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VOTE 2010: Patterson wants to know why Hill closed stores



Nakina, NC (NEWS RELEASE) – On October, 11th Tristan Patterson stands outside of a closed up Hills Home Run gas station with a former employee who said they arrived at work Friday and were told “Go home, you no longer have a job!”

“While Mr. Hill has a right to sell any of his properties, I am concerned over the dozens who he provided no transition period, and gave no warning to the impending closure. Columbus County is hurting, and it’s hard when someone who has positioned himself as a ‘Community leader’ has the citizens work their hearts out in their jobs and he repays them like this.” A clearly frustrated Tristan said.

Calls to Dewey Hill enterprise were not returned and no explanation for the closure was given to the employees outside the store with Tristan.

Patterson says “As upsetting as the employees who are jobless and in the dark, even more disturbing is the fact that without warning, TWO fire departments that protect our community have abruptly lost their diesel fuel provider, possibly causing a major safety issue!”

“This is not about politics, it’s about wonderful citizens like this” pointing towards the former Hills Home Run employee “They deserve better, they deserve to be safe, and they deserve more opportunities to work for a decent wage in a stable company.” Tristan said.

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ok come on now im NOT taking up for either one but don't let what one person tries to make himself look better (by finding a fault in the other person) after judgement, on whose better. im not saying either one of them is better ok! but honestly its up who helps better in the community to benefit us and its nothing but politics. As soon as a politician finds a weak spot of course he is going to go for it and who wouldnt. This is one reason WHY i don't vote. You never see the real true side of a politician until they get into office and do not do a thing. Why do you think we are all still in a bad economy now????!!!!!???? It just keeps going from one politician to the next is all. Trust me im not taking up for either one. This all just SEEMS to always be focusing on what the people want but sadly i have HARDLY seen the people get what they want or need!

Dewey Hill

The people of Columbus county need every job they can get. There has got to be something illegal about the way the employees were told they no longer had a job. This is a question of ethics, morals and illegal activity. As a residant of this county I know that his buddy R. C. Soles can remove the smell of ANYTHING he steps into !!!!! Even my 14 yr old knows something like that should have waited til post election results. Either way rumor mill in Columbus county has it he is going to win then stepdown to have democratic party apoint new person.

"R. C. Soles can remove the

"R. C. Soles can remove the smell of ANYTHING he steps into !!!!! " Funny you say that. How many can shoot some one retreating from
them and not be charged with attempted murder?

If it was anyone else the DA would have you hung and done and you
would still be serving time....



Looks to me like Dewey is on

Looks to me like Dewey is on the run now. Selling all assets and moving on to retirement. Good for him and good for Columbus County.
Go Tristan Patterson....

it amazes me that the news

it amazes me that the news reporter the only source we really have for news in whiteville only reports on thsi after this kid starts shaking the tree? does anyone else not find this wrong? we should know about what is going on in our area before a politican has to go and fight for it.


are you trashing the reporter?

You're the local resident; you should be in the know before reporters if the issue is important to you.

Welcome to the Real World

This happens every day; and has happened repeatedly in Wilmington and the surrounding area.

Many employees are terminated with no advance notice or severance pay.

If Mr. Patterson wants to beat a drum about this, let him take up the battle for all of the workers thus treated. Or he can give them the toll free number in Raleigh for the ESC or Department of Labor.

Of course, Politics has nothing to do with this.

Tristan Patterson truly

Tristan Patterson truly cares about this community, and it is not just about this election, or politics. I know these kinds of things happen everyday in especially in larger areas. It is seriously catastrophic though for a county where there are not many job options. One of the major job providers is a career politician who only cares about his money in the bank. Hill uses his political clout to get where he needs to be, not where we need to be. Somebody please tell me when he has actually ever represented the people and voiced their concerns? Voted in a way that would truly help our county and others? Hmmm... Never!!