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Weather cancels fair again

READ MORE: Weather cancels fair again

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- For the second time since it opened last week, the Cape Fear Fair & Expo is closed due to bad weather. That's affecting revenue for the fair.

Business is already down because of the slumping economy. Fair manager Skip Watkins says that if it's going to rain then this is a day for it, because weekday revenue is usually less than weekend revenue.

Last year the Cape Fear Fair & Expo brought in about 40,000 people for its entire run at the Wilmington International Airport. So far this year the total stands at about 28,000, but Watkins says there is a silver lining to all this.

"With the good weather coming tomorrow and the ground crews coming tomorrow and Saturday, we will probably recover the people we lose tonight since they have two more nights to come," Watkins said.

The ground crews Watkins mentioned will pump water out from the fairgrounds as early as tonight. Then they will spread wood shavings, so that when you come out to the fair tomorrow you'll be nice and dry.

The fair opens at 5 p.m. tomorrow at the "Fairport" and will remain open till 2 a.m. for Midnight Madness. Tickets are $16. That gets you parking, entry and unlimited rides. For more information visit

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fair? is it really?

Fair prices are an issue, bad economy or not. I just dont think you should charge everyone $16, especially if they have no intention on getting on rides. The state fair did RECORD numbers this year, maybe because their entrance fee was $6...


I dont see why it doesn't open earlier. There are a lot of people who are working at nite and cant come. shift work people would love to be able to come during the day when they aren't working. I have never understood only opening at nite. Also the price is outrageous. I cant afford to go and then play games and/or eat, plus the gas to get there from the Burgaw area. It just isn't feasible.

fair is un fair

If they want more people lower the price!! $16 dollars wow. If it was 10 dollars you would get twice as many people, more than 40,000. Plus the money they spend on food and games. Well thats why iam not going when you have 3 kids 2 adults that $80 dollars just to get in.. You do the math.....!!!!!!!1


I agree, the fair shouldn't even be so expensive.
Like FOR REAL, I am not even going this year, because of the prices.
Plus the food and stuff is just totally, TOTALLY expensive, and the quality isn't even great. So if you want more people to attend, maybe you should consider lowering the price. My family has 5 kids plus my 2 parents, and $$16 for each of us. That's $112. $112?!?!!??!?!?! We could ALL go out to dinner for that price.


That is a whole lot better than the Columbus County was $6 to get in and then pay $15 for a bracelet to ride all the rides, unlimited... I rather pay $16 for everything and be able to ride the rides and enjoy them with my kids.

Fair enough!

$16.00 is the weekend price but when you figure that the rides are included in that price, it works out to be very affordable entertainment for a day or evening, I only had to put in a few extra hours of work to afford to take my family... You can too!


I agree...TOO EXPENSIVE...they could have gotten MORE participation with half the cost, then got you at the food vendors. I am not spending that kind of money for silly rides, ones that just make you dizzy any way.