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VOTE 2010: Prentis Benston wins sheriff's race in Bladen County

READ MORE: VOTE 2010: Prentis Benston wins sheriff's race in Bladen County

ELIZABETHTOWN, NC (WWAY) -- With 52.26% of the vote Democrat Prentis Benston defeated Independent Billy Ward in the race for sheriff in Bladen County. Benston will replace interim Sheriff Earl Storms, who replaced Steve Bunn when Bunn retired during the summer. Benston has served as chief deputy of Bladen County under Storms.

Benston 6,384
Ward 5,833

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new sheriff

Congrats to Sheriff Benston-Fife the man who has never made an arrest in his life. I guess now the Bladen County Sheriff's Office will become the "Meeker Special Police Force". I can only hope he can be a better sheriff than the last two that held office, because they sure didn't do much the whole time they were in office.


Your vote totals are wrong. 6,384 for Benston and 5,833 for Ward. 4,389 voters pulled a straight party tickets for the democrats. without that, Ward wins in a landslide. Congratulations to the new Sheriff.

Straight Ticket

Bladen County voters voted Straight Democrat (which NC is one of the few states that still allow this) because that is what Mr. Benston's poll workers showed them how to do and told them to do. He encouraged this by filling out sample ballots which the voters used while they were in the polls. Why could not he just ask for their support and let them make the decision? If this had not been done, Mr. Ward would have won by a large margin because people would have had to choose the candidate for Sheriff instead of it being done automatically for them. Isn't it funny that the State of North Carolina and the whole Country moved toward supporting Republicans, but, Bladen County did not? Give thanks for this to the payed poll workers Benston had at all the precincts. Over 5,800 voters let it be known that they did not want Mr. Benston as Sheriff and he already worked for the dept. He has to work with these people and see them on the streets everyday. Let him fire all the BCSD employees and deputies. This will just help the next person running for Sheriff in 2014. One thing for sure, Sheriff Benston will not have the coattails of President Obama and the Democratic party during the next election.


If Benston had paid poll workers at the precincts like you claim, name them. If you can't, then you need to stop lying on message boards.

And the idea that Sheriff Benston relied on the "coattails" of President Obama and the Democrats (besides, isn't Ward a Democrat as well? Oh yeah; he only registered as an Independent to avoid the primary) to victory, then that's a neat trick, considering the Democrats lost over 60 seats in the U.S. HOR this year and 6 seats in the U.S. Senate, which hasn't happened in over 70 years. So I'm guessing Benston will win with about 60% of the vote in 2014.

One thing's for certain: it won't be crazy Billy Ward facing him.

If you want to call Billy

If you want to call Billy Ward crazy, then where is your proof? If you have none, stop lying on the message boards.

Why don't you just let it

Why don't you just let it go? Why didnt you mention the "sorry ppl who were registered and didnt vote" comment like you left in the Fayetteville Observer last evening?

Prentis Benston ballots were accepted as legal by the Board of Elections unlike the yellow ballots of Ward's which were retrieved by the BOE. Why didn't you mention this either??

President Obama won the election by the people. What ever their party affiliation did Prentis Benston. I don't think Prentis was riding on anyone's coattails and as the Democratic Party goes,,they're not going anywhere either. Ppl voted for who they wanted to be Sheriff and Billy Ward didn't win this time either. Maybe he will in 4 years.... and again,maybe not!
I didnt vote for Barack Obama, I voted for the white man. I voted for the black man for Sheriff and I'm a white man. There is no arguement.

My CAPTCHA was "Throw in the towel" Time for others to do the same.

bladen county sheriff

Everything has to be a raciall issue. Why is it that in this decade everyone has to justify that they are not racial. I mean so called "white people". Every comment I see a "white" person has to explain how he knows black people and/or is affiliated with someone of color. I am an american that happens to have been born "white". What is the big push to make me feel like just because i am classified "white", I owe someone something or i was born with money and have to spend everyday holding the "black man" down. I also want to justify a few things about myself and after i finish you can call me what you want because "Frankly i dont give a damn." I was raised in bladen county by two respected "white people". I spent my whole childhood fighting for my "black" friends. I dont have to name them because they all know who they are. I was a police officer in a town where my boss was "black" and a good friend of mine. I gave up my career for a "black" man because he was fired by a town manager,mayor and a 6 party rascist council. i was his Captin. i am married to a beautiful "white" women who had four "black" children. i am know to these childern by the name of "DADDY". I am a good father and a respected man in my community. Ive been told by the "black" childrens grandparents that i am trying to raise them "white". Like im suppose to be offended by that comment. I say that to say this. Ive been to churches in Bladen County where the pastor,bishop,or whatever title a Preacher gives himself now days to appease his flock. Inside these "black" Churches it is preached that the "white" man has held the "black" man down all through the years and the term "the dark shall come to light" has been preached and still is preached that the black man shall overcome. i have been made to feel like i was an enemy in the pulpit, eventhoe my friends just smiled at me like i wasnt suppose to hear it. You have your Jessie Jaksons and Al sharptons that preach nothing but hate, fattening their pockets on the very people they are there to help. Then you catch them secretly voicing their own opinions like the one where Jessie want to cut obamas nuts off. These people are just vultures and want to make "black" people think the "white man still holds them down". I am so dissapointed in "black" people. Im gonna give you some advise "black people" in bladen county. YOU HAVE A BRAIN. YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING JUST LIKE WHITE PEOPLE. NO ONE CAN STOP YOU FROM BEING WHAT YOU WANT TO BE BUT YOURSELF. YOUR PROBLEM IS THAT YOU DONT THINK FOR YOURSELF AND YOU LET OTHERS THINK FOR YOU THAT TELL YOU THEY HAVE YOUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART. THESE PEOPLE ARE THE ONES WHO STILL HOLD YOU DOWN AND MAKE YOU THINK YOU CANNOT MAKE IT WITHOUT THEM. YOU WERE NOT BORN A DEMOCRATE. THE PEOPLE WHO INFLUENCE YOU TO VOTE DEMOCRATE HAVE A REASON FOR THIS THAT USUALLY DO NOT INCLUDE YOU. IF A MAN SHALL NOT LABOR NOR SHALL HE EAT. IF YOUR PASTOR WOULD QUIT PREACHING HATE AND STICK TO THE BIBLE YOU WOULD KNOW THIS. BEFORE THE GOVERNMENT CAN GIVE YOU ANYTHING HE MUST FIRST TAKE IT FROM SOMEONE ELSE, LIKE THE WORKING MAN, AND IF YOU ARE READING THIS THAT PROBABLY MEANS YOU. DEMOCRATES BELIEVE IN HIGHER TAXES AND BIGGER GOVERNMENT, NO MATTER WHAT THEY TELL YOU THIS IS SOCIALISM AND IT DOES NOT WORK. QUIT LIVING DAY TO DAY AND PREPARE FOR TOMORROW. JUST BECAUSE YOUR PASTOR TELLS YOU SOMETHING DOES NOT MAKE IT THE TRUTH, TAKE AWAY HIS NICE CLOTHES,FANCY CAR, AND NICE HOUSE, THEN YOU WILL SEE HOW MUCH HE PREACHES ABOUT GIVING, TO HIM. JESUS DIDNT HAVE ANYTHING AND TALKED AGAINST THE SO CALLED CHURCHES. IF YOU DONT GET ANYTHING OUT OF THIS JUST SIMPLY "THINK FOR YOURSELF" "YOU ARE NOT A PUPPET". I saw my friends going to the voting booths they had a tent set up with people that were paid to grab everyone of them based on color. i saw every black person get out of a vehicle and were grabbed by the people paid to be there with a sample ballet. Telling them they way they should vote. I was standing there when the REV. got out of his vehicle and was litterly grabbed by the arm while he was being coached how to vote straight democrate. I simply ask him to Think for himself. i was not asking him for his vote. just telling him to think and not be influenced by other people. i saw people with bohorns on the back of trucks shouting vote straight democrate ticket. I saw the very thing that ive been talking about in this message happening. people not thinking for themselves. The preacher is told by someone to tell you you are tied down, the loudspeaker is paid by someone to tell you to vote straight democrate, the poll person is paid to pursuade to vote democrate. if you will stop and JUST THINK FOR YOURSELF you probably can figure out why. If nascar can give Jessie Jackson 100,000 dollars a year to keep the NAACP off their back, wonder how much it would take for a "white" democrate to give a loudspeaker,preacher,poll worker, just to simply say to you "hey man vote straight democrate" about 10 dollars a day a nice dinner and a bottle of whiskey. You the BLACK People of bladen county were fooled again. This is not about making history. Hell hitlor made history. this is about making you feel bad for not voting for a Black Man. The White man came by and said they took 1000 absentee ballots to the rest homes to help the unfortunate vote. how can your 90 year old grandmother that you have had in the rest home for 1 years know either candidate. By anymeans necessary right, Mr benston didnt really want to be sheriff, Ive heard him say it and maybee you have too. But i can guarantee you that someone up there in tarheel wanted him to be might bad and he aint a man of color.
I know Billy Ward personally. I know he wanted to be sheriff of Bladen County and think he would made a good one. He lost and he is ok with it. people will talk all kinds of crazy stuff about my ward. I sat with my "black friends" in elizebethtown chatting about the race and thats what it was all about "race". i just hope that when your mother gets robbed you can call mr Benson and he will not tell you he doesent have the resources or manpower to send an investigator right away. you people think about how this thing all unfolded, sheriff resigned, commitee appointed one, they fired five or six, then we all made history. you are so easily fooled. THINK PEOPLE. AND BY THE WAY, if you feel the need to be affiliated with "black people" to make you feel good about yourself, i will be glad to come back home and bring all 8 of my childern and we all can have a nice cook out, just be aware they see no color. they are americans not african or caucasion there simply AMERICANS. They too get hurt when they are classified. They have one thing that may seperate them from the people in bladen county. A mind for themselves, an opinion that carries a lot of weight in my household and they would die for their "white daddy" and they know their "white daddy would gladly give his life for them". Ive give up alot of stuff in my life, career, opportunities, advancement, fame, when i look back i wonder why, then i know I was raised to do the right thing im not perfect by far but with the help of the good Lord im working on it. Good Luck from Florida where we have a white sheriff that you cannot even talk to and cannot even see a patrol car unless your speeding late for work lol. working man.... please forgive the grammar just get the message.

Well thank you Mr. Davis for

Well thank you Mr. Davis for your comment and your opinion on the black people, I'm sure we will read and re-read it over and over again, til we "get it". Stick with your white Sheriff in Florida and we'll stick with our black Sheriff here. Come see us now ya hear??


God love ya. yes i do live in Florida and someone was right my family does live in Bladen County and yes that was my concern but you missed the WHOLE point. Its not about the Sheriffs RACE. It was about the fog that still remains over eyes like YOURS. Or maybe Im missing your point here. You know i am excellent at talking to people for just a few minutes and can tell their life story. I've made it one of my strong points over the past 30 years. Infact you sound like one of those people that is still pulling the FOG. God Love Ya. Good luck. When the strings break on a 250 lb puppet make sure your not standing under it because it could fall on you. By the way coming this weekend. Bladen County is still Gods Country to me

Bladen County Sheriff

Chan, calm down! The election is over, and the people have spoken. From reading your post, I sense that there is more going on with you than just the recent election. If your newly elected sheriff doesn't work out, in four years, he can be voted out of office. That is the wonderful thing about this great country that we live in. If you do indeed live in Florida, then tell me, why in heaven's name are you so worked up over Brunswick County's politics? Makes no sense to me...

People Spoke?

They spoke with someone telling them how and who to vote for. They could not make a decision on their own, they had to be told who to vote for instead of it being a suggestion.

If you read the post he is

If you read the post he is concerned about Bladen County politics because he has family who lives here and if they get robbed, will have no justification from a sheriff who does NOT want to be sheriff. I as well heard Mr. Benson make the comment. Also, by Brunswick I hope you mean Bladen. It's frightening to know you may have helped put a man into office and don't even know what county you're in. So, NCcoast53, calm down!

Got Screwed

Basically, Bladen County screwed itself!!! They put a man in office as Sheriff that doesn't want the job and cannot do the job. Blacks were payed to work the polls and encourage black people to vote straight democrat so it would be a quick and easy voting experience so they could get back home to doing the same thing they were doing before they got to the polls; NOTHING!!! Why wouldn't Benston want the black people to make a decision on their own instead of telling them actually how to fill the ballots out? I guess the people in question are not educated or smart enough to know how to make their own decisions. I also assume that the people who voted for Mr. Benston enjoy the "Criminal's Paradise" his regime has created. They love being robbed, assaulted, raped, and the neighborhood drug dealer hanging out in front of the house or living with them because it is their nephew, son, or one of their grandsons. Mr. Ward wanted to be Sheriff and is highly qualified for the job with experience and education. Bladen county has made a huge mistake and maybe Mr. Benston will make a mistake that will cost him his position and then the Sheriff's dept. will be run like it should.

Rest Home Rampage

Mr. Benston would not have even come close to winning the election if he would not have sent his "paid" volunteers into the rest homes with hundreds of absentee ballots and told the residents who to vote for. Many of these people did not even know who the past sheriff was, much less who the candidates were. They were told how and who to vote for and they were mostly; you guessed it, black. Was this legal? Will the Bladen County Board of Elections investigate It? Probably not, due to Benston being black and they do not want to stir anything else. But, what if Mr. Ward had won and he did the same thing? The blacks would have not shut their mouths until an investigation was opened because the white man cheated. Mr. Benston used these tactics to win the race and he should be congratulated, but, for the wrong reasons. He is starting off corrupt, and will continue to be corrupt.