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Wave Transit plans for new facility

WILMINGTON -- Wave Transit has received millions of dollars for a new facility. It will serve as a transfer station for passengers and house administrative offices. Some passengers said they would rather see the money go elsewhere. A new route system put in place at the end of March is causing confusion for many passengers. Passenger Zachary Grigley said, "It's just trouble. It didn't seem to be broken, so why try to fix it?" Grigley said he thinks the money could be better spent on more buses and better planning. Passenger Takia Rivera rode two separate buses that broke down on Friday. She said, "I think the money should go towards new buses, obviously. I mean, I don't think they even have enough buses to begin with; they all just break down." Wave Transit Director Albert Eby said it's not so cut and dry - the Department of Transportation and other entities allocated the money specifically for a new building. Eby said, "Maybe we could spend the two million dollars on buses, but if we don't have anybody to operate them, when we can't pay the drivers to sit in the seat, which is our biggest expense, really we're not doing ourselves any good." The new facility will be behind Costco and have an indoor waiting area with restrooms and will replace the temporary transfer center near Target. Eby said the current Wave office on Castle Street is on its last leg. "Not only is this building old and certainly not functional and it was never intended for the function we're using it for, but it certainly isn't energy efficient." Eby said Wave can't afford more buses. It costs $51 an hour to operate a bus, and fares only cover a small percentage. The new facility is expected to be completed in two years.

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Are the drivers...

"...when we can't pay the drivers to sit in the seat, which is our biggest expense,..." >Given the cost of fuel coupled with the lack of fuel efficiency, I seriously doubt that driver pay is your largest expense. How much thought went into the "new" routes? What you've done is add additional stops that have no rhyme or reason of logic attached. Where is the master route list showing which bus goes where and at what times during the day? The majority of the new bus stops you added offer no shelter to the riding public, such as the one on Independence Boulevard by the name one. There is a stop on George Anderson that I have yet to see anyone waiting to board a bus. However, the new facility will certainly provide nice "digs" for management...just as the WHA building on 16th Street...what a fiscal fiasco. How much of our taxpayer dollars are spent each year subsidizing Wave Transit?

How much of our taxpayer dollars

"How much of our taxpayer dollars are spent each year subsidizing Wave Transit?" ............ I work there and the builing is ancient, and decrepit. No parking for the employees. Some have to park up to two blocks away on Castle St. NOT a safe place to walk 10:00 at night to get in your car. Not all tax dollars belong to you, some are also mine, right along with others that have to work for a living. I wish they would build it tommorrow. Sorry about the new routes. I'm sure you know the drivers had nothing to do with that. I personally thought the old ones were a lot better, especially for the customers.

Is that you Jackie ?

I'm sure you know the drivers had nothing to do with that. That sounds like a tipical ATU worthless union representative awnser. Is that you Jackie ? It sure sounds like you...