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VOTE 2010: US News Editorial - Republicans should watch what they wish for


By Mary M. Shaffrey
Posted: October 8, 2010

The old expression, “be careful what you wish for because it might come true,” applies to Republicans this year.

Heaven knows the Democrats in Congress have done nothing short of a disastrous job. President Obama is not so much the problem as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada. How would either of them survive if they had to walk a mile in the shoes of a grandmother in Baltimore (where Pelosi was born and raised) or a grandfather in Searchlight, Nevada? My guess is not well.

The only good provision in the healthcare law is the extension of insurance to children until they are 26. Everything else is bound to make the system a nightmare. Instead of really trying to improve the economy (and not just repeating the anthem that its Bush’s fault--he’s been gone two years), the Senate in its closing arguments before the election debated “don’t ask, don’t tell.” This is not to say DADT is not an important issue, but it’s unlikely to be a top concern (or even near the top) of the average voter worried about underwater mortgages and unemployment.

Republicans nationwide are bursting with enthusiasm about their prospects. Democrats like House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank of Massachusetts have a race for the first time, ever. But so does Rep. Mike McIntyre of North Carolina. Recent polls show him tied with Republican challenger Ilario Pantano. National Journal had a good synopsis of the race.

McIntyre is a pro-defense, pro-life, fiscally conservative Democrat. Not to mention one of the most sincere members of Congress to currently serve. If he ran as a Democrat in virtually any other district in America, he would lose--big. While John McCain carried the conservative southeastern district with 52 percent of the vote, McIntyre easily won with 69 percent. He ranks third on the House Agriculture Committee and also serves on the House Armed Services Committee.

But he votes for Pelosi and she sets the agenda, so Republicans have targeted him. What happens if he loses, but Republicans fail to capture the House? And if they win, wouldn’t it be nice to have a moderate Democrat who would likely support a fair amount of the Republican agenda around, so Republicans could be bipartisan in a way Democrats never were, or even tried to be?

Pantano has many strong qualities but perhaps should wait until McIntyre is ready to step aside. He still has work to do and has done an admirable job representing a district that is not as sexy as Charlotte or Raleigh.

While some members come to Washington to get ahead, to see and be seen, McIntyre would rather talk about the Lumbee Indian Tribe and their endless quest for full federal recognition. He is the type of member who literally can talk your ear off about the district he represents but never seeks the microphone or camera. He actually apologizes when he is late. Imagine that, a congressman who apologizes and means it.

“Throw the bums out!” is a laudable cry and, sometimes, a worthwhile aim, but McIntyre is not one of the bums. There are Republicans from North Carolina I wouldn’t vote for if they were running for dog catcher, but I would trust McIntyre to watch my son. And right now, as the country tries to right itself from the worst economic collapse in generations and fight a war half a world away, we need people we can trust in Washington.


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Good Points

But remember, on both a state and national level, the current administrations have saddled the voting taxpayers with back breaking debts, a weakened dollar, and projected budget deficits in the billions and trillions.

So the Republicans assume control of both houses. And then their work begins. Overcome those three obstacles. Work with an ineffective, inexperienced, out of touch with reality Government head -- both on a national and state level. Make the cuts in programs and entitlements which should have been made over the past 6 years -- and don't lay that one on Bush -- he was dealing with a Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid led House and Senate -- and her Majesty just picked up where Mike Easley left off.

So while the Republicans put forth programs to reduce the cost and size of government and perhaps put a few entitlement recipients to work and taken off the government dole, what will the Democrats do?

Will they accept responsibility and accountability that goes with putting our great Country and State in the quagmire we are in?

NO -- they'll appeal to all those entitlement leaches for votes in the next election noting they would not have made cuts in give away programs had they been re-elected.

And those dollar sucking leaches will listen.

Add to that the Annointed One's hope for amnesty on all of the illegal, undocumented inhabitants of our country; its' pretty plain he views this as the issue which will breath life into whatever hope he thinks he has for re-election in 2 years. Look at all those new Democratic voters if he can somehow push this through.


Best I can figure from this article you are saying Mike is a good guy. I'll give you that he is welcome at my next oyster roast. He is also ineffective, he has been in congress long enough he should be chairman of some important committee. You mentioned Barney Frank, his chairmanship of the House Finance Committee is responsible for a huge part of our banking, real estate, and financial problems. Can't vote against Barney, but Mike's seat may be the one that keeps Barney from chairing one of the most important commiittees in Congress again. Over the years I have changed from a democrat, to unaffiliated, to recently republican. The reason I have watched the democrat part slowly become the democrat/socialist party. If Mike is a true moderate or conservative he would have changed parties as well.

He'll never get a committee

He votes against Nancy Piglosi far too often.

With the exception of McIntyre I'll be voting Republican next month, just because the Democrats now represent such a threat to this nation. I just hope the Republicans don't let us down again, as they did after the 2004 election.

Votes against Pelosis to

Votes against Pelosis to often, what are you smoking. Check his record he votes with her 90% of the time. Thats more than several other NC Democrats. Peolosi lets her puppet off the hook when she has the votes. There are two McIntyre's one in the district and one in DC. The local press lets him get away with it. Wish I could remember the website; it is non-partian and ranks congressmen in influnce and effectiveness. He has been there for 6 terms and he still ranks in the bottom half. Wake up....

I HAVE checked his votes

...and I have already explained that in a Congress where there are fifty resolutions commemorating everything from the inventor of the adjustable-end open wrench to hot cocoa for any piece of MEANINGFUL legislation, the percentages of how often someone "votes with Pelosi" are staggering. Check out Walter B. Jones, Jr's percentage. Check out Sue Myrick's percentage.

Take the time to look behind the statistics to learn the true story.

Be Careful what you wish for

This is a very biased political article. Obama is the President, yet the writer lets him off the hook and blames everything on Pelosi and Reid. They are all to blame, and all share the Progressive agenda.
McIntyre voted lock step with Pelosi, and he is supposed to be a "moderate". Sorry, I'm not buying your logic.

Here Here

I tip my glass to you.
Biased political articles like this one are what put us in the position we are in now.