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Saffo holds Wilmington mayor's office, Council gets two new faces

READ MORE: Saffo holds Wilmington mayor's office, Council gets two new faces
Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo won reelection easily Tuesday with a 22-percentage point win over challenger Paul Knight. Saffo will have two new members of City Council around him when the new term starts in January. Wilmington City Council The Wilmington City Council race was crowded with eleven candidates vying for three slots. It appears that two incumbents have been turned out. Former council member Charlie Rivenbark is back on the board with incumbent Earl Sheridan and newcomer Kevin O'Grady. O’Grady edged out incumbent appointee Margaret Haynes by 88 votes. The other incumbent in the race Jim Quinn finished seventh. Carolina Beach Down in Carolina Beach, Mayor Joel Macon ran unopposed. On Carolina Beach Town Council, Bob Lewis and Lonnie Lashley were the top vote getters. Incumbent Alan Gilbert did not manage to hold onto his seat. Kure Beach In Pleasure Island, there was a close race for the Kure Beach mayor seat. Dean Lambeth edged out Jim Vatrt. The Kure Beach Town Council was also a close race. Chuck Keener and Tim Fuller managed to grab the two seats. Wrightsville Beach There was some big news out of Wrightsville Beach. David Cignotti ousted incumbent Stephen Whalen as mayor by an eight percent margin. There were two open slots on the Board of Alderman. From a field of five, Susan Collins and Bill Sisson were the top vote getters, earning those spots on the board. Southport In Southport, Robert Howard defeated incumbent Mayor Sandra Spencer by almost 30 percentage points. In Southport Board of Alderman Ward I, Ken Karn and Mary Ellen Watts Poole won the two slots. In Ward II, Nelson Adams was unopposed. Shallotte Donald Kelly won the mayor’s race in Shallotte, with a victory over John Kinlaw. On the Shallotte Board of Alderman, Jimmy Bellamy and Larry Harrleson came out on top in that race.

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Mayor Saffo's comments tonight 5:30 news broadcast

If I heard correctly Mayor Saffo had wished that more people had turned out for yesterday's election to vote saying " voting is God's given right". I thought there was a separation of Church and State and the right to vote is a constitutional right , not religious.

Constitutional Rights

The constitution does not give us any rights. As stated in the founding documents, our rights come from "Our Creator." The constitution only ensures the government doesn't infringe on those rights. Like George III was doing at the time. And now it's being done again.

Uniformed and disengaged

I am a New Hanover County resident who is fearful of the city encroaching upon me through forced annexation. I would have relished the opportunity to vote.Here is a prime example of the citizens of Wilmington being uninformed. My wife works with a lady here in the city who is a very educated woman but did not know what the issues were and where the candidates stood. My wife then asked her, if she was going to vote for a mayoral candidate, who would she choose. She stated if see were going to vote , she would vote for Mr.Saffo because he is a good looking man.She said she was not going to take the time to vote because she does not really care .This sums up the low voter turnout, which I predicted on this website . Mr. Saffo was depending on a low turnout to secure his position.He knew his base would pull him through.The only good outcome of this election is that arrogant , old man , Jim Quinn is gone!

actually you picked an excellent example

of why it's not necessary for everyone to vote, just the one's' who have half a brain and make an attempt to be informed on the issues. Saffo's constiency elects him because he benefits them directly. The business community that only cares about economic growth, growth, growth and could care less about the infrastructure because they live in a nice area that has none of the problems, because they've been well cared for all these years by Saffo & co.

As usual Radar, a bunch of BULL!

Just because you're educated don't mean you're smart. It's stupid to use one idiot out a population of 100,000 to make your point. The bottom line, people that engage themselves in their civic affairs do not have to be urged to vote.

Realestate Market

Would it not be great if the realestate market in Wilmington and espically within city limits opened back up and Mayor Saffo was not able to profit from this being he is an elected official. Saffo has hurt our pockets it is his turn to feel the pinch.

2 - More - Years....

So unfortunate. It'll be two more years of millions of dollars and thousands of hours WASTED on issues that SHOULD be on the back-burner on the priority stove, i.e. the convention center and the hotels that the Council is "hoping" will come along to help push the project into production. It'll be two more years for gangs to wage their street wars while the police stand helpless without the resources and funding to be able to battle the serious-natured crime that's on the rise. It'll be two more years of roads needing repair and redesign, abandoned buildings falling apart downtown, the homeless roaming without purpose, because funds will go to building "GREEN BUSINESS, and TRIPS TO OTHER CITIES TO SEE WHAT they ARE DOING THAT'S WORKING!" It'll be two more years before we can even attempt to change the politics of the city again, and by then it may be pointless. I wish there would have been more coverage in the media on what each candidate's platforms were built upon, to educate the public and perhaps get a decent amount of people caring enough to vote. Welp, here's hopin' that the next two years won't be as bad as I've just predicted. *cheers*

Well put

Love your comment. Very well said. I think this captures Saffo in his greatest glories. All the reasons you pointed out is why I'm hoping to be out of the plummeting town in the next few months. I've found a lovely little town in another state where the school systems thrive, the crime rate is almost non exsistant, and the job market is reasonable. Wilmington use to be such a nice town when I was growing up. To look at it now is depressing. I can't and won't continue to raise my children here. And nothing is going to change for Wilminton as long as Saffo and his mafia are allowed to run it.

Let's not forget Cameron Art Museum

and the 100,000.00 the city council has donated to them *every year* Saffo's been in office without fail. Nero fiddles while Rome burns around him.


Wilmington elects by default. Two weeks of early voting and a good deal of campaigning made no difference. The same small group did make the effort to vote, and again about 3,000 residents decided the election.


OK Mayor Saffo you have had a wake up call. You did not win by much being only 20% of the people voted. I do agree with Knight in some ways that people just don't care anymore. I don't like this being I have lived here all my life and I have watched this city go down. I am so glad that Charlie Rivenbark is back maybe now those of us who do live in the city limits will get a break.

Well, look on the bright side.

At least we have O'Grady instead of Haynes. That's one less realtor.. and 'ol Captain Quinn's ship has finally come... and gone.

A lot of hot air

Gee.. I guess the people in Monkey Junction weren't as upset about being annexed as they claimed to be. If they had come out and voted maybe we wouldn't have to suffer 2 more years with a Mayor who lives in his Ivory Tower at Landfall. All the Mayor has to do is look out his window from City Hall to see that the homeless have made the public library across the street their day time shelter. He can't/won't/doesn't care to improve the quality of life for the people who live downtown, those who support the restaurants and shops when the tourists aren't here. I would rather drive to the library on Militay cutoff than to wade though the mass of homeless to get to the library downtown. This is why I pay taxes? Good luck Monkey Junction, too bad you didn't put your money where your mouth was.

Monkey Junction's fault?

Don't blame Monkey Junction - they cannot vote in city elections yet. Wasn't that convenient for Saffo?

which is why it's called "taxation without representation"

but they will be voting in two years and hopefully there will be someone for them to vote for besides Saffo!

The election and your Taxes

I can’t believe that the ignorant people of Wilmington have re-elected a person who (like all Dems) spend our taxes as though it ‘s something they are contributing out of their own pocket. Where are the responsible people in America? How about in Wilmington? Why do people in Wilmington take voting for granted? As these people erode our ability to make a positive impact in our community, we continue to allocate our taxes for “pie in the sky” ideas. Instead of making a positive impact in our area. They hijack our tax funds for non-sense projects like a Convention Center or Real Estate Deals, instead of using the resources to replace or repair our existing infrastructure . Road maintenance, traffic flow engineering, outrageous crime issues to mention a few, are what we should be occupying our time and resources instead of dreaming up these “pie in the sky” ways of sucking all of our future resources’ away. A twenty percent voter turnout of an already low registration demonstrates that we are not worthy of the responsibility to govern ourselves. How complacent we are. I believe there’s probably that many realtors in Wilmington. That would explain a lot. I guess now for the next two years we will have to get into the Hotel business and let’s not forget that shinning bridge that will probably turn into a parking lot over water. The very next day after his re-election, I heard him say, “it’s business as usual” as far a local government is concerned. Michael

"business as usual"

The very next day after his re-election, I heard him say, “it’s business as usual” as far a local government is concerned. ------------------------------------------- "It's back to business as usual for the council members and I" is what I heard too. That struck me as obvious gloating and a spit in the face to his detractors...

Monkey junction residents

Monkey junction residents cannot vote yet, the city boundry lines have not moved yet...


You people really make me sick...what exactly is wrong with the mayor living in Landfall? There is nothing wrong with Landfall, a neighborhood that takes care to look great be a good place to live. Really sick of that excuse. Jealousy of his money is quite an ugly way to complain

I think you missed the point

I think you missed the point the writer above was trying to make... Truth be told, congratulations to the Mayor for his success and being able to attain the lifestyle that an elegant community as Landfall accords. The downtown resident was complaining about having to "climb over" homeless to access the library. Hey, here's a modest proposal; why not pick up a few foreclosures in Landfall and make them group homes!


....those who will pay the most for Saffo's re-election didn't even get a vote yesterday. Welcome to Wilmington County.


I don't get it...I just don't get it because we just don't care enough..that we would vote Saffo back in?

Well atleast Quin will no

Well atleast Quin will no longer be getting kickbacks, but with Saffo still in, get your wallets ready, for those of you in the county, i will congradulate you on being future wilmington city residents and paying the taxes that come with the privlidge.


i too am glad he's gone from city council. however, he is still a PERMANANT member of the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority board. the board members are life time apointees just like the Supreme Court. you either have to move, quit or die to be discharged.

Of course!!

Of course we will be FUTURE city residents and have to pay the taxes...AND WE DONT EVEN GET A SAY IN THE MATTER. Thanks Mayor Saffo and the City of Wilmington...I would have LOVED to cast my vote yesterday, but because I live 150 yards from the "city limits" and you want to annex won't let me vote.

To all of you idiots who

To all of you idiots who voted Saffo back in, you deserve whatever you get.

Lesser of two evils

I likely wouldnt have voted for Saffo if there had been a decent alternative. Knight has carried the Dennis Miller Show on his station for 2 years and STILL cant get it to run right. Gives me little faith that he could run the city any better. If you want change, give us a worthwhile choice next time.

(most of) the ones who voted got what they wanted...

a "trained seal" who does what they want when they want it. The idiots are the ones who didn't vote (and there are A LOT of them! Three out of every four people you see on the street!)

I don't get it

All the moaning you see on here about the waste of money convention center, the talk of how they are owned by the realtors (wow, saffo owns Hanover Reality) but yet this clown is re-elected. I don't get it, no incumbent should have been put back in.