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Voter identification concerns

READ MORE: Voter identification concerns
In the past week or so, WWAY has received a number of calls and emails from people concerned that poll workers are not checking ID’s during early voting. “This day and age, people are up to no good, so it's kind of scary,” said Olivia Tatum, a concerned voter. When Olivia went to the polls this week, she was shocked when poll workers let her right through, without checking her identification. Tatum said, “I had my wallet ready, I had my ID ready because that's what I thought I would be asked for, but I didn't.” By law, poll workers can not ask for ID. If you registered by the October 10th deadline, the state requires poll workers to only ask you for your name and address. If your registration information comes up on their computers, they will not ask for identification. But there are instances when ID is required. When new voters fill out their application form they have to put their identification on it. Those ID's are then cross checked among different agency's for accuracy. If there is an error, they have to show their ID at the polls. Board of Election officials said this sometimes happens with newly registered voters. Tatum represents several people who have questioned if the states method is safe. State officials say during the 2004 general election, about eighteen people were prosecuted for voter fraud in North Carolina; out of more than 3 million voters. Gary Bartlett, Executive Director of the State Board of Elections said, “We do a very good job in auditing and tracking and investigating. They should rest assure that we are looking after these types of issues.” Board of Elections officials said changing the identification guidelines will have to go through the state legislature. If this law is something you are passionate about, you can contact your elected leaders.

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voter ID

It is really ridiculous that a person does not have to show a valid ID, beside it would take the burden from the poll worker by not having to ask 5-6 times for proper spelling of name.

Fight Voter Fraud

You can sign up as a "poll observer" to watch for fraud on election day, but you have to sign up by Tuesday, Oct. 28. Please report any suspected voter fraud to the State Board of Elections.

voting concerns

We voted at Carolina Beach and there were a number of people voting who did not have to show identification. They just have to give a name and address. It clearly stated at the door that you had to have a valid driver's license. How valid are the votes if they are not checking identification????? We could go back over and over again and use other people's names.

I've heard people bragging

I've heard people bragging about voting under DEAD people's names. It's a dang shame the kind of crap that is going on. And one State senator gives them ALL SORTS of hints on how to do it. It makes me SICK.

Only socialists should be able to vote multiple times

Only socialists should be able to vote multiple times. Isn't that the American way?

Voter fraud likely rampant

I talked with a fellow the other day who said, and I quote, "I voted several times for people this morning". Think it's not hard to do? There are several early voting places right here in New Hanover Co. Just get the names and addresses of registered voters and pretend to be them. You may want to stick with impersonating someone who is close to your age and the same sex, and also will want to go to different polling places. I'm sure this happens every day since for some stupid reason, ID is not required. Fair warning though...if you get caught, NHC Sheriff's office will take you in. It's a felony to commit voter fraud.