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Wave Transit plans with stimulus dollars

Wave Transit is receiving nearly $2.5 million from the economic stimulus bill. Wave officials have plans to invest in hybrid buses and service vehicles, as well as vanpooling vehicles. They will also take on design and construction projects that will employ architects, engineers, and construction workers. Wave hopes spending the money will stimulate our local economy while advancing the region's public transportation system.

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Local grant money/stimulus money

Check out funding/SRTS_Awards_08.html. This was sent via email by Bev Perdue. I checked out this link to see where our tax dollars are going. While I am all for safety for children, I find it very interesting where the money ($212,000) is going. This money is being used to build a foot and bike path for students to ride to school. While I do not deny this is a good thing to have, I do wonder about schools who have a shortage of books and classrooms that are in serious need of repairs. Why aren't they getting this money first? Could it just be because this school is Bradley Creek and it is close to a more affluient neighborhood? There is 1.4 million dollars set aside for this program in several schools thru out North Carolina. Why does it always seem our politicans get the cart before the horse when it comes to priorties? If it is a matter of jobs, shouldn't schools in need of repairs get the money first? Just curious.....

School sidewalks

Sidewalks were also constructed for students at Rachel Freeman (definitely not in an AFFLUENT section) and are in the process of being constructed for Roland Grise on Lake Avenue. I don't think these are funded by the state, though. Also in the works are sidewalks for students at Blair Noble. I think this is through the city's transportation bond that was passed in 2006. Plus I think most other city schools in what you might call the less affluent areas already have sidewalks. I think the money for the program you reference "Safe Routes to School" came from the DOT funds, so it is the roads that are being sacrificed, not schoolbooks.

dollars wasted

I live at 17th street and College >Road, and work near the hospital--WHY IS THERE NOT A BUS THAT EUNS FROM COLEGE ROAD UP TOT HE HOSPITAL, IT TURNS AT INDEPENDENCE!!!!!!!!!! NOT SMART PLANNING!!

This will be interesting to see

so Wave Transit is getting 2.5 million dollars....hybrid busses will be nice, shelters for the waiting passengers will be wonderful for them, but I have an idea for them...spend about half of it TEACHING THE DRIVERS HOW TO DRIVE IN THE CITY WITHOUT RUNNING SOMEONE OFF THE ROAD!!!!


I wonder what YOUR driving record looks like. Better yet,your whole family's driving records. I expect you to say 100 percent clean, but of course I would'nt believe you until I see them. Now, comment on something else. Your ignorance is showing and that's not a good thing to show! P.S. DON'T PASS THE BUS UNTIL YOU ARE ABSOLUTLY, POSITIVELY SURE IT IS SAFE TO DO SO! It really IS that SIMPLE!