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Voters battling long lines at early voting

READ MORE: Long lines at early voting
It is five days until Election Day, but many North Carolinians aren't waiting until Tuesday. It has been a record turnout for early voting this year, and the crush has resulted in long lines for voters. One by one people stand in line to have their say in this year's general election. ”I think it's awesome. It’s pretty cool that people are coming out, voting and waiting this long and it's been this way for at least a couple of weeks,” said Melissa Everett, a local voter. Since early voting started two weeks ago, Board of Elections officials have seen record turnout. More than 40,000 New Hanover County residents have voted compared to more than 17,000 in 2004. The high turnout has increased peoples wait time to actually get to the voting booth. Bonnie Williams is the Board of Elections director for New Hanover County. She wants people to know to “Be prepared to wait, and it could be sporadic lines through out the day. It's hard to say what time of day the lines will be the longest.” Board of Elections officials are only using "1 touch screens" during early voting. They say it saves time and money for them to use versus paper ballots. There are at least six machines depending on which site you go to in New Hanover County, which is the likely reason for the backed up lines. In Pender County nearly 50% of registered voters have voted. In Brunswick County, nearly 40% have voted. Early voting lasts until Saturday.

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What is the matter with everyone

I've never encountered so much intolerance to outside ideas. It's really demoralizing to hear things like "you probably voted for McSame" and "to democrats 9/11 never happened" really makes me sad. Every once in a while I hear someone comment that they believe a spending freeze is the answer, hence their McCain support, or that they think spending is necessary to fix our economy and they support Obama. Rarely do I hear these level-headed opinions, but when I do my spirit is renewed. Please start commenting a little more intelligently.

long lines

I don't care who you "think" will or won't win,you NEED to get out and VOTE anyway. NOTHING is for certain!

Truth...hope you can find it

I have a short but true story to tell. I went to vote yesterday with the clear idea to vote for Obama. Well, to be truthful, I couldn't do it. I stood there and really thought about it. I don't think he can do the job. I wanted to vote for him. I even did and changed it at the end when I reviewed my ballot. I will tell all of you, be sure. I decided right there that I can not put the security of the United States in the hands of a guy that really has no experience in military issues. I thought, what am I doing voting for a guy that has no knowledge of war in a time that the country is at war. I simply got caught up in the media hype. Thankfully, I gained control of my senses in time. I hope that all of you who plan to vote for Obama really give it a thought before you do it. It may be that, like me, you see things a little different. I never write on these pages, but I felt compelled to do so.

Here's how they'll pay for it

If Tuesday results in the Democrats in charge of the White House and Congress, stand by for an end to the War on Terror....and the beginning of a whole new terror. To fund the estimated trillion dollars in new spending that Obama is proposing, Congressman Barney Frank is proposing an across the board 25% reduction in defense spending. In the Democrat mind, September 11th never happened, and there is no danger from Islamic fundamentalism. Russia and China aren't making massive spending increases in their defense budgets. The report stating that upwards of 25% of our nuclear weapons are outdated wasn't released just last week. God help this nation if you Sesame Street saps hand the reins of power to one political party. Hint: Regardless of what Barney told you, our enemies DON'T love you and they DON'T love me. They want to destroy America and the American way of life. They want to kill you, your wife, your kids, and your dog. Now I realize that most of you who are voting for Obama want to destroy the American way of life, too, but for you misguided middle-of-the-roaders who are simply trying to express your displeasure with George Bush, PLEASE think before you decide to vote for McIntyre or the Hag.

Gee, if I offended anyone...

...GOOD! You need to be awakened from your malaise. Anyone proposing a 25% reduction in defense spending (and he's getting a lot of support within his party) is out of touch with the realities of the world. Recently we had Russian Blackjack bombers visiting Venezuela (and according to Chavez, it's going to become a regular occurence) while Russian troops ran roughshod over a supposed ally, but the Democrats want to cut defense spending? Every day we are intercepting radio traffic about Al Qaeda plans to strike at the United States again, but the Democrats want to turn off a quarter of the receivers? Far from a tantrum, I'm sending out a warning - if you are all fired up to vote for Obama, fine. This late in the game, there's nothing I can write that will make you realize wealth redistribution simply doesn't work... ...but think hard before you also vote for a Democratic controlled Congress.

I know that this is America

I know that this is America and you are entitled to your opinion, but you are NOT entitled to talk down to everyone in such a rude way. Maybe if Obama wins you will move out of the country and we will be better off for it.

I am only rude... stupid people. My cross to bear.


Wow, I love how some people think in this country! It's great that you have an opinion, but in my opinion, you are wrong... I personally don't think there is going to be a HUGE change regardless of who is voted in. But, it is funny how you think you are SO right even though so many others feel differently. The whole mentality that people either agree with you or are completely against America is just ridiculous.

Left Field

Commonsensenotsocommon, I usually enjoy your comments and think they're brilliant and full of thoughtful ideas. But this! This was just outlandish tantrum banter. The comment about, "In the Democrat mind, September 11th never happened," was just uncalled for. Seriously, just inappropriate.

I don't get it

Why are all you people putting up with the long lines, the mess and the few voting spots just to get in a early vote? But keep it up, it will make it easier for the rest of us on Nov. 4th.


With ignorant people like the last comment, maybe they won't vote and that will be one less vote for Obama and Wellllll since McCain is going to WIN!!!!

I'm not even going

After the mess at the polls for the primary, I'm not even going to consider going into that fray again, especially with Obama clearly going to win.


oh, clearly sir. I love how the dems believe everything the precious media tells them. If you poll people where these networks are based, of course they will lean left. Big cities are made up of oblivious drones. There is a large free-thinking country out there you are forgetting about. Tell obama not to be picking out the curtains just yet.

Republican Ploy

Not gonna vote because Obama will win anyway? I bet you are a republican and have already voted for McSame. WRONG ANSWER. Listen people, if you are for Obama, GO VOTE! Let's tell the world what we stand for with the volume of our voting voice! BTW: A community organizer had to find out what people really need and want and then find a way to get them get it done, all without being able to command them to do it, fire them if they don't, pay them to do it, threaten them with their jobs if they don't, get their spouses to try to get the fired if they don't... Basically, the community organizer had to work with the people and understand their needs. What a difference.

Yeah, the people all NEEDED to....

...go vacation in Hawaii in a four-million dollar house on a private beach. "He understands our problems." RIIIIIIGHT!


Was this the trip he took to visit his dying grandmother? If so, I would hardly call that a "vacation". I can't help but wonder if that house is one of the houses John McCain can't remember that he has...

No, Einstein

The vacation he took in August. The pot really does affect that short-term memory, huh?


Good please don't show up, you will be throwing your vote away if you vote for McCain. I went to early voting in CB and it was so disorganized. I had to once again for the third time sign up to register. For some reason everything in CB is slow and disorganized...


You would think seems we have been doing this so long that the government would figure out a better, faster system that we can trust in.

Throw votes away??? Kidding, right?

There is always a moron allowed to post nonsensical comments here and you're right in the groove, pal! This is America and everyone that is over 18 and not a convicted felon has the right, privelege and duty to vote! There is nothing such as a "thrown away" vote, however there are voters willing to throw away our great country by putting it in the throws of an inexperienced leader! How dare you speak down to a fellow American in such an ignorant and facist manner to tell him what he is doing with his right to vote!!! Also, I live at Carolina Beach, and voted there before the last minute arrived. I encouraged other people to go there because it was so trouble free. Only 5 voting stations, but I was there no longer than 15 minutes. We at Carolina Beach would like to seriously invite you to cross over the Snow's Cut Bridge and head north permanently. People with your demeanor and ignorance are not welcome here!!! BYE!!!

You MUST vote

"After the mess at the polls for the primary, I'm not even going to consider going into that fray again, especially with Obama clearly going to win." from Downtown Dem If you are an American you MUST vote!! People like Downtown Dem are trying to have you give up one of your most important rights under our Constitution, the right to vote. If you follow Downtown Dem's advice Obama will clearly win, which is all he wants. A man not qualified to be President to win. If you are a clear thinking American, you WILL vote and not be demoralized by a ridiculous statement like Downtown Dem offers you. If you don't vote YOU will clearly be the loser!!