ad. Many proposed regulations have been confronted by fundamental legal protections such as the right to free speech. Beyond that, Section 315 of the Communications Act of 1934, which still governs political advertising, prohibits broadcasters from censoring political ads in any way.

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This country has been indoctrinated into thinking that the Income Tax system is the way to fund the government.

But the Income Tax system is a corrupt mess and only gets worse as time goes on.

Eventually the whole Income Tax system is going to collapse on itself as it gets larger and larger, more paper intensive, more confusing and mind numbing.

If you add in the fact that the Income Tax code itself is close to 70,000 pages long plus the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pages that make up Income Tax Revenue Rulings, Private Letter Rulings, Tax Memorandums, Tax Publications and Tax Court cases, you can see that the whole system has turned into a complicated and unintelligible mess.

The Income Tax system is also extremely inefficient.
That’s why there has been and always will be a “tax gap”.

Plus the Income Tax code is NOT always progressive for extremely wealthy individuals and corporations.
That is because of all the Income Tax credits, deductions and loopholes that is written into the code itself.
Extremely wealthy individuals are able to zero out their extremely high taxable income by taking advantage of these credits, deductions and loopholes because of this “system”.

Finally, according to President Obama’s tax commission, citizens of this country pay close to 140 BILLION DOLLARS in tax preparation fees on a yearly basis.
They also spend over 7 BILLION HOURS in Income Tax record keeping.on a yearly basis.

And on top of all this, Treasury Secretary Geithner (who is in charge of the Income Tax) and Congressman Rangel (who writes Income Tax policy) both don’t know how to correctly fill out their own Income Tax return.

So when those who write Income Tax law and those who are in charge of administering Income Tax policy don’t know how to correctly fill out their own Income Tax return, what hope is there for the rest of us?

So this country has a choice to have an open honest debate on what to do about the current tax system.

That means no more lies about how various candidates want to add a 23% sales tax and then forget to mention that they also want to abolish all income taxes and payroll taxes,

And then also forget to mention that in various surveys of foreign companies, 80% of them would build their next factory in the United States if the Income Tax system was abolished and another 20% of them would would relocate their whole company back here entirely.

That means jobs and manufacturing coming back to the United States.

So any candidate that LIES about the Fair Tax is then supportive of the current and corrupt Income Tax system that does NOT work.

That in itself tells you something about that particular candidate.

McIntyre's tax ad is a lie.

McIntyre's Pantano-will-raise-your-taxes-by-23-percent ad is a blatant lie. I have contacted McIntyre's office many times over the years concerning the Fair Tax, so I know that HE KNOWS that this claim simply isn't true.

R.C. Soles ran an almost identical, and equally dishonest ad, a few years back. Trying to emulate Soles now, Mike? You might want to pick another role model.

What respect I had for McIntyre is gone. Lying is something I cannot support.

campaign against McIntyre ad

The article claims that federal law precludes censoring the McIntyre ads. That's itself a half-truth. Nothing requires a media outlet to accept any advertising. Just decline to run any of his ads. Happens all the time. 3rd party candidates run into it every election cycle. So is WWAY just dishonest?

Mr. Fanning: I’m

Mr. Fanning:

I’m questioning the notion that you say that WWAY is telling a “half-truth”.

I first invite your attention to the link to the law that is provided by WWAY in the article.

With respect to third party candidacies the code states at:

Section 73.1940 [47 CFR §73.1940] Legally qualified candidates for public office.

[in part] (f) The term "substantial showing" of a bona fide candidacy as used in paragraphs (b), (d) and (e) of this section means evidence that the person claiming to be a candidate has engaged to a substantial degree in activities commonly associated with political campaigning. Such activities normally would include making campaign speeches, distributing campaign literature, issuing press releases, maintaining a campaign committee, and establishing campaign headquarters (even though the headquarters in some instances might be the residence of the candidate or his or her campaign manager). Not all of the listed activities are necessarily required in each case to demonstrate a substantial showing, and there may be activities not listed herein which would contribute to such a showing.

Could it be that the third party references you make refer to candidacies that fail to exhibit a substantial showing of a bona-fide candidacy?

Now, as to censorship of content:

With respect to censorship the code states:

Section 73.1941 [47 CFR §73.1941] Equal Opportunities.

(a) General requirements. Except as other-wise indicated in § 73.1944, no station licensee is required to permit the use of its facilities by any legally qualified candidate for public office, but if any licensee shall permit any such candidate to use its facilities, it shall afford equal opportunities to all other candidates for that office to use such facilities. Such licensee shall have no power of censorship over the material broadcast by any such candidate.

If we look closely at Congressman McIntyre’s ad, we see that it DOES NOT contain a false statement per se. The proposal is for the national sales tax. The political manipulation in this ad is that it fails to place the statement into the context that the sales tax is the REPLACEMENT for the current Internal Revenue Code.

The plain language in the statute is clear. How does this translate into WWAY being "dishonest". The major issue of dishonesty rests with the McIntyre campaign.


How about the big lie that Pantano did not murder those people.


ONE OF THYE REASONS WE HAAVE POOR LEADERSHIP AT SO MANY LEVELS IS BIAS AND DECEPTION FROM MEDIA. mCINTYRE-THE Gov of NC-LOCAL POLS LIKE CAUSEY AND BUTLER---we get mediocrity because we tolerate.Pantano is subject to vicious attacks and comments like this--lets throw these folks out of office on election day---we can staret with new leaders like PANTANO-GOOSBY AND BERGER



Ok, I'll bite. Were you there? Did you witness it? Did you not know the charges were dropped? Just because you don't like a particular candidate or his affiliation, doesn't mean you have the right to slander him. But in essence, sinking to the lowest common denominator is something liberals do well. You just stay behind your computer screen and let the brave men and women defend your right to spew your garbage, liberal.

Ever been to combat?

This one will shock you - when enemies run away from you, you engage them. The only time you don't engage the is when they have surrendered or are so debilitated that they no longer pose a threat.

The Article 32 investigation revealed that the two insurgents WERE attempting to flee when Pantano engaged them. You may not like the "gusto" with which he engaged them, but shooting them was totally legal under the laws of war.

Scott: Thank you and WWAY


Thank you and WWAY for running this. It is beyond comprehension to have to share oxygen with the idiotic syncophant who would say that this report is "biased". This report is the plain TRUTH!

Backquoting myself from September 17:

"... his[McIntyre's] ad about Pantano favoring a 23% national sales tax was found to be full of s**t. The so called 23% national sales tax is intended to re-define federal taxation and to replace the current Internal Revenue Code. The McIntyre ads are a false impression."

The Career Politician

McIntyre is on the political ropes. The Blue Dog's days are numbered. Vote for Pantano !

Country Club Republicans...the Problem

If Pantano loses it will be because of all the pretenders in the Republican ranks who support McIntyre, McMahann, Sid Causey, Butler, the same republicans who previously supported Boseman and Thomas Wright and Easley and are destroying the GOP from within. Thankfully, we have candidates like Pantano, Thom Goolsby, Brian Berger, chad hogston, washburn, who are "real" republicans and dont oiffer empty lip-service to conservatives while really advancing other agendas. Real patriots, republican or not, need to back these good candidates and shame on the greedy republican pretenders who won't stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the real republican candidates on the ballot

The McIntyre ad

Over a week ago, I sent an ad to Representative McIntyre's campaign office asking that they either pull this ad or acknowledge that it is an inaccurate distortion. My students were quick to point out that it was very similar to an ad run by R. C. Soles when he campaigned against Betty Fennell.

Since Mike McIntyre has campaigned on his personal integrity and his concern for the residents of this district, either he isn't paying attention to what his campaign staff is doing or he has been less than honest about his distortion of the facts.

My students and I are still waiting for a reply from McIntyre's office but have yet to receive one.

Ironically, I voted for McIntyre in the last election but will not do so again. He seems to be more concerned about being reelected than telling the truth.

What kind of biased news

What kind of biased news story is this?

McIntyre's ad isn't "negative campaigning."

It's a blatant lie and I've already contacted his office about it.

My checkbook is closed until he amends or pulls it himself.