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A way to save that wet cell phone

If you spend time around the water this time of year, you run the risk of getting your phone wet. Experts say power your phone off immediately. Remove all skins, covers and face plates and dry off any excess water. If you have a flip phone, open it to let air get in. Here is the hard part: leave it alone for a couple days. Then put the battery back on and attempt to turn it on. If it works, you are probably in the clear. If a wet phone cannot be revived, your contacts might still be salvageable. Bring your wet phone into a cell phone store.

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Apple has designed a special

Apple has designed a special indicator in the headphone jack that turns white when it has been in contact with water. This white indicator means the warranty is now VOID. Don't get your iPhone wet.

Not just iphone

Most cell phones have the indicator you speak of in their battery compartment but it is white to start with ... and you are right ... warranty is VOID after the cell phone gets wet ... but you can also dis-prove a provider who is trying to get out of a warranty claim by saying that the phone has gotten wet. And Apple did not design this indicator, it has been in phones for years.

I have heard

I have heard of people having their iphone in the bathroom while they showered and the steam made the indicator change colors.


you can dunk the phone in rubbing alcohol, then take it apart and let the pieces dry for 24 hours.


yet...take the battery out, open the face and stick it in the attic for a like a charm...all of this is ONLY if it is fresh water...if it's salt water...FORGET IT, go get a new phone.

There is also another option

There is also another option to try as well. This has worked for me a few times in the past with the same phone. Take a zip lock bag and put rice in the bag and place the phone in along with the rice. Seal the bag and let sit in the sun for a few hours. The rice pulls the moisture out of the phone.......

or just dont put phone in

or just dont put phone in back pocket and let it fall into toilet