Web sites offer financial help
Two websites, hsh.com and dinkytown.net both have free financial calculators you can use to keep an eye on mortgage payments, or help you figure out how to get out of debt. Dinkytown.net sounds like a funny name but can provide important information. The site can help you calculate any of your financial needs, from retirement savings to home equity loans. "This is a really good site,” said financial advisor Jim Felds. “There's a whole list of different kinds of calculators, in Spanish, in French as well. It can calculate anything about mortgages and credit card debt, auto loans, investments, taxes. It's a good site." Other sites like hsh.com can calculate mortgages too, but it's more geared toward financial advice. Both sites are helpful, just be sure you use them correctly. If you're trying to determine how much of a mortgage you can afford, insert your monthly income, but be careful not to mistake your gross income with your take home income. If you're not sure exactly what numbers to put in, consult a mortgage professional. These sites are helpful, just don't rely on them. “It's a guideline, but it's certainly not the be all end all. It's a tool,” Felds said. Dinkytown.net has additional financial calculators that can help you determine your tax bill this April or how long it will take you to pay off your credit cards.

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