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Update on shot West Columbus Football Captain

READ MORE: Update on shot West Columbus Football Captain
A local school community is shocked after a West Columbus high football player was shot over the weekend. West Columbus High School senior Anthony Bethea is hanging on for his life after being shot early Saturday morning. Anthony Bethea is number 73 and captain of the West Columbus High School football team. Those who know him best, know him as the spirit of the team. "He was the first one out on the practice field every single day and one of the last ones off the field every single day. He was the most vocal leader on the football team," said Pat Byrd, Bethea’s football coach. Now his coach, teammates, and entire school is praying Bethea's spirit will help him recover after being shot in the stomach. Around 4:00 a.m. Saturday, Fair Bluff police responded to a home to find Anthony fighting for his life after a house party turned into an argument between Bethea and 28-year-old Shondell Smith of St. Pauls. We're told Bethea's mother and other family members were at the party with Bethea at the time of the incident. Police say Smith was still on the scene when an officer arrived. The officer approached Smith's car, and that is when police say he pointed his gun at the officer. Smith was shot and killed by the responding officer. "This is a tremendous blow to the town of Fair Bluff. Any time a life is lost whether it is a motor vehicle wreck or a crime scene it's tragic," said Marty Lewis, Fair Bluff police chief. Mark Brown is the West Columbus High School principal. He is trying to stay as positive as possible about the tragic event. "It breaks our heart to know that someone is having to go through this. We understand that this will bring the good out of people, and hopefully from incidents like this the community, will realize that our kids need some positive and productive in it." As a defensive and offensive lineman for West Columbus, Coach Pat Byrd said Bethea was the glue that kept his team together. He said the team will now have to work harder, and show their support for their teammate, every time they hit the field. Bethea was transported to Pitt County Hospital in Greenville. It looks as though he will recover from his gun shot wound, but because of a few complications, doctors may have to remove part of his leg. The Vikings have a playoff game this Friday on the road against Jordan Matthews. As for the officer involved in the shooting, he is on administrative leave while the State Bureau of Investigation looks into the incident.

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Death of Self-Defense (Shondell Smith)

Well, Well. First, let me say “I hope the student recovers fully". I think that there are too many kinks in this story. Anthony (& family) was arguing with Shondell (one person). Shondell may have been protecting himself (self-defense). I don’t think Shondell can fight the whole family and plus, he didn’t know anyone but about 3 people there. Shondell is a bails bondsman & is certified to carry a concealed weapon. In a concealed weapons class, you learn how to protect yourself and shoot without killing, which was what Shondell was doing. I don’t think he was trying to kill Anthony, I think he was just protecting himself. Shondell had all opportunity to shoot to kill both Anthony and the officer, but he didn’t because he had no intentions too. As for the officer, I think he was very new to a situation as this one. I don’t think Shondell pointed a gun at the officer. I think the officer got distracted by the all the yelling and open fire. I also heard that Shondell’s hand Due to an argument over a card game, it is so sad that Anthony is injured and Shondell is dead. Unfortunately, we are not hearing much about Shondell's death because he isn’t from Fair Bluff, but hopefully his hometown will follow up with this story.

so much

for your defense of Shondell. After an intense SBI investigation, the responding officer has been returned to duty with a clean bill of health. Looks like his taking a shot was deemed ann appropriate response to someone pointing a gun at the responding officer.

They also

teach you not to pack your shooter if you are off duty or drinking. How hard would it have been to put the shooter in the trunk of his car? They also teach you to walk away from situations you can not control. But why, if he was playing cards and drinking, was he packing his shooter? Had he survived, he would likely have lost his permit and perhaps his bail bondsmen license. Not a whole lot to say about his shooting. He shot an unarmed 18 year old. Of course, in the presence of responsible parenting, the young man would not have been there in the first place.

Guess again

Carrying a concealed weapon ceases to be legal at the door of an establishment selling alcohol. So the late, great Shondell had no business being armed if he was in there drinking and playing cards. Perhaps if ALL the parties involved weren't going out of their way to live up to trashy stereotypes and were home sleeping at 4AM, none of this would have happened? What is with this compulsive desire to live "le vie scoombag?"


If you people that are asking "where were his parents?" would read the story, it says "We're told Bethea's mother and other family members were at the party with Bethea at the time of the incident." Maybe that answers your question where the parents were. Please read the story before you make yourself sound ignorant. Thanks.

Why Don't

You read the follow up articles. The Mother and 2 sisters were with him. They were at a place which had been previously cited for selling alcohol illegally. They were at a place known to host large gatherings and parties. They were there at 4:00 AM. This young man is still in High School. This Young Man is still a child maturing into adult hood. Is this responsible parenting? Hardly. Many of the problems in our society are taking place because the parent either does not display responsible parenting skills or the parent overlooks so many things the child should not be doing or the parent wants to be a friend and buddy by not making the tough decisions responsible parents have to make. You sir are the one who sounds ignorant.

"As for the officer involved

"As for the officer involved in the shooting, he is on administrative leave while the State Bureau of Investigation looks into the incident." Am I missing something here? Administrative leave for doing his job? So he is just supposed to let the man shoot him? Sad, Sad.

Administrative leave...

I'm pretty sure that every Officer involved in a shooting is placed on administrative leave pending and investigation of each incident. I'm sure we would each need a few days off after something as intense as taking another persons life and the public needs to know there is not just a LEO shooting people with just his word as to what happened.

Shot WC football Captain

For those of you that are wondering what he was doing out and where were his parents…reread the news article. It tells you the mother and other family members were there. And just incase you seem to not be able to find it I’ve included the paragraph for you. Stop looking for blame and just pray for Anthony and his family. That’s what they need now. Not your sarcasm or criticism. Isn’t GOD still judge of his people? So no one made you Judge or Jury over these events. So stop passing it. Get a grip people and just pray. If it were your child you’d want someone to pray for him or her. Kids sometimes mess up and make mistakes. Were you born perfect? I think not! No…I know not! And who are you to call someone else child a perp? Do you know the events that lead up to the shooting? Were you there? The parents of that 28yr old are going to need prayer too to help them through this. There are two families here that this is affecting. This is the paragraph from the news article below: “Around 4:00 a.m. Saturday, Fair Bluff police responded to a home to find Anthony fighting for his life after a house party turned into an argument between Bethea and 28-year-old Shondell Smith of St. Pauls. We're told Bethea's mother and other family members were at the party with Bethea at the time of the incident.” Just remember to pray for one another and not be so quick to pass judgement.

Excuse me

BUT you are clearly missing the point. What type of example is his Mother making when she is out with him at 4:00 AM? Excuse me; parents lead by setting an example of responsible behaviour. It's not a responsible parent who is out at 4 AM with her son. It is not a responsible parent who does not try to stop the fight before it starts by taking her son home. We won't even touch on whether the family has medical insurance or whether the taxpayers will be picking up the tab.

Football player shot

It's sad that this young man has had his life altered drastically & is fighting for his life. Hopefully he will make a full recovery and lead the best life that he can. I'll pray for him & his family. But he is 18 & an adult so legally he can go out anywhere he wants & stay out as long as he can. My younger sister was a basketball player through all her school years & college & her coaches always had curfews. When I was 18 my mom had a curfew no matter the age as long as I was living in her house. 3wks after I turned 18 I stayed out all weekend partying, when I came home my bags were packed waiting upon my return & I was told since I couldn't follow her rules I had to move out right then & there. I had a single mom with 3 sisters & she had no time for it. I'm in my 40s now with 4yrs college, working & own my own home all on my own. It was one of the best things my mom did for me to make me grow up.

West Columbus Football Captain Shot

I feel terrible for this young man that is fighting for his life. My prayers go out to him and his family. That said, what was an 18 year old doing in a place like that at 4:00 in the morning. He may have been 100 percent innocent and in the wrong place at the wrong time but at that time of night/morning he should have been home!!

Another sad story...

that ends with a youngster being shot. However, the "perp" is dead...saves the taxpayers a lot of money in the long run.

Truly Sad, but

you have to wonder what was a high school student doing out at 4:00 AM at a "popular hangout?" Even on Saturday night, in bygone years, athletes had curfews which were stringently enforced by parents and coaches. Where were his parents? Certainly prayers for a speedy recovery are merited. In all liklihood though, this young man's football days are over. His life is forever changed by apparently being in the wrong place and definitely at the wrong time.


Why pray tell, was this young man out at 4 am? This is just another life destroyed.

What was he doing out at 4

What was he doing out at 4 in the morning? Where were his parents?


No lectures to the victim or the parents, until this kid is off life support. Have a heart , mistakes are made everyday. Lets all use this as an example to our own kids and players for those of us that coach, and pray for a quick recovery.

Let's have a heart. It does

Let's have a heart. It does not matter why he was out at that time all that matters now is saving his life. He is someone's son, a WCHS student and football player and a child of God. Let's quit throwing stones and pray for this child's speedy recovery. What if this were your child?

Same old question, same old answer

If he were my child and still living at home, he would not have been out at 4 A.M. Exactly WHO is in charge at home?

the family that parties together...

Quote "We're told Bethea's mother and other family members were at the party with Bethea at the time of the incident." So the whole famn damily was partying at 4am? I guess mom was gettin' her grove on.