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VOTE 2010: Republicans form group to support Congressman McIntyre


WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) - Republicans from across Southeastern North Carolina have formed a grassroots network called “Republicans for Mike” to support Congressman Mike McIntyre’s re-election bid.

Former Wilmington Mayor David Jones, a small-business owner who is well-respected by people across the political spectrum, will serve as chairman of “Republicans for Mike.” Jones has a strong network of contacts throughout the region from Wilmington to Fayetteville, having lived in Fayetteville for more than two decades before moving to Wilmington.

“Mike continues to earn the support of many Republicans because he doesn’t push a partisan interest but rather does what’s best for Southeastern North Carolina,” Jones said. “He’s a proven leader who works from the center to build consensus and get things done.”

Republicans are volunteering throughout the 7th Congressional District for Congressman McIntyre’s campaign because they recognize his proven record of social and fiscal conservatism. In the past year, Congressman McIntyre voted against the auto bailout, the bank bailouts and the energy tax.

Additionally, many Republicans say they are unwilling to support challenger Ilario Pantano because he does not know the communities of Southeastern North Carolina and lacks knowledge about issues that are important to the citizens who live there. Pantano just registered as a Republican less than one year ago, in November 2009 and has only voted in four of the last 13 elections.

Congressman McIntyre has received major endorsements from prominent conservative-leaning organizations including the National Rifle Association; the National Federation for Independent Business, the nation’s largest voice for small business; National Right to Life; and ALIPAC, an organization fighting illegal immigration.

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One of Mike's last adverts

One of Mike's last adverts is a BALD FACE LIE...

Pantano is not advocating the addition of a 23% US Sales Tax. He is proposing that this tax takes the place of the current Internal Revenue Code.

McIntrye For Congress

Nice try Republicans, but it won't work. The only place it works is when each of us get in the voting booth and cast our ballots. There is probably not a politician alive who lives and dies by (each and every facet) of their parties platform. Hence, there will always be votes cast for causes that may not be along party lines but are completly in line with what one considers right for the district he represents. How stupid can one be to believe that McIntyre should be lumped into the Pelosi, Reid, and Obama gang just bcause they are the ones currently running the show.

Stand fast Mike. When the votes are counted on November 2; enough people, Independents, Republicans, and Democrats will have voted for you to enable you to continue to serve our district. One word of advice though, distance yourself as much as possible from the leaders of your party and continue to represent our district to the very best of your ability. God bless you as you continue to represent us well.

Truth in the low profile bills

Although Mike has voted somewhat conservative on the high profile bills in congress, take a look at the bills that are low key. There is nothing conservative about those votes. The are simply Democratic party identified votes, which show there is nothing by-partisan about Mike unless it is a high profile bill that the media is reporting on. His voting record doesn't reflect the wishes of his constituents as he has said in all three of the debates.

McIntyre has ALWAYS voted in favor of...

...the Second Amendment, and military and veteran affairs, muchto the chagrin of his Democratic cohorts.

I challenge YOU to present some examples of his wild, liberal voting record.


We do not have a Republican Party in New Hanover. Rino's dominate the other side of the political coin. RINO's are the reason this CAREER politician is able to hold on to his seat. If you keep on voting for CAREER politicians , you create complacency. McIntyre has mastered the opportunity to maximize positive PR , with his pocket full of checks. These pork barrel checks cast him in a positive light but if you look over the economic landscape of our region we have not come very far during his tenure. His hometown and county( Lumberton , Robeson County ) are one of the most impoverished areas in the state of N.C. There is very little evidence of economic development and prosperity in the 7 th District. There is very little opportunity for professional, white collar work or blue collar occupations. The reason this recession has been hard on the 7 th District is because communities are not economically diverse enough to soften the blow. We are a low wage mecca of service jobs on the coast and an agricultural magnet for illegals in the inland counties that flood our schools and hospitals.

The Democrats will definitely continue to control our politics on the state and local level due to RINO's , like David Jones. They have controlled the General Assembly for over 100 years in Raleigh.How many more Democrats on the state level do we have to send to prison to get the message across that their agenda is not working for what is in the best interest for our citizens. On the federal level , RINO's are being called out by the Tea Party. Mr McIntyre uses the Blue Dog label for political cover but he did vote for Nancy Pelosi to be the Speaker of the House. Now that is not a conservative vote !!

Jones and Catlin-phony balonies

We need people who stand for something rather than the likes of Jones and Catlin---good ole boys who have helped stagnate our County. Surely , republicans, dems and independants can find candidates whoi stand for something rather than Catlin-who like his buddy Caster and Jones have been out for themselves. Let's show catlin by voting for others both republican and dems that we want real people not political cronies as leaders_Jones doesnt speak for most republicans and neither does Catlin--either they support Republcians or we should make certain they dont get our votes in November

Jones and Catlin:two phonies

Jones and Catlin---good ole boys who have gone along to get along--we have Ried, Pelosi and Obama because of phonies like Catlin---he represents more of the same from the likes of Caster, Jones and the other name-only republicans who take money from the same special interests year in and year out. We need to defeat good ole boys like Mcintyre and Catlin--- we can do better. Anybody but these two---both go along to get along-McIntryr with Pelosi and Ried--
Catlin with Caster and Jones--shame on us if we let them fool us again-

Um...he had two choices for speaker

A Democrat or a Republican. He chose the Democrat. After all, he IS a Democrat, and still has to occasionally work within his party.

I am amazed that with Pantano doing so well, it seems that the primary tool of the Republicans is to paint McIntyre as some crazy left-wing loon in cahoots with Nancy Pelosi to destroy America.

Let's try to recover our integrity, shall we? Every one of you KNOWS that McIntyre votes what he feels is best, and accordingly opposed Obamacare, Cap-n-Trade, the GM/Chrysler Bailout, etc. Has he passed votes I don't agree with? Certainly! That doesn't translate into him being lock-step in formation with the Socialists. The average Democrat in America considers him a traitor to their cause.

I'm not wild about the ad where McIntyre distorts Pantano's support for the Fair Tax, but it's no bigger a sin than distorting McIntyre's voting record or trying to make his vote for the only Democrat nominated for Speaker into something significant.

Let's try to tell the truth...the WHOLE truth.

McIntyre "News" Release?

I'd like to see WWAY start doing some actual reporting rather than posting McIntyre's campaign garbage verbatim to their website.

I guess all that ad time Big Spendin' Mike is buying on the local news stations has its perks.

McIntyre Press Release

Bwahahahahaha. I'd love to meet some of these "Republicans".

David Jones, a Republican? LOL!

David "Benedict Arnold" Jones, a Republican? LOL! He's what's called a RINO. He's a republican by no ones definition but his own. He pulls this kind of stunt every election. He likes the attention.

WWAY, you’re putting your own opinion in here, too. Who's he well respected by? Give us some names. Certainly not the people in the party he's a claim to be registered to.

Look at the people Mike McIntyre associates with. The people on his team. The ones he supports. The ones he has the most in common with. President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank and the list goes on. The are his friends and allies. These are the people David Jones is supporting as well.

Congressman McIntyre is no conservative and David Jones is no Republican. Just look at what they do and who they associate with, not what they claim to be.

If Mike McIntyres best defense against Ilario Pantano is David Jones, Mike has already lost.


lET'S DEFEAT JONES, CASTER, MCiNTYRE, and the other tax and spend dems.
Corrupt and arrogant politicos like jones and caster and Mcintyre represent the past---we need change. We cant afford phony politiocs like these good ole boys and Causey--all tax and spend folks who take huge amounts from special interests and get rich at our expense. defeat hypocrisy like McIntyre---vote against those who remain silent while Obama uses poor judgment and arrogance to shame the office of the Presidency and our Nation. We can do better than McIntyre, causey and the other good ole boys---vote for Pantano and others who stand for change from this politics of deception and arrogance

Jones and Catlin

Disloyal republicans who are republicans in name only are not worthy of our support. Enough is enough--they dont speak for the overwhelming number of republicans, independents and democrats who want real change and transparent and honest politicians who stand for soemthing. Let's send Jones and his buddy catlin a message by electing republicans and ems who stand for something---than clowns like these guys who stand for themselves

Own Opinion

The Dude:

Please notice at the top of the story that this is a News Release from the McIntyre campaign, not a story produced or written by WWAY.

Scott Pickey
News Director