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N.C. sees huge voter turn-out


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WILMINGTON -- Ladies and gentlemen, start your political engines. It's primary day in North Carolina and Indiana.

Hillary Clinton hit the brickyard in Indianapolis today hoping to cross the finish line ahead of Barack Obama tonight.

72 delegates are up for grabs in Indiana.

Barack Obama started his day in Indiana with a surprise visit to a diner in Greenwood. But his day will end here in North Carolina.

Our 115 delegates look mighty appealing in a race this tight, almost as good as the omelette and hash browns he ordered for breakfast.

Obama will be in Raleigh tonight.

With his parties nomination all but officially locked up Republican John McCain visited Winston-Salem today. In a speech at Wake Forest University he pledged to nominate strict-constructionist judges to the federal bench. He also criticized Obama for not voting to confirm Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

Race for governor

The other big statewide race tonight is the race for governor. Incumbent Mike Easley is not eligible to run for another term and a crowded field of candidates is vying to replace him.

On the Republican side there are five candidates, including Bob Graham, Robert Orr, Fred Smith, Elbie Powers and Pat McCrory.

Three people are seeking the Democratic nomination: Richard Moore, Beverly Perdue and Dennis Nielsen. Michael Munger is the lone Libertarian.

Lear more about the gubernatorial candidates here.

Polls open in highly-anticipated primary

Lines and waits greeted some voters this morning. Record turn-out was expected as North Carolina voted in a presidential primary that matters for the first time in at least a generation. Elections officials in New Hanover and Pender Counties told NewsChannel 3 the biggest problems early in the day were caused by voters who did not know their polling place had changed since the last time they voted.

Stay with NewsChannel 3 and throughout the evening for all the latest election news, results and analysis.

North Carolina's historic primary day has arrived

North Carolina's pivotal primary day has arrived.

Voters across the state prepared to cast crucial ballots Tuesday that could sway a historic race for the White House and an equally competitive campaign for the Executive Mansion.

The most significant primary in at least two decades has already brought signs of record turnout. Nearly half a million people had already cast early and absentee ballots as of Monday -- more than half of the total number of voters who cast a ballot during the 2004 primary overall.

The boon at the ballot box appears to hold the biggest sway over the Democratic races, including the top-of-ballot match between presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Elsewhere, candidates in both parties have been locked in a lengthy and expensive race for governor.

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Registered libertarian

I registered undecided libertarian. I can vote in any primary, for anyone that I chose and cannot be bound into one race or another. The democrat and republican party will try to tell you that you cannot vote int he other primary, you can. You are free to do what you wish, when you wish and they cannot do anything about it. But the most important issue on the books is the issue. With the fairtax we can all get along and tak home what the federal government takes from us every month, every paycheck and we would only pay for what we bought. And you get a prebate check to offset the poor people's argument that they cannot afford the high sales tax. It would already be paid. No excuses.

Skirting the System

I'd love to see fair tax except for one thing. It would require everyone to buy and sell with plastic, otherwise there would be a massive black market created to circumvent the system. Even with plastic, this market would exist in the form of bartering. I myself don't want big brother tracking what I purchase anymore than they do now.

So what!

The Great thing with the Fair tax is that everyone would pay the same rate. Then the "goverment" would have to operate just like you and I. On a budget. Plus the Goverment hand out programs wont go away. Also there are other countries that exsit with the fair tax program. There currency is a lot stronger that ours. And that has a large effect on what we're paying at the pump! Watch for when our dollar value goes up. The price of gas will come down.


The claim that there would be some great surge in the "black market" due to the Fair Tax is just insane. There is no doubt that there will be people doing things to get around the fair tax, but there are people cheating the tax code now. There is no 100% system to stop this. Only sales of new items are taxed, not the sale of used items, so the people that would have to be involved in this black market are business owners. The same business owners that have a lot to lose should they get caught, and not getting much in return for their risk. Sure it will happen... but in a very, very small scale. No more, and probably less than we have with today's screwed up tax code. You think there is no black market running out there now?


So you have read my mind and come up with: I think there is no black market running out there now. A mind reader you are not. Sure there is, in a major way. And as long as people can buy and sell in the market with cash, it will happen with the fair tax code. I cannot tell you how many times I see a no sale rung up at a restaurant I frequent. Insane? you sure are rabid. Thanks nice guy.

Vote Ron Paul

If you are a Republican, you can vote for Ron Paul and at least tell someone like McCain that people are not really happy with him the only real nominee.

Ron Paul

I'll cast a protest vote for Ron Paul just to let Mccain know he's not all that and a bag of chips.

I voted for RON!

I voted for Ron Paul!

So did I

So did I. I think I was the only person in Columbus County that got a Republican ballot.

Somewhat the same experience for me

I got something of the same when I was walking into my polling place and there were those people out front handing out cards and crap. After a quick glance I told them "none of them didn't apply". Walked on in and voted. Walking out they thanked me for voting, I told them I thanked the Republicans for allowing me to vote. One called me an a$$hole. I replied, "better than being stupid and having to call names like a 3rd grader" and waited for the jerk to come on and walk out into the street. He didn't. Walking off laughing really seemed to set him off. Don't want to be part of a crowd that likes people like that.

...but no candidates support it!

McCain, Clinton, and Obama are opposed to it. Dole is opposed to it. The Democrats who are vying to run against her are opposed to it. McIntyre is opposed to it. The politicians are never going to give up the current system of income tax without an armed insurrection - and don't forget a full half of the country opposes you because they are skating by and letting the other half carry 96% of the tax burden.

Ok so..

where does the money for our police, fire protection, military, etc come from?

Visit and learn

It's a system that funds the federal government via consumption tax. Income taxes vanish. It's a brilliant, TRULY fair system that would work, but this nation will never have the backbone to adopt it for three main reasons: * It would end the endless orgy of unaccountable, drunken-sailor spending in Washington - the government would actually have to watch the budget! * It would require every single American to contribute to the support of this nation. That flies in the face of everything the Democrats believe in. * Tens of thousands of accountants and tax attorneys have a standing interest in keeping the current voluminous, confusing system of taxation. So we will likely never see The Fair Tax adopted in this country. It's too FAIR and HONEST a system of taxation.

I'm With You

I'm with you on fair tax, however, like anything else enacted in recent years, in its final form it isn't going to favor the working folks whether they are middle class or above. It appears that we move and more toward socialism everyday. Fair tax will be presented as reducing everyone's tax burden but when it all washes out, I bet we pay more. This is because the nanny gummit won't reduce spending! They have to fill the milk bucket somehow.