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Water restrictions limit pressure washing companies

WILMINGTON -- Mandatory water restrictions have been in effect in the city of Wilmington for weeks now. That means no pressure washing the outside of homes, a rule that has virtually put professional pressure washers out of business. At the last City Council meeting pressure washers went in front of council members to clarify the rules. Some water-related businesses are allowed to operate, including lawn care businesses and car washes that use recycled water -- but not pressure washing companies. Pressure washing business owners say the water restrictions have drastically affected their livelihood. Water restrictions prohibit pressure washing, so they can't make a living. While business owners say it's important to do their part in conserving water, they also say they need to be able to pay the bills. That's why they want the city to change the ordinance to include their operations as part of the water related businesses that are allowed to continue operating. Cape Fear Pressure Washing owner Ken Wiggins said, "We've got people that have families to feed, we've got businesses that they've got work to be done and we can't do it. It's basically shut us down." A city spokesperson says changes to the ordinance to include pressure washing businesses is in the works. City Council will hear the changes to the ordinance in their next City Council meeting on November 20. In the meantime these business owners will just have to sit tight.

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It is November. MY grass is now dormant and needs no water. Is the golf courses grass dormant as well? I do not play golf so I have no idea what type of grass they have. Unless their pond is spring fed it should be empty because we are in a drought say some. Pressure washing uses a lot of water. I hate to see someone suffer financially but that does seem like a waste of water. Feel sorry for the guy.

Pressure Washing Companies are Vital

Pressure washing companies are a vital part of keeping properties clean and free from mold growth. The reality is is that pressure washing uses less than half of what a garden hose will flow. The maintenance and cleaning companies are getting unfairly targeted.

Washing is a necessity & professionals use less than you'd think

The power washing industry covers far more than washing houses and driveways. Imagine how the Health Department would view a restaurant with filthy dumpster pads or grease covered sidewalks. Mildew on the sides of buildings or homes poses a serious health risk. And yes, new construction could come to a halt if areas could not be cleaned. As mentioned in another reply, if painters had to rely on scraping old paint rather than quickly and efficiently removing it, labor costs will triple. Many power washing business owners have families with children that they would like to see have access to water in the future so they run their companies using measures like reclamation (the ability to pick up waste water) coupled with a recycling system or have implemented the use of professional equipment and cleaners. The industry is not out there just wasting water! Professional power washers are business people, just like landscapers and carwashes. Certainly the drought cannot be blamed on the power wash community nor should ANY business have to anticipate bad planning by humankind when choosing their business model. Too many don't understand the importance of this line of work.

Water Restriction

It bothered me some Weeks ago when i heard about Water Restriction's,that alot of Nursery and Plantshops had to ration there Water.But the Golfcourse was alot to use to water anytime so the have GREEN GRASS.yet Golfing is a Sport and Nursery and Garden places are there Income the same as the Pressurewashing.

Golf course water

The muni waters from a pond

reply to the muni

LOL, so that pondwater that the MUNI uses to water is the reason their greens are horrible.