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WBHS pitcher must choose between college or pro ball

READ MORE: WBHS pitcher must choose between college or pro ball

SHALLOTTE, NC (WWAY) -- A high school baseball player in Brunswick County has a tough decision to make: accept a scholarship to play college ball or head to the minor leagues. It's nearly every little boy's dream to play ball in the big leagues. For West Brunswick High pitcher Jay Gause, that dream could soon be a reality.

"As soon as I've been able to pick up a baseball, I knew I wanted to play pro," Gause said.

Tuesday the Cleveland Indians picked Gause in the 25th round of the Major League Baseball Draft.

"I was watching the draft from like 12-3, and then it was like the eighth round, and I was like it's time to lay down," Gause said. "I was getting a little mad, and I woke up and my agent called me, and then like 30 seconds later (the Indians) called me asking me for my shirt size, shoe size. They were going to send me some stuff in."

Gause has also been offered a partial scholarship to play ball at NC State.

"There I could be better and be drafted higher, I believe, or I could get drafted in the 25th round and do baseball every day what I love, so it's a big decision I have to go through," Gause said.

The 6'3", 230-pounder averages more than 12 strikeouts a game and throws more than 90 mph.

"His most impressive stats for the year is he threw 53 innings and he had 96 strikeouts," WBHS coach Mike Alderson said, who said getting drafted out of high school says a lot about Gause and the school's program. "I'm real happy for him. I've been here 22 years, and it's the first one I've had out of high school that had the opportunity to get drafted."

While his mind his not made up, Gause gave a hint of where he may play next.

"Probably school," he said.

Gause says he'll take some time to make his choice. He has until August 15 to decide. If he decides to sign with the Indians, he would most likely head into their minor league system. That could eventually mean playing close to home. The Indians have a farm team in kinston.

By the way, five UNCW players were also drafted yesterday. We'll hear from their coach tomorrow about their future in college or the pros.

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Go get that education young man!

You can further hone your pitching skills in college, skip the minors and go straight to the major league!

That education will be with you well after they decide to take you off the mound!!!

There is the brass ring, GRAB IT!!!!

If he wants to play

If he wants to play baseball, why worry about going to college? Go where the $$$$ is. After all, making money is the whole idea behind a college education, anyhow.

After all...

"After all, making money is the whole idea behind a college education, anyhow."

>Unless you majored in Education, Middle-Eastern Studies, Communication, Liberal Arts, Underwater Basket Weaving, and a host of other degree programs that don't pay squat.


What if he got injured? Then no baseball and nothing to fall back on...... It's a gamble. I wish him the best.

I agree

The above link will lead you to a pitcher by the name of Jeff Gray. If you take a look you will see that his statistics started in 1988 and ended in 1991. In 1991, at the age of 28, his career was over when he had a stroke in the locker room. Although he eventually go into coaching he had is college degree to fall back on. Yes, the fast money of joining the majors may be great, but you never know when that will end. I hope that Gause will better protect his future by going to college.

Go where the $$$$ is.

That's right...let's live for today and to hell with planning for later on. OR...might it be possible that playing at the college level might actually help you improve your skills as a baseball player and improve your chances at being drafted higher in a year or two.

I agree....when opportunity

I agree....when opportunity knocks, grab it. Sure, he might go to college and learn something unrelated as well as play baseball while there. But, he would not be guaranteed a future in the majors several years down the road. He has an opportunity right now that most do not go right into a high paying position. Guess there are different ways to look at the situation, but I know what I would do.


this kid is amazing .. he got a fastball thats run up to 95 plus ... great curve ball should been picked in the top 10 rounds