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Wave Transit hears from riders

READ MORE: Wave Transit hears from riders
WILMINGTON -- Wave Transit is hoping to solve the problems of Wilmington bus riders. It held a public meeting Thursday. The room at the Wave Transit office was filled with concerned bus riders. Hands raised immediately when Wave's route committee chairman Andy Koeppel opened the forum to questions and concerns. Residents asked the Wave Transit board members if they have ever tried getting around using the bus system. A number of people also talked about how difficult it is for elderly and disabled people to locate the new bus locations. They feel the new system is confusing, especially when trying to get to the hospital or a doctors appointment. Wilmington resident Paul Zanzuski said, "I went to the hospital one day, and I said to myself, where the hell are we going? We went to Target store, and I wanted to go to the hospital. Well we got to the hospital eventually, an hour later." Residents also voiced concerns about how the route maps are difficult to interpret. They want to able to easily plan a bus trip to their destination. And for everyone who missed Thursday's meeting, there will be another one. It'll take place next Thursday, May 1, from noon to 1:00 p.m. at Wave's office on Castle Street. The public is also invited to Wave's board meetings. Those take place Thursday nights at 7:00.

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When the new company comes to town they need to clear out the office to start with. Some people in the office have never driven a bus much less sat in one. Wave transit isnt the army its people that need to get places. The bus drivers are treated like crap. You would think the best people to make good routes would be the drivers but they wont listen to the drivers. You cant run transit from a window in the office you need field supervisor's out on the streets so when a problem happens it can be handle now instead of blowing you off. You ever walked into the wave office you cant tell if you talking to a supervisor or a bum off the street no name tags or even a wave logo on there shirts. These new signs they bought why the old ones where just fine and all they had to do is put them where they needed to be waste of money. Drivers dont know the new routes because they only trained once on them. They made these new schedules they arnt even right. I repeat clean the office out and get some people in there that care. out with the old in with the new its about time.

wave transit now and future troubles

wave transit will not be able to handle any future ridership problems unless a real transit company comes in and takes over. Geez, did I hear about a new company taking over wave???? We are saved.. The people of wilmington should praise this new company because its a REAL transit company. Drivers and some management will begin to see a difference the first week. There is hope for wilmington. Just have a little more patience......Name of new company... Professional Transit Management. haleluya


I 'love' it when the ignorant get on here show it full, loud, and proud. YES - owning a vehicle is a privilege; however, people who take the bus do so because they dont OWN one or dont want to pay the high gas prices just to drive around town. YES - the bus has many stops; however, Target is NOWHERE near the hospital. However, the bus driver is not going to be able to tell EVERY rider how to get around town. Nor do they want to take the time to do it! The previous bus system was confusing but not as confusing as it is now. I am upset about the new system because the routes ARE difficult to read. Also, there was a bus stop I used to get back and forth to CFCC for classes and it was removed completely!!! This has placed a hardship on me because the only vehicle in my family is used by my husband for his employment. I think the WAVE Transit system needs to rethink its routing system.

Wrightsville Beach

There is no route to the beach because the beach only wants people who are going to spend alot of money(tourists), not day trippers. I have lived here for 35 years and that is the way it has always been.

yeah if they dont like it

yeah if they dont like it take a taxi ,buy a car ,moped,bicycle,walk. people i wish i had one of those dollar bill machines like on the buses in my vehicle and thats all i had to do was stick a dollar in each time i went some where .a new bus route, schedule or which bus to transfer too, good god the driver will direct you as to which bus to transfer too for completing your destination ,whomever cant get riding the bus right is mentally challenged and should be accompanied by an adult care taker ,or there mixing wave transit up with those short buses for special needs ,PEOPLE I AM GOING TO GIVE YOU AN EXACT COST OF OWNING AND MAINTAINING A MOTORVEHICLE IN NC FOR ONE YEAR ,1 COST OF VEHICHLE $3000. 2 DMV TAX TITLE AND TAGS $200,3 INSURANCE$600.4 YEARLY INSPECTION STICKER $20.5 DMV TAG STICKER $40.6 VEHICLE PROPERTY TAX $60 ,7 FUEL $3.50 A GALLON .8 PARTS ,LABOR, TIRES,OILCHANGE ETC $600.A DOLLAR A RIDE AND YOU PEOPLE GOT A COMPLAINT OR YOU MAD CAUSE THE BUS ROUTE OR SCHEDULE CHANGED YOU GOTTA BE KIDDIN ME PLEZZZZZZ.ITS A PRIVILEGE TO OPERATE A MOTORVEHICLE OR RIDE IN ONE NOT A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT THE STATE ,CITY, OR GOVERNMENT DONT OWE YOU NO BUS RIDE .

Dont go there!

some people who ride the bus are mentally challenged...Some are elderly, or would you prefer they drive.Dont go there!

Hearing from riders is

Hearing from riders is different from listening TO them, right?

Old People

"I went to the hospital one day, and I said to myself, where the hell are we going? We went to Target store, and I wanted to go to the hospital. Well we got to the hospital eventually, an hour later." I love old People, they are so funny. Look when you take the bus, the buses route is made up of several "stops". hahaha