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VOTE 2010: Republicans sweep New Hanover school board spots

READ MORE: VOTE 2010: Republicans sweep New Hanover school board spots

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Republicans swept the four open seat for New Hanover County School Board Tuesday. Incumbents Don Hayes, Janice Cavenaugh and Ed Higgins and newcomer Derrick Hickey beat out the four Democrats running against them.

Democratic incumbent Nick Rhodes was one of the candidates not chosen for re-election. Rhodes says the voters made the wrong choice.

"I think the people in New Hanover County missed a great opportunity to show the world what a great school system it can have," Rhodes said. "This school system has not performed up to its potential for the time I've been in this community, which is more than nine years, and it's not going to change in the next four years with the make-up of this school board."

Rhodes said he still feels New Hanover County schools are segregated.

Janice A. Cavenaugh (R) 35,148 15.47%
Don Hayes (R) 33,573 14.78%
Edward Higgins (R) 33,267 14.64%
Derrick G. Hickey (R) 33,258 14.64%
Nick Rhodes, Jr. (D) 25,947 11.42%
Joyce Huguelet (D) 23,629 10.40%
Philip Stine (D) 21,542 9.48%
Wm. Clancy Thompson (D) 20,841 9.17%

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Why Lakeisha is behind the eight-ball

An interesting discussion on illegitimacy rates in the Black community:

Easy Vote!

As a parent of two children in elementary school, voting on this was too easy. All the Republican candidates were for neighborhood schools, while all the Democrat candidates for for 'socio-economic integration' (i.e. - bussing my kids to another school across town).

How do you expect to win an election by going completely against what the overwhelming majority of parents of school-age kids in this area see as the #1 issue??

We want to keep our neighborhood schools, dummies!

Schools will rejoin the 60's era

this is just going to get uglier..we already have 3 schools economically segregated from other schools but now it will be racially segregated with the school board electing nothing but rich republicans to sit on a PUBLIC school forum..these people dont care about the social injustice they have and will commit against our youth, they are only in to assure Sally dosent have to mingle with Lakeisha..

No, this is only going to

No, this is only going to get uglier for the underacheiving schools in the low socio-economic areas. The majority of the schools will be just fine. The fact is Lakeisha's mother takes not interest in her education at all while sally's is very involved in hers. This is where you need to look for answers and its something the dumbocrats on the school board have failed to realize.

Sally's Mother is too busy at the country club..

Really Sally's mother is involved?..funny, I dont hear about black kids going to school with long black leather jackets on with assault weapons and killing innocent children, I dont hear about black kids making bombs in their own bedrooms and putting bomb pens in classrooms for them to blow up in the teacher's hands, I dont hear about black kids bullying kids into committing suicide, tell Sally's mother to put down the brandy glass and start involving herself with her child before you start talking about black mothers..yes there is problems with the black family unit but please dont make it look like the white families are so well behaved and have outstanding citizenship in the schools because that is defintely NOT THE CASE!

This is a ridiculous statement

When I read this comment I had so much to say, but figured I would just let the facts show all of your statements as ridiculous ;
In response to:I dont hear about black kids going to school with long black leather jackets on with assault weapons and killing innocent children
OR they just wear their designated Gang Colors:

In Response to: I dont hear about black kids bullying kids into committing suicide (thats because they kill them before the suicide)

I could continue, but I wont. Race is not the issue with supporting neighborhood schools. All schools would succeed if parents would stay involved. I am a divorced white mother raising my children alone. I am extremely involved with my children's education. I work full time, and do with out all the extra luxuries to make sure my children live in an area that they can attend a good school. My children do not wear name brand clothes or shoes, they have no "bling", the harassment they get from children about their lack of expensive clothes, always comes from the children being bused in from poor areas.The only time they have been bullied at school, was from those same children. The only time they have been threatened, jumped, beat guess it..from those same children. I have tried to instill in them the importance of EDUCATION, by not only having them attend good schools, but by actually attending PTO meetings, concerts, parent teacher conferences, and just about anything the school invites us to participate in. I have already had one child prove this way of life as a success, as she is now in her third year of college,I still have two more in the New Hanover County School System but they are also proving that success comes from strong parental involvement.

What is the point of your rant ?

What is your point ?
Social justice will cure psychotic behavior ?
Are you saying only whites have children
That commit horrible crimes ??
Is that not just a tad racist ?
Are you saying all of the problems
Will be cured by social justice?
You have lost your mind
No social program or experiment will take the place of
A parent that is involved,

Must be something to it

Otherwise why spend all the money to bus white children into the predominately black schools? Could it be that maybe some, not all, but some of the white children have been taught how to behave in public? At one time my child was at Myrtle Grove Middle school before the redistricting that forces him to Williston. I volunteered a few days at MGMS and the whole atmosphere would change once the buses from the downtown arrived. It would be hooting, droopy pants, hoods pulled over heads. And when you would ask them to quiet down, pull your pants up and take your hood off these thugs in training would spout off "Racist" to adults. No, not racist, applying the rules fairly and equally. If a white child came in droopy pants they were told the same, pull them up.

Social injustice ?

Are you saying ?,
Unless Sally is transported across town with
Lakeisha can not advance in this world
Are you saying,
It's the rich white republicans that are keeping
Lakeisha from getting an equal chance at an
Please explain a bit more,
As I see it. I, the parent am the one who will
Make sure my child is educated, I will make sure
She is at school on time, feed and is respectful
Of her teachers, adults and neighborhood

no child left behind

So true, how sad it is to think bussing Sally over to Lakeshia, or vice versa, will solve anything. And it was a very easy vote, Republicans on the board, knew what the majority wanted, and they know neighborhood schools are the best way to achieve. So sad to think that people believe Nick Rhodes,Redenbaugh, and DeSheilds will somehow solve the natural social issues that come up by making a circus out of school districts. Each child, needs their parent (s), to get involved EVERY day, that is what the democratic board members need to be addressing, rather than insulting everyone with accusations of being racist. To my great dissapointment, I found out from the board, that the issues behind the strange redistricting, although most were put in neighborhood schools, other neighborhoods like mine, were bussed accross town, and actually "switched out" with kids in one of the downtown schools. This was because of the law, no child left behind, which says that because the particular group of kids failed to meet the mark two years in a row, they can opt out of the district, and go to the performing school of their choice, hence the reason our area was moved down to take their place. This is a law that has to be brought up to Mr. Mike McIntyre, and only he can make that change, to remove such a ridiculous and insultive law, and a mirage. Once that law is removed, the board will have a better chance at keeping everyone in their neighborhood school. Hound McIntyre, this issue wont go away.

Let me break out my violin...

What in the world is "social injustice" beside some rhetorical nonsense dreamed up by the "I wants what you gots" mentality?

There are Black children in every school in this county. There IS no racial segregation. There is also no legal remedy (nor should there be) for the completely natural economic segregation that arises between inner city and suburban residents. If you want your child to attend a suburban school, manage your OWN life, buy a house in the suburbs, and bingo - problem solved.

The county has an obligation to fund and staff schools equally, regardless of location. They have absolutely NO obligation to engage and fund sociological experiments that have consistently failed to document any improvement in student performance.

Lakeisha doesn't need a long bus ride to go hang out with Sally. She needs one or two caring parents who are home with her at night and can help her with her homework when she needs it. She needs good parental and community role models who stress the importance of individual effort, responsibility, and ethical behavior.

Give her that and SHE'LL be buying that big house in the suburbs some day!

One of the best

Thank you voters.
Nick Rhodes is gone !!!!
Next should be ,
Dorthy deshields and Elizabeth redenbaugh !
Thanks to them we have to drive our child
Across town instead of a daily walk to school
Once again thank you voters,
Remember the job is not done ....

see ya nick

deshields , redenbaugh .
you two are the next to be voted out

Right Choice !

Congratulations to the Republican candidates , neighborhood schools won ! Mr. Nick Rhodes , you have to respect the will of the people. You are without a doubt the most divisive individual to ever serve on the board. Your talents would be better suited for a leadership role in the NAACP ( National Association of Always Complaining People ). Your labeling of Ms. Cavenaugh as a segregationist was disgusting.Busing students WILL NOT help academic achievement for individuals. There are other cultural issues that need to be addressed in the African-American community to improve academic performance. A lack of commitment from a " majority" of blacks that education is the key to success. A lack of parental involvement in their child's school concerning academics is a chronic issue. A true example of being out of touch is a black mother arriving at an elementary school to check out her child and she can not tell the receptionist who the child's teacher is. The child at this point has been in this class for eight months. You can not get them to come to a PTA meeting whether it is a neighborhood school or a school across town but if junior is playing in a ballgame they bring the entire family . Your priorities need to be examined within your community. The race card is a ploy that backfired on Mr. Rhodes. Review the vote tallies. The people have spoken. Elizabeth Redenbaugh is the next one to go !

Amen, brother!

Could not have said it any better, but it will likely fall on deaf ears. Even when successful Blacks such as Bill Cosby, J.C. Watt, and Ward Connerly say the same thing, they are dismissed as being "Uncle Toms" or "Oreos."

It's easier to agree with the eternal victim mentality espoused by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, than to do a thorough, hard, self-examination of how your life is affecting your children and their potential for future success in life.

I have several successful Black friends and co-workers. Every single one of them had one thing in common that they credit for their achievements - a strong parental influence who said, "My child is not going to grow up like I did" and took an interest in their daily life and conduct. They were there for the kid. They went to the parent-teacher conferences. They made sure the homework was done. They enforced the bed times.

As I stated in another message, Lakeisha is not going to find what she truly needs by visiting the suburbs for a few hours, five days a week.

We let our voices be heard.

We let our voices be heard. We didn't miss any "great opportunity." We took ADVANTAGE of a great opportunity. Most of us who voted for Republican board members were in favor of neighborhood schools, as they are. It isn't about segregation. Get that through your head! It's about not having to bus our kids all the way across town, costing the county even more money on buses and gas. Neighborhood schools seem to have been working. It isn't about race, it's about quality education for the students. It doesn't matter what school you should or shouldn't be going to. It's about quality for every student, whether they're black or white, it doesn't matter. I don't see anything wrong with neighborhood schools and I support them.