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Wave Transit dealing with $265,000 budget shortfall

WILMINGTON -- The rising cost of fuel has also put the brakes on some of Wave Transit's services. The agency is dealing with a $265,000 budget shortfall -- mostly due to diesel costs. Wave Transit buys about 1,000 gallons of diesel a day, plus gas. Major route changes go into effect March 31, but to save money, instead of service every half hour a bus will come by every hour. Wave Transit also reduced the hours of one of its trolleys. To make up the shortfall, Wave Transit will ask the city and county for the money.

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Wave Transit

I suggested that they start running the buses on bio-fuel. Recycled cooking oil, etc. It could work...

Better use of resources

WAVE needs to do a better job of budgeting their funds. We all know that fuel costs have been rising steadily for the last couple of years. This should have been expected. I am sure that they can reduce or discontiure some routes until this fiscal year ends. I am in total agreement with the county turning down the request. Hopefully, the city will do the same. I do regret that this will affect those you currently use its services. They will be the ones paying the highest price for the budget shortfall WAVE currently has.

WAVE - here are some better ideas!

Raise rates Reduce operating hours Continue reduced services We don't need our own endless supply of red ink, a la Amtrack. If WAVE can't exist on it's own revenues, then we obviously don't have a need for it. I'll pay taxes to support WAVE when WAVE riders start paying part of my fuel bill.

Public Transportation

While public transportation is a necessary service for any city, it must remain a part of any future city plans. Sweeping public transportation under the carpet, resembles our thinking on area roadways, and please look how behind we are on that one. You have to look to the future,as you know this will NOT always be a small town of locals--nice as this sounds to some. I do agree that cutting the bus service to once an hour seems adequate, especially considering the low number of passengers you usually see on a bus. But thinking the passengers can solely support any public or mass transportation is just rhetoric. Yes, one car for everyone over 16 is a great way to go if you can. But I still believe the city needs to develop new ways to encourage bus travel, such as free routes, better routes, etc.

I am looking to the future

Once the red ink starts, it keeps flowing unless you stop it immediately. We do not need to duplicate all the mistakes made in the Northeast corridor of this country, and wind up with a funding nightmare like New York's MTA. We need to stand by one firm conviction, right from the beginning - public transportation must be self-supporting via rates.