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Water slides could join Carolina Beach amusements

READ MORE: Water slides could join Carolina Beach amusements

Last summer, Pleasure Island brought carnival rides and amusements back to the beach. Now water slides could become a part of the fun at Carolina Beach.

The Carolina Beach Planning and Zoning Commission recommended the Town Council approve a conditional use permit for a water park a few blocks from the beach. But nearby property owners are worried that replacing the sounds of the ocean with screaming kids could hurt their property value and their health.

A developer wants to use a vacant half-acre lot at South Lake Park Blvd. and Hamlet Avenue for an inflatable water slide park two blocks from the beach. If Carolina Beach Town Council approves a conditional use permit, the water park will butt up against Richard Lehrer's property.

"I'm all for water parks," Lehrer said. "I've got an eight-year-old kid. I'm all for NASCAR. I just don't want to live next door to it."

The town's planning director Gary Ferguson says the water rides would be the perfect match for the amusements brought in last year.

"It's going to provide more opportunity for more tourists to come to the Town of Carolina Beach," Ferguson said.

Lehrer is worried the extra noise means he'll lose his tenant and cause health hazards for his family. But the Planning Board says the town will take the noise level into account before issuing the permit.

Town Council will review plans for the permit and make a decision at their meeting March 9. If it's approved the developer plans to have the rides open for the summer. Lehrer says if that happens he plans to file a lawsuit against the town.

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It's funny, Lehrer says "he"

It's funny, Lehrer says "he" doesn't want to live next to a water park and then he says he will lose a tenant if the water park goes in. Mr. Lehrer, do you live there? does your tenant lives there? Or do you live there with your tenant? Please make up your mind on what story you are going to tell.........

water slides in Carolina Beach

WWAY should investigate ANY relationship The Carolina Beach Planning and Zoning Commission and Town Council has with the water slide company. I'm thinking a conflict of interest might just surface. Mr. Gary Ferguson's comment, "It's going to provide more opportunity for more tourists to come to the Town of Carolina Beach" is way off base. In my humble opinion, this type of amusement will drive away tourists. Folks looking for a carnival atmosphere while on vacation will go to Myrtle Beach. The older more afflunent vacationers desire laid back beaches with plenty of good restaurants, quality properties and shopping. Hopefully Mr. Gary Ferguson will not look at tractor pulls and turkey shoots as a way to encourage visits to The Town of Carolina Beach.

Lone Wolf

If Mr. Lehrer has the resources to sue a City then he probably doesn't need tenants and once the improvements are in place the property value will increase so Mr. Lehrer could move. Yes, or he could just move. I think it would be very ironic if once Mr. Lehrer files his suit for harassment the City counter-sues him for harassment. And, can you imagine what that 8 yr old girl must think about her Father who is unhappy at a Water Park going in next to their house on the Beach! lol I know what I think.....

Justin, your arguement

Justin, your arguement doesn't make any sense. You make way too many broad irrational generalizations. Stop being incredulous.

I don't see how someone's reasources have anything to do with whether or not they have a right to protect their assets and/or to create revenue. An entertainment park next to residential property WILL NOT increase the value of the property, it will negatively impact it. I wish there were more people in the community who would stand up to this corrupt power structure in CB.

BTW your personal attacks are pathetic. Atleast this little girl has a strong father figure, and she's probably going to be taught a lot about personal liberties and how governments (local, state, or federal) are inclined to trample over them.

Common Sense

Lehrer makes an excellent point. If I was vacationing or living in Carolina Beach, I certainly wouldn't want an amusement / water slide park next to my property. The noise alone would almost be harrasment, but think of all the germs and diseases that could arise from such a place.

But shouldn't that be common sense?

The zoning/planning board/and council are NOT putting the concerns of the citizens and community first, and instead the interests of the developer.

Who's on the take?

I have a couple of things

I have a couple of things to say about this. First who ever wrote it should find out what the phrase common sense means before using it in public and looking so foolish. Second " who's on the take?" were you voted off from council or something? Honestly just admitt this is a great idea and the only reason you are crying is because you did not think of it. I wonder if Lehrer would stop his crying if he was offered a percentage of the project? Hhmmmm...

That is rediculous!!!

First of all, there is over 8 miles of beaches on pleasure island, so vacation in an area away from PEOPLE. The Outer Banks is even more desolate...go there.

"...ALL OF THE GERMS, AND DESEASES THAT COULD ARISE FROM SUCH A PLACE." That's a bunch of Pelosi! What do think they will do? Use sewage for the water supply?

That is the most redilculous and biased statement I've ever must be Lehrer....what about those crusty armpits of yours contaminating the atmosphere and spreading desease?

Nope not Lehrer, just

Nope not Lehrer, just someone who knows how corrupt CB is.

This ain't about what's appropriate for CB and the community, or even the property owners, its about money. I wonder who on council is getting the most?

If you "KNOW" that CB is

If you "KNOW" that CB is corrupt and you seem to dislike it here so much why are you here? Is it about money? Also you seem to know a real lot about council being paid. Is this knowledge from 1st hand experience????? Hhmmm... Interesting...

Nice Guns

Nice Guns

There will always be a whiner....

I live at CB and love it. I really like the improvements to the Boardwalk and all of the associated family activities. I went to many outdoor concerts at the gazebo last summer and watched the little kids dancing to the music. Good family fun and great production by CB town council. So...did Lehrer complain about that noise too...and the noise and pollution of the fireworks? Did his family have deal with ill heath effects from all of that family activity? Quite doubtful!

Bottom line - If you're going to move and live close to a central area of activity in a beach town, get used to things like this and stop complaining or move back to where you came from. They are doing really good things at CB to make it family friendly and I welcome the progress.

Oh...and sorry, but Mr. Smart Guy in the pic, doesn't really look so smart in his sleeveless attire with a vest. He should take notes from his little daughter that knows a bit better on how to dress in the winter.

"Mr. Smart Guy in the pic,

"Mr. Smart Guy in the pic, doesn't really look so smart in his sleeveless attire with a vest. He should take notes from his little daughter that knows a bit better on how to dress in the winter."

Wow, Carolina Beach has a dress code. Who knew?

It's not about a "Dress Code", DeadHead...'s about "Credibility" when your opinion is stated AND your photograph is displayed on the public media.....geeeeeeez.

Do you smoke that stuff everyday?

The noise pollution from

The noise pollution from this water park will be in the 110 decibel level, which is about twice the limit allowed by the Town of Carolina Beach noise ordinance. Why put this in an area surrounded by private residences, when there are so many more appropriate areas for this kind of attraction? Of course there's New York money funding this water slide park, and if the noise is enough to drive out tenants, many property owners will not be able to make their payments. Maybe there will be some New York money to buy up the foreclosures at dimes on the dollar.

I have a question. How do

I have a question. How do you know that the people "funding" this water slide park are from New York? Also why does that matter if they are? One more thing, I was at the council meeting and the people wanting to set up the water park are from Fayeteville, that's in North Carolina, just incase you didn't know that. While I'm at it let me ask about the 110 decibel level. How do you know this park will create this amount of noise? Do you have any proof? Or is this just opinion's? People who talk the way you do should try backing up there statements with facts and stop assuming. You do know what ass-uming means don't you? Have a nice day and may God bless this water park...

Noise, noise, noise....

Yes... empirical fact. Once a water park is built, it immediately and constantly generates 110 decibels of noise. Not happy children laughing splashing and playing; noise. The problem is not that it's surrounded by houses but that CB has not allowed or encouraged any Beach/ commercial enterprise in decades so there has been absolutely no draw but the Beach. And hey, there might even be some local money to grab up fools leaving Beach properties because of Beach attractions. I'm ready....

I'm all for it -improve the Boardwalk!

We are losing businesses left and right on the boardwalk. Now Blackhorn is added to the list and what this town needs more than ever is to draw more families back.

I lived here years ago when there was a strip club on the boardwalk, seedy characters, and drug deals right out in the open and it was crowded. The family atmosphere is a nice change. The boardwalk makeover seems to be working - I noticed alot more "family types" last year, but they need to do more. Let them bring the water park.

And before anyone says anything, I live right beside the boardwalk. I dont even have small children, but if it means our town will get the tourism it so desperately needs to keep our businesses from suffering - so be it.

Lighten up, you live in a beach town. If you dont like it, move.

I'm all for it too

We need to pursue and support family friendly attractions. An attraction this benign and temporary is a great place to start. It will help to draw more seasonal rentals, return bookings, and boost much needed tourism income. I know we'd all like to see a business succeed to prove to other investors that CB can sustain more tourism based businesses. The bleeding has to stop somewhere - property values need to stabilize and businesses need the opportunity to thrive. Why do some create a hostile, myopic environment that does not foster a healthy business district or a unified effort to have CB prosper?

I see this guy's point of

I see this guy's point of view. It may be a great tourist attraction but I am sure they could find somewhere else to put it. I was thinking maybe Gary Ferguson's front yard? After all, the thinks it would be such a wonderful and non-disruptive thing to have around.

That little girl is so cute!

That little girl is so cute! (I know her.)

I am sorry but I am just

I am sorry but I am just blown away by some of this stuff. First off, you move/live, at/near a main part of Carolina Beach, ( especially in the business district area), and you want to complain/control noise Are you folks for real? If you do not want to be near that scene/noise, then move off the main area to a non business area. It seems that noise around here depends on who makes it and when ? I live near Uncle Vinny and there are nights that they have live bands and it runs late into the night. Does someone come and "control" that noise ? Does someone control the blue lights during all hours of the night on S Lake Park BLVD? Carolina Beach needs revenue to help keep costs down for the year round resident who live here, or the folks who own rental properties here. I have a perfect example of idiots next door,,,,,,,,,,,they rent a house that is in the business district and wants everything quiet so their baby can sleep/nap,,,,,,,,,,,give me a break,,,,,,,when I bought this property I knew "where" it was located,,,,,,,,,,if I was just renting I would also know "where" it is located,,,,,,
Do not drive away the family friendly enviroment,,,,,,,,,,the alterantives are not good,,,,,,,,,,