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Wave Transit bus involved in accident

A Wave Transit bus was involved in an accident Tuesday afternoon. Witnesses said the bus was turning onto the MLK entrance ramp off 23rd Street, when it collided with a Toyota Camry. No one was hurt, but the crash did cause hydraulic fluid to spill onto the road. The entrance ramp had to be shut down while crews cleaned it up. The driver of the Camry said he was side-by-side with the bus when the accident happened. “It's was in the right turning lane, I was in the straight lane. As that bus starts to turn right the next thing I feel is a little connection and my car being pulled to the right as well,” said Jean Paul Laurenceau. Wave Transit officials declined to comment on the accident. The company sent another bus to pick up passengers who were onboard during the incident.

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Wave Transit Accident 2/16/10 Bus 106 (or in general)

I have to side with the Wave drivers. Some pedestrians are idiots, myself included. I listen to my iphone while walking when I shouldn't. Has anyone ever driven a bus that big? If you haven't had the experiance, then shut the f**k up! I personally have never driven a bus, but a family member has and I know how hard it is. Before you go dissing the drivers, maybe you should ride with the 102 when they are headed to the Independence CTP. Do you know how hard it is to turn the bus around there?! I admire their bravery for driving in this packed college town.


Read the lyrics, respect the drivers, and start trying to drive as safe as they do.

Guess what... WAVE bus drivers CANNOT DRIVE WORTH A LICK!

Several years ago I was in an accident with a wave bus. It was CLEARLY the drivers fault as he had PULLED OUT IN FRONT OF ME in front of ME.. Guess who got charges for failing to reduce speed (5mph) to avoid a collision....? Yep... Me... The WAVE drivers VERY often can be seen taking up two lanes of traffic, quickly switching lanes without a turn signal, and are rude offensive drivers who act as if they own the road. So this is NOT a surprise at all,

I am going to be the oddball

I am going to be the oddball here and go to bat for the drivers. Being on campus at UNCW I see a lot of these buses all day long. I have even gotten to know some of the drivers. Every one I have met has been very friendly and courteous. Most of all they are very cautious. All day long they dodge kids on bikes and skateboards oblivious to what is going on around them because they are all listening to their ipods and can't hear what is going on around them. I can't believe one of them hasn't been hit yet not being able to hear their surroundings. I saw a wave driver on campus nearly hit a car the other day because the CAR pulled right out in front of HER BUS. I dont know how she stopped in time, but she did thank goodness. Every morning on my way to uncw there is a bus that has a stop at the back of Hanover Center on Independence Blvd. After that stop the driver has to cross both lanes to get into the turn lane to make the left onto Wrightsville Ave and no one will help them out. Everyone is trying to slingshot past the bus and its difficult for the bus to make the lane changes. I admire the drivers and their bravery to maneuver those large machines in the dangerous streets of NHC. Especially with our wonderful ranking of worst county to drive in for the 4th, 6th, 10th year running or whatever it is. I can't stand to be in Wilmington traffic just to get to work, class wherever and these folks are in it all day long. It is blatently obvious that no one on here or on the road has any respect for them, the service the provide or the aggravation they endure at the hands of other drivers. Bless their brave hearts and give them a break people!


Your comment was very much needed! It's nice to know some people Appreciates us! Thank You.

You are very welcome!

You are very welcome!

Bus Driver

CLEARLY the drivers fault?! You got the ticket idoit! When you hit someone in the rear, It's always your fault.EVERYONE knows that. I'll bet you tried to speed up or were talking/texting on the phone. You must NOT have been paying attention. IF YOU WOULD HAVE HAD JUST A LITTLE BIT OF COURTESEY AND PATIENCE THEN,YOU WOULD'NT BE CRYING ABOUT IT NOW! I drive a Wave bus and have been for years. I've never been in an accident, but if I was'nt a DEFENSIVE DRIVER I would have been in plenty! Talk only about the people YOU know, Don't go running your mouth about everyone who drives a bus just because YOU REAR-ENDED one once.


i didnt rear end the bus. The bus was turning right and i was in the straight lane . he turned right, too wide, ended up putting his rear in my lane, and i went into the on coming traffic lane in order to avoid the bus. a car was coming, i over corrected too much back into my lane and then the bus's back left side got stuck under my front right fender. and dragged me 2o yards. i did get the ticket, because i caused the accident to happen in a differnt location.." maneuver before ascertaining the movement could be made with safety" was the charge. If i would have rear ended the bus, while it was in my lane, it would have been the buses fault because it should have takened up two lanes. so before you jump on my case , you should know the facts and how the accident really occurred. Nevertheless u are entitled to your own opinion and should back your fellow driver. I was not meaning to point a finger at the driver and talk bad, just simply saying that if the driver didnt take such a wide turn it wouldnt have been in my lane and i wouldnt have had to do that. have a good day and i am sorry if i offended you :)


MY NAME IS COREY J. LEWIS, MY EMAIL IS that clear enough??? I am willing to take a petition and go to city council meetings and take the lead. You may be ONE of the few GOOD drivers. Someone will get killed by one of your fellow drivers and that is the plain truth. If I had a dime for every time I was afraid to get beside one of your busses on the street I would be able to pay a few bills. The Wave Transit drivers are TERRIBLE and I think all of the responses here are proof enough, and if we get enough support, there can be a change. Stop defending yourself and take responsibility for yourselves. Is it going to take someone getting killed? Explain to me why your boss declined comment. Why is it that the victim was the enemy and got cited? WE AS CITIZINS NEED TO STAND UP AND SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. And by the way....Wave Transit is getting 2.5 million dollars of money??? FOR WHAT!!!???


I don't understand why you felt like we need to know your name or e-mail. But anyway Corey, If you read the Star-news Sunday, the front page has in BIG CAPITAL LETTERS "DEADLY STREETS" Thirty people died on New Hanover roads in 2008. I did'nt see where a Wave transit bus was involved in any of them or any where near these fatal crashes. Be careful people, stop being in such a hurry, try and have a little courtesey, and most important, don't follow cars OR busses to closely. You may be the next fatality or kill someone YOU run in to. In closing, I would like to thank the person (Guestfor the bus drivers) who had positive things to say about us. It was very much appreciated!

Bad Luck

I was the driver of the other vehicle. This was def the buses fault, they def were in my lane as they were turning....but because i attempted to maneuver around the bus with ascertaining that such movement could be made with safety, the fact that the bus hit me in a different location then where i would have orignally hit the bus, i was cited for it. what a load of bull if you ask me ....

Does this suprise anyone???

Does this WAVE Transit accident actually suprise anyone? What the suprise actually is, is that an incident like this or God forbid anything worse hasn't happened before. The WAVE Transit drivers are the worst on the road. Forget the accident gawkers, the cell phone users, or the occasional tourist not knowing where they are going, the bus drivers are horrible. Just yesterday I was about run off the side of the road by one of these drivers...again. They just don't care and something needs to be done before something worse happens.This should open the eyes of every citizen to stand up and say enough is enough. Oh, and Wave Transit declined comment, another suprise.

Does this WAVE Transit accident actually suprise anyone

Again. WHO GOT THE TICKET? The impatient person. THAT is the problem. If they could only have waited just a couple of seconds. But no, I've just got hurry up and get around that bus and there you go! All tore up! For what???? All of you need to take a defensive driving course!

I hope Ricky is OK

I hope Ricky is OK

I read your comment sometime

I read your comment sometime last week and chuckled at it. I got on the LOOP shuttle at UNCW on Friday and the first face I saw was none other than Ricky Meeks chatting with the students! I thought it was funny! He is such a nice guy.


I'm sure he got out, watched the scene while doing his dance and listening to his mp3 player while waving at people driving by. Good ol' ricky meeks. If you don't know who Ricky Meeks is, you cannot consider yourself a Wilmingtonian.


Have to agree!! If you don't know who Ricky is then you aren't a true Wilmingtonian!!! Go Ricky!!!!!