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West Bladen student's death treated as homicide; county sheriff indicates victim had record

Elizabethtown police are treating the shooting of nineteen year old Jahkee Sledge as a homicide. Sledge was shot outside McDonald's on Monday night after the East Bladen - West Bladen high school basketball game. The county sheriff said the West Bladen senior had a record. He was arrested twice in 2007, once for bringing a weapon to school and once for assaulting someone at gunpoint. Police haven't made any arrests.

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Death of a Student

To the family and friends of the slain young man, I offer my condolences. This is a problem that the community has allowed or maybe encouraged to happen. When we finally get tired of our children killing each other in the streets and the alleys, we might take matters into our own hands and get the thugs and wannabe thugs OUT of our communities. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy some of the Hip-Hop music, however, it is a culture of violence. Think about the way it speaks of the women out there. In my day the only time you called a woman a "ho" was when that was what she was. Now days it's a sign of being accepted by people that have no respect for themselve or anyone else. If you want the violence to stop, them get out of your chair and off the porch and put an end to it. Until then.....KEEP BREEDING THE VIOLENCE.

Just because he had a

Just because he had a record... didnt mean he had to die the way he did... thats not right im from elizabethtown and i knew him.. he was such a sweetheart!


It's saddens me to see the uncompassionate blogs written about this young man. He was a good guy to somebody i.e family and close friends. This young man having a gun was not in his best interest and I wish the outcome would've been different for him and the shooter. Truth is....we all make choices for our lives some good and some not so good. I pray for his family and that God will have mercy on his soul.....that's all that matters at this point! Another young brotha is gone due to bad choices...neither of them had to be in this situation but remember "He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword" We can't have it both ways....we are either going to sow good seeds and reap a harvest or sow bad seeds and reap distruction. Think about it....

That person that you are

That person that you are bickering about & going back & forth about was my family and to see how you guys look at people lives is a shame. your mother & your father & even you have done things in the past but the only thing different is you didn't get caught. some of you experimented with drugs, lied, cheated, stolen & even carried guns yourselves & that doesn't mean your life should be tooken. I'm not going to sit here & say how good he was, but I will say I love him & will miss him, and all that stuff that u say he did that you know nothing about, don't make him a bad person, it made him a person that needed to change his life just like everyone else but will never get the chance. The person that killed him will get the chance, but I guess the person that killed him is the hero right! If you feel that way you deserve to be in the grave yourself!


CORRECT: We have all done bad things. We've all lied, we've all cheated. WRONG: I've NEVER carried a gun. I've never been arrested. I'VE NEVER BEEN ARRESTED TWICE FOR GUN-RELATED CHARGES. I don't even know anyone who has. I don't dispute that those of you who knew him personally had reason to believe he was a good guy. If you were a regular part of his life, I can totally see how you'd want to defend him. After all, you loved him, and it's highly unlikely he'd ever turn his bad behavior and/or his gun on his loved ones. But you REALLY not see the connection? Just because he was a great guy to you does not mean that he was a saint in the making. You note that he was a person who needed to change his life. He was also a person who repeatedly showed a willingness to break laws. Bringing a gun to school? Assaulting someone at gunpoint? Theses are NOT the actions of someone wanting to change their ways. If he was such a great guy, why need the gun at all? Why take it to school? (There is just NO way to validate that action...think COLUMBINE.) Why hold someone at gunpoint, and why assault that person? How can you honestly disregard REPEATED ARRESTS? How can you possibly justify him and his deeds by claiming he was merely misunderstood? Such blatant behavior that demonstrates a complete lack of respect for the rules of our society undoubtedly and deservably leads to the grave. Repeat offenders are the ones who deserve to be in the grave. Also, tooken is not a word. If you really want your voice to be heard through your opinions posted here, then you should at least use good grammar and proper spelling. When you do not that, it's extremely difficult, if not impossible, to take nearly everything you say seriously.

No One's perfect. In loving memory of my friend and brother Joc

I would just like to say to the person who talked down about the life that Jahkee Sledge lived is a very shallow person being like a brother Joc was very sweet he only fought if you pushed him or if he felt like he was going to be harmed. You people talk about him like he was some sort of thug out to kill, think about thw situation like this wat if that was your son and what if he was killed over foolish mess just because of where he was from
or because a bunch of fake Gangsters didn't like him then how would feel.
Think before you open your mouth If he wasn't getting shot at and didn't have to worry about other people trying to attack him Joc wouldn't have needed a gun. But i guess your to bussy juding him to think about it that way!!!!!!!

One simple question Friend...

If he wasn't getting shot at and didn't have to worry about other people trying to attack him Joc wouldn't have needed a gun.

How did he get into this situation?

I think everyone needs to

I think everyone needs to stop bickering over whether or not Jahkee's death was solely his fault or if he was GOOD person. First of all Yall want someone to blame, blame the first figure in the life of Jahkee and everyone negative he was ever involved with for passing the disease of violence onto him. I didnt know Jahkee like the back of my hand but I do he was a smart, comical, and mischieveous kid who like many of us just went down the wrong road. Whether we knew him or not he was OUR brother. It is shame that as another one of our brothers has been swallowed up by the tides of negativity and violence, we still have yet focus our energies on the source. Many of us dont know what that source is. The source of violence, of wasted potential and of neverending young deaths. The source is OURSELVES. So stop looking @ what Jahkee carried in his trunk and what he pointed at another brother and sister. Look beyond that and you will find what we as a community, as people NEED to focus on tirelessly as we gossip. I guarantee you will find....the Disease of Negativity. On the heels of MLK Day another life that as a result of decisions and environment ended before it really started....A change must be made.

Jakhee Sledge

I was very upset to read the comments and I bet not a one of you knew Jakhee (Joc). I will always have fond memories of him. Please let him RIP.


Appears you didn't know him too well, you spelled his name wrong. Here come the "he was such a good guy" posts. Good guys do not carry guns unless they are trained and have permits, even then they do not carry them to school or have thugs with guns after them. I wonder just why anyone would want to kill him if he was such a good guy.

Typo of JAHKEE

So sorry about the typo. He was a good guy and if you knew him you wouldn't be posting such things. Also for your information the gun was in the truck of his car and it wasn't even his. He did not deserve to die no matter what happened in the past. RIP JAHKEE Love you


sad wrote "Also for your information the gun was in the truck of his car and it wasn't even his." If the gun wasn't even his (as you claim) why did he have it in the trunk (I'm guessing not truck) of his car?



yes I do

To answer your question, yes I do. I have a concealed carry permit and usually carry a weapon with me. What makes me better, you ask? How about the fact I'm not a criminal, carry my weapon where legally allowed, never been arrested for drugs, never been in a gang or pointed a gun at another person. As far as the good look at myself, I'm much better than this little thug could ever be due to one simple fact... I can and do obey the law.

RIP Jahkee

1st of all.....none of ya'll know anything about Jahkee. The reason he choose to take the gun to school was to protect his self from the bastard that killed him! & so all ya'll that's making it seem like he was suppose to get killed need to shut up. Yea he was 19 and in 12th grade, but he choose to continue his education instead of being another young black man to drop out.....So all ya'll that's talking down on Jahkee can hush. ~RIP Jah~ I Love You.


"The reason he choose to take the gun to school was to protect his self from the bastard that killed him!" That should be "himself". Did you tell the PoPo seems you know who it was? Wouldn't it have made more sense if he was being threatened by someone to go to the PoPo BEFORE he was killed? Becoming a gun toting thug to protect yourself against one is not the answer. Obviously.

I wonder

Now here is something the naacp should focus on. The black youth getting killed, messing with gangs or drugs. I can't wait to hear what a great guy he was, except for the bringing a gun to school and the assault by pointing a gun.


Kid has a gun. Kid gets killed with a gun. Anyone see a link? Please tell me how a kid can have a gun, be caught with it at school and STILL have a gun? If this kid had parents that actually gave a hoot.....never mind.

If this kid had parents that actually gave a hoot???

How dare you say that if this kid had parents that actually gave a hoot???My Aunt loved her children so much that,she moved her children at the time that she felt was a crucial part of developement out of Paterson,New Jersey. She felt they would have a better chance growing up in the country and look where it got her??? Nobody asks for anyone to kill,molest,rape kidnap or bring any harm to their children!If anything we do everything we can to protect them,and when they leave our home all we can do is pray.You don't know my Aunt and you obviously didn't know my cousin so please if you have nothing good to say don't say anything at all.Let my family grieve in peace and let my little cousin who my children will never know because someone felt his life didn't matter to them,rest for eternity!!!He is loved and he is missed and none of anything,any of you say will stain his memory.I know my Aunt did what she felt was right by doing something that she thought would give her son a chance,it's a shame that things didn't turn out the way they were planned....but when do they ever?


Yeah really, Never mind. These parents are NOT listening to anyone or seeing the thug life right under their noses. I should call the NAACP.

Is it Not

Strange, the initial post, which included a quote by the Police Chief, made no mention of the prior record. Carrying a weapon to school and assault at gunpoint. Those seem to be pretty serious incidents. Will the investigation reveal if he was packing a shooter at the time he was shot?

what does it matter if he

what does it matter if he was carrying a gun, he is dead. Let him rest in peace.

It Matters

if he initiated the shooting by pulling his pistol first. Knuckleheads like you, who make postings about what a wonderful person the pistolier was after he carried weapons to school and assaulted someone with a weapon are a serious part of the problem.

Question....I do not know

Question....I do not know this boy and I offer my regrets to his family in their time of grief. However, the article says he was arrested for bringing a gun to school. And yet he was allowed back at the school? Am I missing something here. I thought bringing a gun to school was an automatic expulsion.

He is 19 yr old senior?

You do the math.


Can you explain the math question?

math geek

You are in his class, right?