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ONLY ON 3: Ward talks about run for Bladen Sheriff

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Ward talks about run for Bladen Sheriff

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) -- Over the past few weeks we've reported on the lies, terminations and investigations that surround the race to be sheriff in Bladen County. Many of you ranted and told us we were picking on the people inside the department and giving candidate Billy Ward a pass. Well, we caught up with Ward today to find out more about him and where he stands on issues.

Ward told WWAY he's not worried about what's going on in the Sheriff's Office now, but instead on what he wants to do once he's in. The former state trooper said one of his main focuses will be on the drug and gang problems inside county schools.

"I love people, but more than anything else I love our children," Ward said. "I'm concerned with the children in this county not only at West Bladen and East Bladen, but I'm very concerned at the middle school and elementary school level."

Ward's background in law enforcement goes back to 1971 when he decided to become a state trooper. Ward worked for the Highway Patrol for the majority of that decade.

"I left that organization back in the late '70s as a result of some trauma in my life at that present time," Ward said.

Ward was attacked by a man while on duty. He still has the hammer he was struck with and the uniform from the incident. Ward says he didn't die that day for a reason. He believes his current run for Bladen County Sheriff is one of the many things set out for him to do.

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Billy Ward

I have known Billy Ward all my life unlike alot of you probally have who are making all these negative comments about him, all you are probally doing is repeating rumors and here say. Billy Ward is a born again Christian and a good person who would give you the shirt off his back to help you out. I bet most of you who are supporting "Puppet" Benston do not even know about his career with the Bladen County Sheriff's Department. He has never been nothing more than a jailor, which is about the same as a security guard after all, that is what they are in state prisons is guards. He lands a pie job in the office which was political thanks to his mother-in-law. He has been in this stress free job out of the publics eye all these years. He has never done an investigation, nor has he had to run someone down and arrest them. He has never been a patrol officer out patrolling and enforcing the law to make this a better county. He has none of the main qualities a sheriff needs. Some people say a sheriff just needs to be a good manager, well if you have ever had any supervisor or management training you would know they tell you a good manager is one that can do the jobs he or she is overseeing themselves. Benston will not stand up for himself with all that has gone on here lately in the department. So what in the HELL do you think Benston will ever do for you and your family? You say what you want to, but Earl Storms was not much of a sheriff when he was in office and nothing has changed this time. All Storms did was "Puppet" Benston and liar Dunn's dirty work so Benston wouldn't have to do it if he wins the election. Rodney Hester was supported by Benston and Dunn's puppet master Bob Meeker in the election just to take votes from Eric Bryan. And now that Scott Pait is out of the department guess who is taking Pait's job. Well Rodney Hester himself, Yes he gave his resignation to the town of Bladenboro and said he was going to the sheriffs department and be the lead drug investigator. Looks like Meeker is lining up all his puppets. So before you all go and call Billy Ward crazy agian go look in the mirror and call yourself crazy for supporting this inexperienced coward puppet Prentis Benston.

We knew this was part of the

We knew this was part of the master plan way back. Rodney, paid to run to take vote's away from Lt. Bryan in the 2 Bladenboro precincts and some surrounding precincts, and promised bigger and better positions. Wish folks could have put 2 and 2 together months ago.

Billy Ward

I know Billy Ward, I went to school with Billy Ward, and some of u people ain't no Billy Ward.

Billy Ward

Yeah! Sure! It is the sheriff going out there and solving all the crimes in Bladen County. Then, wonder what the other 40 or 50 people employed by the sheriff's dept. do? Excuse me, 35 to 45 since the high sheriff fired five people for Mr. Benston. Let's face it, what Earl Storms did probably would have to have been done regardless of which candidate won the primary reunoff election; but there is a vast difference in doing something just because one has the power to do it and keeping that power in check for the good of Bladen County. Earl Storms did not have to do what he did. If he could not handle the job of sheriff after being out of it for 15 years then he should never have accepted the offer from the county commissioners. Philip Little should be in the position that Earl Storms holds today and the sheriff's department would have rolled on until the November election and whoever the winner of that election might be then could determine who would serve at the pleasure of the new sheriff. If Billy Ward wins the election and I hope that he does, for the sake of Bladen County, I beleive we will see good law enforcement leadership and our sheriff's department will get back to being what it suppose to be "serve and protect" Mother Bladen's people especially our young people in the schools of our county. Yes, I really do believe that a strong anti-drug sheriff and and strong vibrant leader of our young people over at West Bladen High School can help turn aroung Bladen County and West Bladen High School school. Mr. Ward's opponent in the upcoming election was running strong, but the actions of his former mother-in-law on the county commission board; his new boss, Mr. Storms; and his campaign manager, Mr. Dunn, who is handling his campaign as a captain in the latest version of Bladen's sheriff department; all these in my estimation spell victory in the November election FOR BILLY WARD FOR SHERIFF. Earl's going to be out come November; Delilah I'm sure will have great opposition the next time she is up for election; and if the sentiments of the great majority of Bladen's voters are expressed on November 2 as it appears from the latest poll run by The Bladen Journal; the candidate for the democratic party should be already looking for a job. That is unless Mr. Ward has mercy on him and keeps him in the department "at the new sherif's pleasure." At least he has fair warning, that is more than the powers that be gave the five fired deputies back the early part of July. By the way, did anyone ever find out who gave the command to Mr. Dunn to notify these five deputies thay were fired? Was it given before Earl was sworn in? If so, then Earl couldn't have given it; because he had no authority to do so at that time. It certainly wouldn't have been the coroner who was serving as sheriff until Earl was sworn in. Don't reckon it could have been given by a county commissioner who supported Earl for the job? Nah!! That is too far fetched!!! Or is it? Don't go to sleep on this election Bladen; the powers that be are hoping that all this is just going to die down and people will forget about it, don't let that happen.

Billy Ward Interview

With Mr. Ward cleaning "up" the drug scene in Bladen County and in particular our schools and our new principal at West Bladen High School, Mr. Finn committed to getting things "up" i.e. sagging pants, morale, and test scores; Bladen County is on its way back. Which just goes to prove, "one can't fool aroud with Mother Bladen"!!!!!


Keep up the support for Mr. Ward. He will be a great Sheriff for Bladen County.


Good for Mr Finn, I am glad to know that the new principal wants to do. However at East Bladen I know the principal use to invite the Bladen County Narcotics Team to put on their powerpoint presentation about the dangers of drugs. I have seen this poewerpoint first hand and it was excellant. I also know that they put on the same presentation at Bladen Community College more than once, for some reason the principal at West Bladen would not invite them. Always made me wonder why. Maybe Mr Finn can include his school in that, oh wait, they fired the 2 top Narcotics Officers and I know that the presentation was designed by Ms Nelson. It is so terrible to loose such an asset in Bladen County, for the county, for the schools, for the children, and for all citizens.

You are kidding, right?

He quits because he was assaulted?

Yet, he wants to be a county sheriff when he can't be a traffic cop. You sure? If every cop who was assaulted quit, it would be a lonesome place at the courthouse.

All Prentis has been is a

All Prentis has been is a paper serving mail man. I think a so called "traffic cop" would be better qualified.

You Are Kidding Right

You know Halloween is coming up before the election of BILLY WARD FOR SHERIFF. Why don't you go out during the day on October 31 and let some idiot beat you in the head with a hammer and leave it in there and go out trick or treating that night with the hammer sticking out of your head. Be sure and don't wear any bright colored clothing!!! If you make it through the night, see if you feel like going to work the next morning? At least, Mr. Ward, because of his love of law enforcement went back to work in the BEARS AGAINST DRUGS program. I have a feeling that experience just strenthened Mr. Ward's resolve to stay in a law enforcement field position. Now his love for Bladen County and its citizens is giving him the opportunity to continue his endeavor. Yes, Billy; you were spared through that unfortunate experience in your highway patrol career and come November 2 the fine people of Mother Bladen will elevate you to the highest law enforcement position in the county. Once there, I hope you will not forget that there was a sheriff department personnel who went through a similar life threatening situation back a few years ago in the line of duty; he would mske a fine chief deputy.

you are kidding, right?

Yea know there is a difference in being assaulted and almost killed. Ward was almost killed. If you have never been put in that position and don't know what your talking about then do some research or keep your mouth shut!!!!!


Maybe you need to check your facts before you start typing. Mr Ward did continue to work for 14 years after that incident, he went around to almost EVERY SCHOOL in the state of North Carolina teaching children the dangers of drugs. He continued to work for the North Carolina Highway Patrol driving the Bears Against Drugs van all over the state. Still employeed with Highway Patrol, hello. Doing a very GOOD thing for the state, hello.

Mr Ward, I commend you on all of your acheivements, you are a good man, and I will be gald to call you Sheriff.


Let me beat you in the head with a hammer and see how hard it is on you to return to work. It's not as easy as you think. You people can't do anything but continue to try to destroy people, maybe you should go back under the rocks you came from.

Assault causes trauma?

It is suppsoed to. Many officers suffer much more deadly attack sand return to duty to keepthe peace.

The county sheriff's responsibilities are much more complex than a traffic cop. Also, much more stressful. I fear for the mental ability of a peace officer who was terminated because he was attacked by a guy with a hammer.

Form 4473 of the BATF form asks questions about mental stability and hospitalization for mental problems which must be answered truthfully before anyone can purchase a firearm. Answering any question "Yes", especially #13 disqualifies an applicant from purchasing a firearm.

Since most officers have access to firearms, as an issue item, I wonder how a county sheriff can have access to a firearm who can't legally purchase one.

Again, the question among some the voters is: If Mr Ward can't handle the stress of a traffic cop (road patrolman, same thing), how can he possibly be an effective county sheriff.

It is too important to ignore when election time arrives. This spin that Ward is a retired state trooper should cease. Both incidents, not just the one about the hammer assault should be publicized. One of the incidents won't be brought out but can be found in the newspaper archives.

We need a strong sheriff, one who won't fold under pressure. The potential is too great for me to consider Ward for county sheriff. In fact, I think I shall stay home on election day. Benston is a settled headed, gentleman whose ex-mother-in-law stupidity has tainted his election. She is a connivor of the worst sort who will do anything to get her way.

Thus with no real choice, the best thing to do is to ride out this election. If I vote, it will be for Benston He has no personal skeltons in his closet. The actions of Mr Storms has nothing to do with him. He is a hired hand doing the bidding of the sheriff without recourse. Else he will be unemployed. One does not buck Mr Storms as he was the best sheriff we've ever had in my lifetime. He does know that he can't run an agency divided and he owes no answers to anyone, especially Bill Pait, who is still whining about his nephew losing his job.

I agree!

I will have to agree 100% with this comment. People need to look really hard before they make a decision that not only will affect Bladen County but the employees of the Sheriff's Department as well. If you don't work there, you don't know.

If one were to follow your

If one were to follow your line of reasoning to its logical end, then only Bladen County Sheriff's Department employees would be voting in the upcoming November election!

Bold Statement

That is a very bold statement and more than a little dubious. Are you insinuating that any Bladen County voter that does not work for the County has no right to form an opinion and make public that opinion? I've never been to the moon but, I know a number of facts about it. I do not manufacture radios or televisions but, I know how they work and use them everyday. I do not work for the Bladen Co. Sheriff's Dept. but, that does not make me oblivious to all matters related to that Office. Perhaps you should take some time and give greater consideration to your comments prior to posting them.

stay home

That is the best thing for you to do!!! You cannot have a say in anything if you stay home. Hard to complain when you do not even vote.


Mr. Ward not only owns several weapons, he wears one to work every day which was approved by the Criminal Justice Standards Committee. Mr. Ward also worked for over 5 years after the shootings and assaults that he was involved in with the Highway Patrol. A man died and Mr. Ward was nearly beaten to death. He retired disabled and decided to pursue an education in Law Enforcement, teach law enforcement, complete BLET (graduated in the top of his class), and devoted over 14 years to the North Carolina Trooper's Association. Mr. Ward currently works for the Warsaw Police Dept. in the same county where he was a State Trooper. His experience, professionalism, education, dedication to the youth of the community, attitude toward drugs and criminal activities, and his devotion to God and his family make him the better choice in November no matter what your political affiliation. People that do not really know the truth need to realize that these postings are not always secure and if you know the right people, an e-mail or IP address can be obtained and you can be sued for slander. Mr. Ward does not talk negative about his opposing candidate, so why should people talk bad about him?

Billy Ward was not a traffic

Billy Ward was not a traffic cop nor a meter-maid, he was a member of the North Carolina Highway Patrol, have you been to "trooper school"?
I'm glad you " went there " because Prentis Benston has not even been a meter-maid, nor a traffic cop in his 22 year law enforcement career...only Civil Division. Civil is important, but Mr. Benston has never investigated a crime, tried to apprehend a bad guy on the street, stopped a suspicious vehicle, looked down the barrel of a gun, or been at the other end of hammer. He did not have what it took 22 years ago, nor does he have it now. He cannot begin to relate to a REAL officer's/deputy's job requiremnents. Keep trying to slander, I (we) won't be silent.silver


First off I would like to address the question of being able to handle stress. A person who goes through a tramatic event and then continues on to get their Master's Degree from a University like the University of South Carolina (getting an education is stressful) can obvioulsy hanlde all types of stress. A person who can make it through a tramatic experience wether or not they continue in the line of work they were in at the time is irrelevant, it is how they deal with it and make their life better. Look at former Louisiana State Trooper Bobby Smith, he teaches law enforcement everyday what it means to suffer a tramatic event. So I commend ANYONE who has suffered any tramatic experience and make themselves to be the men that both of these former troopers are today.

Second, Mr Ward obviously can purchase as well as carry a firearm, he has been sworn with Warsaw Police Department and I don't think that chief told him he had to carry a blackjack instead of a firearm. This argument is just the type of political stupidy that the Benston campaign did the last time.

Benston while does have a level head (or puts on the impression of having one) the man has not stood up once and spoke for himself. All he has showed this county is that he is a puppet who will do whatever the right people want to get what he wants. He has NEVER done anything for any community in this county to include his own, neither has his mommy-in-law.

So while all of the Benston supporters want to continue to try to intimidate and run people down, ask them what has Benston done for this county (becasue there is nothing there), which of his subordinates has he had a long time intimate relationship with, and who is padding his pockets for him to stay to the side and keep his mouth shut. He has had plenty of opportunities to do the RIGHT thing and has yet to do anything except allow people like Herman Dunn and his mommy-in-law to make him look like a complete idiot...

Benston is a "Puppet".

Maybe you should find out

Maybe you should find out more about Mr. Ward's trauma incident before you judge him....or are you just trying to make him look bad?

Only on 3 Ward talks about run for Bladen Sheriff

Everyone needs to vote for Billy Ward, just look at the mess that the other one has caused for this county, his mother in law or ex, who knows which it is, broke the law and tried to vote at least two times and maybe as many as three, or who knows, it seems as if people who "didn't" even vote voted for the other one in the run off so maybe she did get her several votes in after all, who knows? Then our county commissioners didn't trust the other to run things so put a retired man back in office and when he started cleaning up things it all got out of hand and they wanted him out, funny how they wanted to retire Storms again but let Blanks get away free and easy. She really didn't know any better because she has always had about 6 votes on the board of commissioners. Storms you do what you want now because God help us if Blanks gets to run the Sheriff's office also, I mean she runs most of the county commissioners now because they are afraid to go against her, if her son in law or ex son in law, whatever-in law gets in office it will give new meaning to "Bladen County the Mother County".

“There is nothing more

“There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.”

I agree! Although I suspect

I agree! Although I suspect that our perspectives differ and I doubt that Goethe would post such a comment about a candidate for the Office of Bladen County Sheriff. Perhaps a quote from Cicero would be more a propos, "Ignoratione rerum bonarum et malarum maxime hominum vita vexatur." "Through ignorance of what is good and what is bad, the life of men is greatly perplexed."

Ward/Independents & Republicans

A good number of my family, friends, and I are registered as a Republicans in Bladen County. We have not had much say in recent history regarding the election for Sheriff. With no Republicans or Independents running for that office until now, the winner of the Democratic primary has been the "de facto" Sheriff. That has changed now. I am happy to witness this change. After discussing the matter with a number of others from both camps, I really cannot envision any scenario (a gun to my head, a loved one kidnapped, etc.) in which I would vote for a certain Bladen County Commissioner or anyone whom she supports. I would like her to know that it is neither legal, nor moral, nor even acceptable to "Vote early & Vote often!" In simpler words, it is illegal and you cannot do it. Unless, of course, you get caught and no one prosecutes or punishes you in any way. In that event, it is not really a law but, more of a loose guideline or recommendation and you might as well do it again and again and again....afterall, there is no threat of punishment!
I would also like certain other parties to know that it is "verboten" to allow a Sheriff's Dept. employee to carry an absentee ballot to a third party to be completed by anyone other than the person for whom the ballot is intended. And in the event that you are considering doing so, please stay out of the cemetaries and leave the dead alone! I understand that you believe that you know their true intentions regarding the upcoming elections and that you only wish to kindly help those who cannot help themselves cast their absentee ballots but, this too is illegal. Or is it also one of those loose guidelines that we have here in Bladen County?
And in closing,....Go Mr. Ward! You have my vote!

Best man for the Job

Mr. Ward is correct; he is the best man for the job!! He has our support in November.

After all of the turmoil

After all of the turmoil that I have witnessed by the past campaigning that went on in this county, he has mine to.