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Wave Transit fares rise Monday

It will cost you a little more to ride Wave Transit starting on Monday, October 20th. The fare will rise from a $1 to a $1.50. Officials voted to approve the increase after 3 public hearings on the proposal. Cape Fear Public Transportation authority said the increase will help to offset the rising cost of diesel gas prices.

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Well, it's official. It now costs the same price for me to drive to work, as to take the bus. With the added bonus that I can enjoy some music, a cigarette, a cup of coffee, and a little extra sleep when I drive. Shouldn't there be incentive to ride the bus?

The WAVE fare

...should be whatever is required to make WAVE self-sufficient. This is becoming a boat-anchor around the taxpayers' necks, and if we don't take steps to make it financially self-sufficient now, it will be our own little in-house Amtrack money-pit for many years to come. One need take only a cursory glance at the Northeastern cities to see what a nightmare urban mass-transit funding can become over the long term. User fees are alway better than higher taxes. Let the users pay for WAVE. If there aren't enough to pay for the service, then figure out how to attract more riders or accept the fact that Wilmington does not need bus service.


knows no bounds....last time I checked...prices at the pump were down. I think I will pay less taxes this year...cause I need to offset the price at the pump!

Bus Fairs

Terry L. Davis Sr. To whom it may concern; I think now with fuel prices coming down as they are the Wave transit system needs to keep the bus fairs at the previous price. Yours Truly, Terry L. Davis Sr.

Higher prices for lower quality

Time to replace the entire system. Bad route designs. Bad maintenance. Incompetant and/or unprofessional employees (not only to customers but to one another as well). After having had to ride the bus for almost 15 years, I can't really say there has been as bad a time with the bus system as there has been in the past couple of years. Complaining to the transit authority is worthless. Public hearings are worthless when they are designed to allow the fewest customers to attend. Years ago, the Post Office was the butt of jokes in regards to raising prices while lowering quality. Wilmington's mass transit system has overtaken and replaced the Post Office in that regard easily. Andrew

dont like it-then buy a car!

I am sick and tired of hearing people complain about this. if you dont like the bus system then buy a car! what do u expect, maybe we should ask the town to have the busses stop infront of everyones house in wilmington, knock on the door, see if they need a ride, and then cary them from the house and place them gently in a seat on the bus! this just shows how lazy people are when they have to actually walk to a bus stop. And 1 more thing. please shut up about the price. it cost most americans from $60.00-$90.00 to fill up our vehicles per tank 2 or 3 times a month. do tghe math. Its nearly $300.00. I would bet my paycheck that no one come close to that monthly riding the bus eaven if your rode it ever day.

Hate is definitely the right title for you.

Your low level of intelligence at assuming that everyone who rides the bus can: Afford a car Can see to drive a car Want to pollute the air with more cars Have an income, earned or otherwise, that can include maintaining a car Nor did anyone, at any time, suggest door to door service. Clearly you haven't got the educational skills to read the route maps and schedule. Really, you are so clearly ignorant of the actual issues surrounding the mass transit system that one wonders why you bother to make such a fool of yourself spouting off. Or perhaps you are financially benefiting from higher prices somehow? Work for the bus company? Raising the prices of gas delivered for the mass transit systems? Doing some sort of price gouging to cause the mass transit system to need to raise prices? That's certain more probably than the baffoonish prattle you just drooled out. Andrew