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West Columbus High School students back in class

READ MORE: West Columbus High School students back in class

CERRO GORDO, NC (WWAY) -- The West Columbus High School students who were stranded in Denmark thanks to a volcanic ash cloud were back in class today. The 12 students missed about a week of school, but believe it or not, they're glad to be be back in the classroom.

"I'm very, very excited. I wanted to come home already," said West Columbus High Junior Jimina Galaviz. "I mean Europe was great. It was fantastic, but I wanted to come home."

The students were supposed to spend 11 days studying abroad in Denmark, but their trip was extended to 20 days when ash from a volcano in Iceland shut down European air space. They finally flew home Sunday.

"Right now I'm trying to get over jet lag, but it's starting to get better because I get to see my family and stuff and get to catch up on all my work that I missed," said student Deven Morgan.

Jimina and Deven both spent their birthdays in Denmark. "We went to Hard Rock Café and got to celebrate," Deven said.

Jimina added, "We did a slumber party with the girls, and we did blind-folded make-up, and we ran down to the lobby in the hotel, and we looked like a mess, but we still did it."

Then it was Principal Mark Brown and the guys' turn to get blind-folded make-overs.

"I figured that I needed a little bit of extra credit in math class," Deven said.

"It took me about 30 minutes to get it off of my face and it took me three times to wash my hair to get it out of my hair," Brown said. "We had to come up with a lot of ways to keep them occupied and keep their spirits up."

The extra time abroad cost the school district about $1,000 a day. The school may have to help pay some of it back.

"The county doesn't have it," Brown said. "I'll be perfectly honest. With all the budget cuts and all the revisions that we've had to send back this year, it's been a tough budget year."

The students are going to have to make up their work, but their teachers are working with them to get them caught up.

The students did not have trip insurance but Brown said even if they did, it would not have helped them get back any sooner or covered their expenses.

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Gym Lobby

Can sombody send me a Photo of the Viking head that is on the floor. I installed it when the new addtion was built a few years back. My son would like to see it.

So Principal Brown has a

So Principal Brown has a Travel Insurance license on the side? If these kids had Trip Insurance, it would have paid for their lodging AND meals for all the extra days they were stuck. I am completely apalled that travel insurance wasn't mandatory for these kids. Can you imagine if one of these kids had become sick or injured? That is perhaps the most irresponsible thing I have ever heard of.

You evidently haven't tried to collect......

...a travel insurance claim. It's worse that trying to pull teeth out of a chicken. They would claim "Act of God", "Pre-existing condition", etc. They have a disclaimer and an excuse for everything, they just don't tell you until you file the claim.

Travel insurance is a COMPLETE rip-off!!!! It would have done no good for those students.

I can't understand why the

I can't understand why the hosts families didn't keep the students. All of the exchanges that out kids did, things came up, and we as parents provided the extra needs. I question when the exchange comes up and the Danish students come over here, how much will be charged.