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Wave transit raises fares

Wave transit voted to raise fares today. The decision came after a final public hearing, attend by only two people. Both said they could understand the price hike with higher fuel costs. Wave Board President Bill Bryden says that the low turnout at each of the three public hearings is a good sign. The increase will not go into effect until October 20th. Adult fares will go from one dollar to $1.50.

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Wow, this is absolutely

Wow, this is absolutely terrible news for the 12 people that actually ride the bus in this town. Come on, how often do you see people riding the bus in Wilmigton?? The thing goes a total of about 7 blocks and you have to wait over an hour between buses. Its a complete and total joke. We have one of the biggest night life's in the entire state, but have you EVER seen a drunk person on the bus??? No, they drive. That shows you just how effective the bus system in Wilmington is. NO ONE rides the bus, no one. It's pathetic.


the more reason to do my part to put them out of business...AND DRIVE where every I go...

I'd happily drive... if I

I'd happily drive... if I could. Being legally blind really sucks. :( Andrew

Low turnout? Gee, wonder why...

"Wave Board President Bill Bryden says that the low turnout at each of the three public hearings is a good sign." Or could it be that the hearings were held during weekdays at the lunch hour when most people have to work and can't spend the hour or more transit time on the bus to get to a hearing which would be more than half an hour long? Everyone knew the hearings were nothing more than token hearings and the decision to raise fares was already a sure thing, even if not in writing. Poor service, poor maintenance, bad route design, is it really a wonder that ridership has dropped? Frankly, it seems more like intentional sabotage just to justify a rate increase. Andrew