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Was the presidential primary season too long?

READ MORE: Was the presidential primary season too long?
Was it long and drawn out, or an exciting contest? That was the two views voters had about one of the longest presidential primary seasons in history. It is pretty much a mixed bag in terms of reaction. While some say the Clinton-Obama contest has generated a new interest in politics, others say the long primary season took away from the real issues. Since John McCain clinched the Republican nomination in early March, the focus has been Hillary Clinton versus Barack Obama. Clinton entered the race for president in January of 2007, kicking off one of the longest primary seasons our country has ever seen. UNCW International and Public Affairs Chair Roger Lowery said, "It's due to the dynamics of two strong contenders that split the vote. Otherwise it would have ended much sooner, which is the norm." Some voters say, they're feeling the effects of a political hangover from the primaries. Agnes Howard from Chicago said, "They're too long and drawn out. I think we ought to do something like they do in England or Europe -- something like it's six to eight weeks and let it go at that." "I definitely think it was blown out of proportion and it was definitely made to take attention from what the real problems were," said Wilmington resident Beth Bronson. Others say the primaries may have done just the opposite. "It made them sharper. It gave them a real challenge, and they got better at what they were doing. They got to know their schpiel much better. They got to know what they were talking about," said Leland resident Ira Epstein. A long campaign generated a buzz. Enough buzz to spark interest in people who otherwise may be a no-show at the polls. Wilmington resident Dixon Stetler said, "I am very excited to be in America right now because we might have a black president, and we might have a woman vice president. How cool is that?" Doctor Lowery also said a long primary season may put the Democratic nominee at a disadvantage. While Clinton and Obama were vying for the party nomination, McCain has set his sites on the general election in November. But, Lowery said there also has been an electricity surrounding the Democratic race so, that may help the party's nominee.

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TOO long

WAY too long and we have months of listening to Obama and McCain now. I am so glad I HAVE CABLE so I can watch commercial free TV. I don't need to be constantly reminded just how screwed up and doomed we all are.

On the way

What was his campain slogan? Change... Yea, that is all that will be left of your paycheck after the taxes are raised to pay all the welfare, free medical care and all the other babysitting services the DIMocrats want to push.

Campaign Season Too Long?

I didn't think this was a candidate bashing question. I thought is was a "how long do I have to hear this drivel" question. The campaign season was 17 months long this time. I don't think anyone should be able to even announce their running till the YEAR of the election.

Primary Length

WAY too long. In fact, since it's ultimately the decision of the political parties, why spend all that money?! The money could be better spent on Cancer research or to feed people.


Can we please get a do over? These choices suck!

Go Hillary!

You go girl, keep on the trail. You did win the popular vote and don't you ever let them forget it! McBush don't stand a chance!

Al Gore

She won the popular vote but will now have to run as an independent in the general election.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery

However, people can click on my ID and yours to see who is the REAL Uncle Reality. Don't count out McCain - he has no intention of winning the White House by appealing to "Republicans." He plans on winning by attracting MODERATE Republicans (i.e., Liberals) and Democrats who are not nutso enough to elect a Marxist like Obama. In that light, my prediction is that those who are predicting he picks Romney or Huckabee as the VP candidate are way off base. He doesn't CARE about the Conservative base of the Republican Party, because his game plan doesn't count on them to win. My bet? Lieberman. My outside, crazy-wild bet? Clinton.

It was certainly too long....

...considering the choices we wound up with. The prospect of an Obama presidency sickens me but I do not believe that I can, in good conscience, vote for McCain. Bob Barr is starting to look better every day.....

Election too long

Then you might as well vote for Obama, because voting for Bob Barr is the same thing has throwing away your vote. I would like you to think about that from now until election day. Because this nation can not afford for the Obama followers to out vote McCain at the polls. Put your difference aside for McCain and do the right thing or suffer the consequence of falling under Marxist rule. Because Obama is too left wing for the values of this country.

Guess u will be sick then.

Guess u will be sick then.


We have a big problem in this country when it comes to the November election. Millions of people really like Obama and are going to follow him blindly to the polls. Then there are the rest of the people who have to make a decision and hold their noses and vote for McCain. The question is, how many nose holders are in this country?


There's a lot of time between now and the election. Obama will be fully exposed and the emperor will no longer have any clothes. IMO ,once Americans get a good glimpse of what this man is about they will turn out in record numbers to defeat him. McCain will win, he'll play his games, and a true conservative will rise to the top in the meantime ready for a run at the next election. This is my prediction. Obama can do far more damage than McCain in four years sadly because of a gutless congress.


Too bad most the people on this forum don't vote, but old tea parties for those they want to throw money at, for old time's sake. Nose holders don't vote it seems; we would not be in this mess if they thought about what they throw money into.