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Wake County DA investigating Wright

WILMINGTON -- We have an update on the ethics investigation surrounding Wilmington lawmaker Thomas Wright. Wake County District Attorney Colin Willoughby is looking into allegations that Wright mishandled hundreds of thousands of dollars of his campaign money, using it for personal expenses. Wright is also accused of falsifying his campaign finance reports to cover his tracks. Last spring the House Ethics Committee announced they would look into the matter. But they recently suspended their investigation. Willoughby told NewsChannel 3 there's a very good reason behind the committee's decision. "The House was being criticized for their ethics committee not dealing with Representative Wright's issues, and I had asked them not to start their investigation until we had finished the criminal investigation, so that the actions that they took did not in anyway interfere with the criminal investigation," Willoughby said. "And they were graceful and very respectful of that and had told me they would do everything they could do to not in anyway hinder what we were doing and so their delay is specifically at my request." DA Willoughby expects to wrap up his criminal investigation later this month.

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I'm sure it is all a big misunderstanding, chuckles wouldn't do anything unethical. He is a elected official after all.

Wright's Investigation

I am all for equality & justice for all. The Pledge of Allegiance states " and justice for all." But of course we (meaning blacks) are always guilty until proven innocent, not innocent until proven guilty. In anything bad, even if you do not know the victim, you know that they are black in the way that it is advertised. Just remember Mr. Wright, "God has it all in control and that you are truly in my prayers. Evidently you are doing something right, that is why you are being singled out. I will continue to pray for the government on all levels, (state, county, & city). "Sir keep looking up to Jesus - He is the one...

This is the most sadly

This is the most sadly hilarious piece I've read lately. Just because he's black does not make him guilty... or innocent. Perhaps people are going after him because he's a crook, the same way they went after Jim Black. It's funny, whenever the facts and common sense are against someone the race card is always played. If Thomas Wright is doing something right I hope the rest of the elected representatives are doing something very wrong.

think about it

Do you know why SOMETIMES blacks are singled out??? You make your reputation, you walk around with attitudes like girls that think their .... don't stink, you swing your necks like I don't know what when spoken to..give me a break, whats make's you people any better then anyone else??? not to say their are not white thugs, because their is and unfortunalty little do you know their trying to be black, have you ever had to remind a white person that their white??? know what I mean???? Attitude people, attitude!!!!!!

Think about what

I read your comment and had to laugh to myself. Please explain to me what being black is? I wasn't aware that there were how to manuals on being such. You said that there are "white thugs", but they were just to act black which implies that black people are thugs. I hate to be the barrier of bad news, but not all black people fit into that catergory just like all white people don't fit into the catergory of being mass murders or serial killers. By the way attitudes transcend all races, we (black people) don't have that market locked.

let me explain

Black...ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE...go to the BRONX were I was AND MAKE IT HOME WHITEY!!!!! did you ever here of the real american race...go into the bronx, steal a car, get it over into NJ and make it back. Try it. Theres also places INLAND from here that you will not survive because of some indians that have been here. The difference..they keep quite and gettcha when you don't expect it, no need to show off like SOME PEOPLE! Sincerely, Lumbee

Oh no

Doing something right? You have got to be kidding?!? He is a crook and I must wonder if you are on his payroll.